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What’s NLP got to do with it? - Beliefs, Questions & Realisations

What’s NLP got to do with it? - Beliefs, Questions & Realisations

Peter Delves writes: On the face of it, you might think that using meridian energy therapies is simple. Take EFT for example. You contact the problem, give it a number and tap away until it’s zero. Job done. Easy. Yes? Not always. Problems can be complex and what’s going on under the surface can be hard to fathom. Not only that, but using the right language can be difficult to figure out. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has ways of assisting the MET practitioner. It offers powerful insights into how people think feel and behave, and it’s also about change.

Yes it does have a range of techniques, some of which may be familiar to you, but it also provides an insight into the complex world of human beings. One simple example of this is the structure of beliefs. It’s an interesting idea that - beliefs have a structure? Your clients will allude to all manner of self limiting beliefs as they talk about their issues, even if they are only emotional.

Many limiting beliefs are characterised by terms such as:



“have to”





It is generally frowned upon in psychotherapy to challenge such limiting beliefs with the question “why” or “why not?” Let’s look at an example:

I can’t sustain a prosperous business in the current economic climate”.

By asking the question “why not?” you are likely to elicit a list of reasons which only justify and re-enforce the limiting belief rather than shifting it.

With EFT you can of course simply tap for the belief itself. So you would ask the person how strongly do they believe the limiting belief and tap it until it is at zero. However sometimes it pays to refine things first with a bit more questioning.

NLP offers many constructive responses to limiting beliefs. Here’s just one:

What would have to be different for you to sustain a prosperous business in the current economic climate?”

That question takes the brain in a different direction. You are looking for practical suggestions within the person’s control, rather than external factors. Therefore it could be phrased more specifically,

What would you have to do differently to sustain a prosperous business in the current economic climate?”

With each question, no matter how skilful, there can be further limiting beliefs that emerge or “buts”. So a person might say,

I would have to market my business better, but…”

Each negative response or “but” offers an opportunity to shift it with an energy therapy.

Let me be clear that I am not saying that changing the beliefs alone is all that this client would require. However clearing away the limiting beliefs are necessary in order to free up energy for positive, realistic ACTION.

One last thing about NLP is that it can work on a number of levels. While your conscious mind is engaged in one aspect of the communication, your subconscious can engage with another aspect and bring about useful unexpected changes. Can you believe that?

About Peter

Peter Delves is a Master Practitioner of NLP has been a licensed trainer for the GoE for 10 years. He runs an extensive range of courses in the UK Midlands.

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