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What is EMO?

What is EMO?

Alex Kent writes: I was recently asked by an EMO Trainer to define EMO for a magazine article for therapists in no more than 200 words. After a couple of hours of trying to include such a broad set of systems and techniques as EMO, in such a short word count, I came up with the following...

"EMO is a set of simple yet profound tools and techniques pioneered by Silvia Hartmann and Nicola Quinn for working with the human energetic emotional systems. EMO throws away the old maps, rituals and eliminates guesswork by asking the client to show them literally where the energetic emotional disturbance takes place.

By working with the natural kinaesthetic feedback mechanisms of the human body, the treatment is tailor made to the client who is not required to describe what caused the emotional disturbance in the first place. However, once the EMO session has concluded the client normally tells you what there history was because it doesn't hurt or bother them anymore!

EMO has been skilfully designed to be simple, effective, natural, gentle and respectful to the client, there history and beliefs. Working with EMO gives you the perfect complimentary technique to your existing knowledge and qualifications, as well as giving you the ability to take yourself and others into new realms of happiness."

Whilst the trainer was most satisfied by this, I reflected that a newbie might be left thinking that the world of EMO was all about fixing and patching, instead of flying and soaring! In essence, a description for a clinical therapy magazine doesn’t quite capture the pure joy of EMO and the excitement I have felt for having learned it.

So here are a few Questions and Answers that I hope might lead to a better understanding of EMO, the concepts and beliefs – and also what it is doing for people around the globe…

Is EMO a therapy? Yes! But that would be doing EMO a great injustice. Therapies are designed to get you back to square one whilst EMO is designed to make you fly! An EMO practitioner is always looking for the “Energised End State” as an outcome. It’s not good enough to be just OK - we want you to feel younger, with more energy as if you are floating on air!

Is EMO a Science? Yes! But only if you can accept that all living creatures have an energetic/emotional system. Once you make that leap then EMO is completely logical and just makes sense. Like all great discoveries, EMO is simple, natural and you might find you have always been aware of these processes subconsciously.

Is EMO a Healing Technique? Yes! Doctors of this millennium can work what people just a hundred years ago would consider to be miracles. Yet are we just machines that need to be fixed, or is there something more to us beyond the flesh and bones we can see with our eyes? EMO is about healing everything beyond these dimensions, from your biggest demons to your hopes, dreams and fears. EMO practitioners are the “Spirit Specialists”!

Is EMO a Peak Performance Tool? Yes! Merely understanding how emotions, body, metaphors and your energetic systems logically interact with each other will give you the edge over your competitors! EMO enabled Peak Performance coaches know how people work on way more of a deeper level and thus are more able to help them achieve there goals.

Is EMO a Philosophy?
Yes! But you don’t need to know about this, as the basic levels of EMO will provide most people with the tools of a lifetime! For those who have the time to take a break, look up at the stars and wonder about the wonder of things then EMO will provide you with some key pointers for you to reflect on your own meanings of the world. EMO has been harmoniously designed to be respectful of who you are as a complete individual, including your background and beliefs. And whatever you do believe, EMO allows you to connect yourself more deeply to your soul and the world around you. EMO has been described beautifully as “Taking out a 60 watts bulb, and replacing it with a 100 watts bulb.”

I Feel Disassociated with The World/God/Lover/Spouse. Can EMO Help? Yes! One of the core principals of EMO is that we Human Beings can consciously shield themselves from external sources. EMO teaches you how you can not only let in incoming energies, but also thrive and be energised by them! The EMO process teaches you to heal your systems, not shield them away from the world. Being more connected to the world has a number of benefits from plain enjoyment to a deeper understanding of the Universe and all its complexities.

Can I Learn EMO For Myself? Yes! The processes EMO works with are completely natural and so just knowing how you respond to events and situations on an energetic/emotional level will give you the edge for processing this information, not shying away or trying to repress it. If there is something you would like help with, then we have hundreds of EMO Practitioners world wide. Remember, an EMO Practitioner works on an energetic level so you do not need to bare your soul to them – unless you want too of course!

Can I Learn EMO For Free? Yes! All you need to get started can be found on the EmoTrance.com website. If you would like a book to read, then ‘The Enchanted World’ is available from the DragonRising.com website as a free download (registration required) or as a low-priced paperback.

Do You Have Any Testimonials? Yes! The best collection of EMO related reviews and testimonials can be found on this site, under the first EMO book: “Oceans of Energy: The Patterns & Techniques of EMO, Vol 1”.

There we go, that feels a lot better for me to summarise EMO than in a mere 200 words! That said, if I really had to cut down EMO to a few words then I’d probably choose:

“Everything Works Better with EMO!”

Best wishes,

Alex Kent

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