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When you are your own case study!

When you are your own case study!

GoE Wendy Fry walks her talk in this wonderful case story, facing her looming dental extraction head on, using EMO and MET to get her through it! Wendy says: "This is the second time I've used these processes on 'physical' changes working with the energy build up before-during-after either 'accident' or treatment/procedure etc. It's a fab way of working through....it's only Energy!"

Energy-In-Motion (EMO) and Modern Energy Tapping to the rescue - When you are your own case study 

Today I had an 8am medical outpatient appointment procedure for shall we just say ‘’an extraction.’’ I told only a few people as I really didn’t want to hear anyone else’s ‘horror stories’ of things gone wrong, so I simply decided to use the energy skills I teach for whatever came up for me.

On the walk to the appointment, I realised I had ‘fear in my stomach.’ The sun started shining at this point and I thought to myself ‘’oh, Goddo, I’ll have some ‘Sunshine Energy’ thank you very much’’ So I EMO’d in 'Sunshine Energy' which was lovely as it turned into gold. The cloud of fear lifted in my stomach and I felt like I was then above the clouds on a band of gold all floaty-like. Now that really was nice.

I started to wonder a bit as one does when these kinds of things are imminent – what would happen at the appointment? Right then as if by magic a lovely, fluffy black cat meowed at me from a nearby doorway and strolled over and I thought ‘’oh lucky me to have a black cat purring and affectionately moving in and out around my leg’s’’ so after stopping and stroking the cat and making friends I decided to apply Modern Energy Tapping and to ‘Tap’ using my finger points as I moved along using the meridian points on my hands and the words ‘’lucky energy.’ My walk changed and I got a little gaunt on. I can't think why the Kylie Minogue ''I should be so lucky'' came into my head but it did.

I had already decided to wear a bright orange top as this colour makes me feel happy. You can imagine the smile on my face when a most beautiful, small orange butterfly in the exact shade and colour as my top landed on my right shoulder. I didn’t need to EMO or ‘Tap’ at that point as the energy of the butterfly and smiling raised my energy naturally.

I got to the main road which was heaving with bumper-to-bumper traffic and saw a sign, part of which said ‘Quick.’ ‘’Oh yes I said to myself, make it quick.’’ So, I EMO’d in some ‘Quick Energy,’ and enjoyed walking with a fastened pace and swinging my arms and feeling pleased I was walking quicker than the car drivers honking and gesticulating to each other.

I nearly laughed out loud when a lorry went past advertising a particular brand of bread with the slogan ‘Fresh Thinking’ well yes, you guessed it. I decided ‘Fresh Thinking Energy’ really was the order of the day as there was no going back to the ‘old’ an extraction is an extraction after all so some new fresh thinking about the outcome and staying positive was the best way to go. So yeah, you guessed it – tapping on my finger points and with every step taken, the words ‘Fresh Thinking’ graced my stride. The Cool and the Gang song 'Fresh' popped in and it really did start to be a music hall of fame walk as I strutted along 'staying alive' ugh, ugh, ugh.

At that point, I got to where I was heading and on the door, a word jumped out at me ‘Smile’ and well need I say more...

I was in an out in under an hour (while I was there, I pretended I was on a beautiful sunny beach in The South of France, complete with warm breeze blowing, laying back on soft golden sands, sounds of the sea lapping around me, smelling the salt in the air and the taste of something tropical and delicious on my lips and knew right there and then I was safe and all would be well.

If you have a medical appointment coming up that’s a little scary and it’s likely you may have some pain for a day or so afterwards, know you're going to have to adapt to something new, feeling worried about the outcome, scared because other people are telling you their worst nightmares or simply know getting to a certain age means the body will change and the best way to change with it is with positively. Well, I’m only too happy to share the processes I used today.

Not only do I walk my talk and use the processes I have learned I also teach EMO and Modern Energy Tapping at Foundation and Professional and that makes real sense to me.

They say (whoever they are) ''the only way out is through'' and I can guarantee if you use Energy-in-Motion otherwise known as EMO and Modern Energy Tapping and the processes exactly as I did, you will go in and come out smiling.

Because life is way better when you’re positive.

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