When The SUDS Won't Budge ...

Healing Blocks
(Or: "When the SUDS won't budge ...")

Whether you're working with clients, or using energy therapies on yourself, there's always the odd occasion when there appears to be no noticeable change.

More often than not this happens when the SUDS have already come down to a more comfortable level, but it can happen at any time, and even with people who usually find relieving their symptoms a breeze.

With energy therapies, it's often possible that clients think immediately, "Oh it doesn't work", but what has usually happened is that the process has become "stuck" in some way. Knowing strategies to "unstick stuck states" makes the difference between a "8 out of 10" success rate, and a near perfect one.

Here are some suggestions :
Thanks to Susan Courtney (UK), Chrissie Hardisty (UK), Silvia Hartmann (UK), Christine Sutherland (AUS)

- Address Deep Level Reversal - Tap GV-27, UN, while repeating 'I deeply and completely accept myself even if I NEVER get over this problem' Another powerful wording is, "Even if I loose my identity if I get over this problem, I deeply & profoundly accept myself".

- Switch modalities and go for a metaphor on the problem first;

- Address Parts Problems; tap on the opposite of the problems - I want to ... / I don't want to ... to unlock the system;

- With Clients: Take over the tapping and tap them yourself; if you're stuck, have someone else tap you instead;

- Have a drink of water (and/or get client/self up to drink);

- Rub sore spot or both K27's while tapping EB to UA;

- Slap points below wrists (inner gate?) and above ankles;

- Cross crawl;

- Use Grounding Techniques;

- Change location or face another direction;

- Change set-up statement;

- Physically "re-align" clients energy flow or have someone re-align yours;

- Break state after each round, perhaps having the client/self stand up and move around a little or even look out of the window.

- Use collar bone breathing or variations on 9 gamut;

- Use Larry Nimm's BSFF with the statement: "I am now elimanating all the roots and the deepest belief system for this problem."

- Create "personal algorithm" by feeling all the points and concentrating on those that appear tender or feel unusual;

- Combine with deep relaxation/hypnosis;

- Talk/think about why it's important to keep the problem from getting any better, first, or tap for "Even though I don't know why I'm stuck on this, I deeply and profoundly accept myself".
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