What Makes EFT or EMO an Ideal Brief Intervention for Coaching?

What Makes EFT or EMO an Ideal Brief Intervention for Coaching?

In this article, AMT Trainer Kimberley Lovell looks into the use of both EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and EMO as tools for coaching.

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Whilst coaching draws from the world of psychotherapy, there are differences. Therapy is traditionally for people with deeper seated issues who may need to explore their past, whereas, coaching is for people who are in the main, happy with their life, and wanting to improve upon a particular area or goal in life.

Whilst many coaches work with and are trained within positive psychology, the majority of coaches are not trained psychotherapists and though the coaching industry is now drawing more and more from the psychotherapeutic models, the coaching focus must remain on coaching not therapy.

How then can a coach help a client whose past is clearly present, and sabotaging their best efforts?ย  What simple yet powerful effective tools can a coach share that will empower their client and help them to move forward towards their goals?

As Energy Psychology healing modalities, EFT and EMO are ideal tools for coaches.

These simple, yet powerful self help resources offer brief interventions, that can be easily learnt and are invaluable tools for both coach and coachee.ย  EFT and EMO empower us, helping us to move forward much quicker as we very quickly tap into the unconscious mind and the roots of our issues, collapsing them and transforming them into powerful gifts of the spirit.ย  For each of our challenges can indeed be seen as gifts, when we realise the potential that lies within them.

EFT and EMO are one of the most versatile tools to have at your disposal and can be offered standalone or integrated within your work with clients. ย 

If youโ€™re not yet fully utilising EFT and EMO as a coaching tool, then consider a workshop or training and youโ€™ll be amazed at just how quickly you can bring about the changes that you and others desire.

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