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Whole Body Healing News Letter

Whole Body Healing News Letter Dr Mark Atkinson writes: Welcome to the first issue of the Whole Body Healing newsletter. In this issue, you will find "How To Free Yourself From Depression, Pt 1", including the "Mini Mood Questionnaire", more about Whole Body Healing, my "Health Clinic", "Book of the Month", "Health Recommendations" and "Holistic Tips For Health & Happiness" as well as more news and course/trainings information.



Helping you to liberate your fullest potential for optimum health and whole body healing

Welcome to the first issue of the Whole Body Healing newsletter. It’s tremendously exciting for me to be sharing with you my discoveries and realisations from the last 13 years of investigating the fascinating world of health, healing and self-development. My commitment to delivering the safest, and most effective level of care to client’s and patients has taken me on an extraordinary journey through nursing, orthodox medicine, nutrition and psychology and on and into the world of bio-energetics, healing and mind-body medicine as I have attempted to discover the ‘holy grail of health and healing’, the keys to facilitating recovery from disease and to liberating optimum health. I have learnt to honour the true wonder of the healing intelligence that animates and repairs the body/mind. This intelligence knows at its deepest level how to transform disease into health, unhappiness into happiness – my job is to ask the question, ‘what barriers are their to healing? How can I remove those barriers without causing damage to the body? How can I support and enhance the flow of life force energy through the body? This is whole body healing approach that I use and will be sharing with you over the next few months.

So - our journey into whole body healing starts right now, with an article on depression. It is in 2-parts (there’s a lot to say), but I hope it will provide you with a flavour of how you can make a considerable difference in your mood and well-being by making some adjustments to your lifestyle, taking a few chosen supplements and using some very effective self-help techniques. I have also included some information on my up coming workshops and practitioner training courses, they are the ideal venue for you to gain direct experience of many of the healing-techniques I use on a daily basis and for you to learn how to rapidly transform your life and health!

Yours in health

Dr Mark Atkinson,

Holistic Medical Physician

The information and recommendations given in this newsletter are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Consult your doctor before acting on any of the suggestions in this newsletter. The author disclaims any liability, loss, injury or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of the contents of this newsletter. Copyright © Dr Mark Atkinson 2004



If you’re feeling depressed, anxious or apathetic you’re not alone. An estimated 320 million people worldwide suffer from depression, 1 in 4 British women and 1 in 6 British men will experience depression at some time in their life and The World Health Organisation has announced that mood disorders, which include depression will, by the year 2020 be the world’s number one health problem. The reality is this - we’re in a bad mood epidemic and what’s worse is that most people don’t realise that they are in it and part of it.

But it’s not all bad news. Advances in the field of nutritional psychology, psycho-spirituality and emotional management now mean that our tool box for dealing with depression is looking safer and more effective than ever, what’s more many of these approaches, which I’ll be sharing with you, work in as little as 48 hours. You don’t have to believe me, just put it to the test!


The blues are a state of being in which you become identified with the feelings of negativity, worthlessness, misery and/or apathy that are arising within you. When this increases in intensity, overwhelms you and prevents you from adapting to and coping with your life circumstances, depression is said to be occurring. In this situation the person is for whatever reason unable to let go of the negative emotions within.

An emotion by definition is energy in motion, its natural state is one of flow, it arises into our awareness, and if we allow ourselves to experience it fully without holding on to it, it then passes through us and disappears. When we interfere with that emotion, by resisting or suppressing it, the feeling stays with us until we let go. Most people, including possibly yourself are still holding on to hundred’s if not thousands of past feelings, but because it is too painful to face them, they/you have compensated by directing there/your attention elsewhere - usually by distracting themselves with TV, work, reading and so on. Does this ring true! We kid ourselves that the feelings gone away, but the reality is the feelings are still there, we are ignoring them, albeit in most cases subconsciously.

Depression arises either when we no longer have enough energy to prevent the years of accumulated suppressed feelings from arising into our conscious awareness and/or when the burden of suppressed feelings simply overwhelms us. In either case, we are forced to meet these emotions and the thought patterns they generate face-to-face. Because we all carry emotional baggage, we are all theoretically at risk of the blues, but why is it that one person gets overwhelmed and another person doesn’t?

The answer lies with our genetic inheritance and the nature of our primary relationships, during the first seven years of life. Each, but particularly the latter, not only programmes how we think, feel and behave for the rest of our adult life, but influences the development and function of our brain, and determines our capacity to produce optimum quantities of the brain’s neurotransmitters – the chemicals that communicate mood. When we are genetically predisposed and/or we experience enduring mental and/or physical trauma as a child, we are much more likely to suffer from depression.

If that wasn’t bad enough, a life time of sub-optimum malnourishment, a chemically overburdening environment, increasing levels of psychological demands and living in a society that places materialism, achievement and aesthetic appearance over authenticity and community, has made hundred’s of millions of people through out the world primed for depression. A triggering event then comes along, such as a divorce, illness or birth of a baby, the adaptive coping mechanism crashes and the experience of depression descends. It is of course much more complicated than this and there are many factors at play, but that’s the crux of it.


The following questionnaire will help you identify whether you are suffering from the blues or depression, following which I will detail what action you can take to resolve it.


Score 1 for each yes answer:

[ ] Do you feel unattractive and unloveable?

[ ] Do you often feel downhearted or sad?

[ ] Do you feel worse in the morning?

[ ] Do you feel that life is not worth living?

[ ] Do you find it difficult to face the day ahead?

[ ] Do you experience repetitive, angry, guilty or self-critical thoughts?

[ ] Do you feel hopeless about the future?

[ ] Do you feel less enjoyment from activities that once gave you pleasure?

[ ] Have you lost your weight or appetite?

[ ] Do you feel agitated, angry or irritable?

[ ] Do you have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep?

[ ] Do you have problems concentrating and making decisions?

[ ] Is it an effort to motivate yourself to do the things that you used to do?

[ ] Are you socially withdrawn?

[ ] Are you tired most of the time?

____ TOTAL

If you score is:

1 to 4: You might well be suffering from the Blues. Take this as an early warning sign and as an opportunity to make some changes to your life and prevent your mental/emotional health from deteriorating further.

5 and above: There is a strong possibility that you are suffering from depression. Start implementing the suggestions in this article and make an appointment to see a holistic medical doctor, nutritionist and/or counsellor.


The approach, that I use with my patients, which I call The Whole Body Healing Approach, consists of two levels of treatment and insights designed to optimise an individual’s fullest potential for optimum health and whole body healing. Level I of the programme is designed to identify and correct any physical imbalances, deficiencies and excesses that are contributing to the condition. The great advantage of resolving physical/biochemical problems first, is that it provides, often within just 48 to 72 hours, the energy, motivation and clarity of thinking to go onto Level II. Level II of the programme is designed to then bring into awareness the various psycho-emotional influences at play, to learn how to let go of unwanted feelings and self-limiting belief systems and to learn how to create empowering relationships with oneself and those around us. We’ll explore in brief the basic level one recommendations.


Anti-depressants. The most depressing fact about conventional antidepressants is their side effects. Up to 25% of people taking conventional anti-depressants experience relatively minor side effects and a smaller, but nonetheless significant number experience serious side effects, the most dramatic and devastating of which is suicide. My advice - start with natural approaches first, and only then if they fail or if you are suffering from severe depression, consider medications. I recommend anyone with depression or the blues to start two supplements each of which can facilitate an often dramatically transformation of emotional and psychological well-being within 48 hours. The first is 5-HTP, a precursor for the good mood neurotransmitter Serotonin and the second tyrosine, a precursor for the motivation neurotransmitters, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Please note that if you suffer from any chronic ill health problems or are taking any prescribed medications, you should only do this under the care of a holistic medical doctor. The recommended dosage is 50 to 150mg of 5-HTP twice a day (mid-afternoon and before bed) and 500mg to 1000mg of tyrosine two to three times a day. The latter is best taken on an empty stomach. 60% of people will experience an improvement within 2 weeks and 85% within 4 weeks. If there’s no improvement after this time, you should preferentially see a holistic medical doctor or try an alternative such as St Johns’ Wort, Rhodiola or SAMe. You can get these from Nutri Centre on 0207 6378436 – quote ZZMA to get 10% discount.

Stabilise Blood-Sugar. Minimising fluctuations in your blood sugar is a very effective way to improve your mood, raise your energy and prevent chronic degenerative disease such as diabetes and heart disease. The key is to reduce or preferably cut out all caffeine and sugar products, eat three main meals and two snacks every day, eat a protein source such as seeds, nuts, fish, egg, lentils, beans, meat or cottage cheese with every meal and snack and eat at least 4 portions of green leafy vegetables a day. I can’t over emphasise how important this is! For more information read The Insulin Factor by Antony Haynes. Published by Harper Collins.

Supplements. Deficiencies of vitamins B3, B6, folate, B12, C, the minerals zinc and magnesium and omega 3 essential fatty acids have all been associated with depression. By supplementing your diet with a high potency multi-vitamin/mineral powder (such as Ultralife’s Ultramax), vitamin C 1000mg (Higher Nature True Food C) and omega 3 essential fatty acids 1000mg twice daily as (Higher Nature Omega 2 fish oil), you can repair these deficiencies, and significantly improve your physical and emotional well-being. You can get these from Nutri Centre on 0207 6378436 – quote ZZMA to get 10% discount.

Food Intolerances. There is a lot of evidence linking food/chemical intolerances with disturbances in mood and behaviour. If possible get yourself tested for intolerances either with an IgG ELISA blood test. In the meanwhile come off wheat and cows’ dairy produce for 14 days and see if it makes a difference. See www.yorktest.com

Exercise. Exercise is a great natural anti-depressant. Prioritise at least 20 minutes each day to go for a brisk walk, preferably somewhere where you are close to nature. Rather than going into your head and thinking about problems, worries and issues, allow your attention to focus on your external circumstances, on what it is you see, hear and feel. Allow yourself to connect in with the ‘outside’ world, notice how all problems disappear when you do so!

In issue 2 we will be exploring level II approaches to freeing yourself from the blues and depression. These will include a self-help protocol for releasing negativity and self-limiting beliefs and an overview of some of the most effective and innovative mood management therapies.

This article was originally printed in Conscious Living Health & Lifestyle magazine.



1. Rather than taking an iron supplement, which can be difficult to absorb and can cause constipation take a liquid supplement that contains iron such as Spatone or Floradix

2. Include at least one avocado a day in your diet – they are contain an abundance of vitamins, potassium which can help to prevent heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure and oleic acid, a mono-unsaturated fat that helps to lower cholesterol.

3. Research has shown that having sex mid-afternoon is the best time for conception

4. Consider organ donation, in 1996 a car-crash victim donated parts of her body to 74 other people, from corneas to heart valves. See www.argonet.co.uk for more details.

5. It is a myth that muscle can turn to fat when you stop working out – they cannot be converted into one another. When muscles get smaller they don’t use as many calories, so your metabolism slows. If you continue to eat the same amount of food, it gets stored as fat.

6. If you have your doctor’s permission try a 24-hour water-fast once every month – it helps to cleanse the body and increase energy – add lemon juice to your water to enhance its effectiveness.

7. Research from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research discovered that you can reduce the likelihood of developing ovarian cancer, by not using talcum powder. The culprit appears to be ‘talcum’, check the label if you use it!

8. Stabilise your blood sugar and maintain high energy levels throughout the day by eating three main meals and two snacks every day and eating a protein source such as seeds, nuts, fish, egg, lentils, beans, meat or cottage cheese with every meal and snack.

9. Set aside and prioritise 30 minutes each morning upon arising for personal well-being matters. You can meditate, use energy enhancement exercises (see next issue), write a journal, go for a walk in nature or do something that is very personal to you and allows you to get in touch with and nurture your own needs.

10. Next time you pick up and answer your phone, sound enthusiastic and welcoming – you’ll make a difference to the caller and you’ll feel much better yourself – try it!



I’m twenty and my first smear test was extremely painful. I tested positive for thrush, received treatment and had a painful second smear, which came back clear. The only symptom of thrush I had was pain during sex- this persists! What can I do to prevent thrush and ease the pain during intercourse?

You can tackle the problem directly by using a probiotic (friendly bacteria) pessary, which should be placed last thing at night, every night for up to seven days. You should also cut out obvious sources of sugar – which is candidas favourite food, take Oxytech (Dulwich Health – 0208 6705883) an oxygen releasing supplement that very effectively kills off candida and take a probiotic orally such as Bio-acidophilus to restore harmony to your digestive system (The Nutri Centre - 0207 6378436 – quote ZZMA to get 10% discount). Your partner should also do the latter recommendations as he has probably got candida as well – although he might not know it.

I wonder if you can help. I have very sore, dry cracked lips and the skin is coming off daily, it is not like the type of chapped lips due cold temperatures. This started with a cold sore which went away but the lip condition has remained, this is the second attack I have suffered in a 10 month period. I used Zovirax for the cold sore and have used vaseline, moisturising creams, plus the run of the mill chap sticks with no effect. Is there anything you can suggest? Also can it be stress linked as over the past year I went through a very difficult separation from my partner?

It sounds as though your lips are chronically inflamed, probably because of the virus infection or because of eczema and that one of these reasons your body’s healing system isn’t able to get on top of it is because of the chronic stress relating to your separation. So - my recommendation is to book yourself into to see a homeopath, who can create a homeopathic formula to fight the infection/inflammation (visit www.the-cma.org.uk to find a local practitioner), and for the stress I’d recommend listening to the free subliminal positive programming CD from Inner talk called Forgiving & Letting Go (telephone 01628 898366 or www.innertalk.co.uk) and taking Higher Nature’s essential omegas and advanced optimum nutrition formula, which will provide enough nutrients to kick start the healing process. (The Nutri Centre - 0207 6378436 – quote ZZMA to get 10% discount)

I work as a secretary and have been experiencing pain in my right wrist for some time, which has now been diagnosed as repetitive strain injury. Is there anything I can do to help myself?

As the name suggests it’s the repetition of the wrist movement, relating to the typing that is the problem, combined with the way you sit at your desk. First thing therefore is to take a 60 second break every 5 minutes from typing, during which time you should do some stretches, see www. For more details visit the resources section on www.rsi-uk.org.uk/. Next you should ask your employer for a ergonomics assessment, which will involve checking and adjusting your work station to reduce any negative impact on your body. Finally you could try wearing a magnetic wrist-band (Vitalia Health www.innertalk.co.uk) and take the natural anti-inflammatory bromelain (The Nutri Centre - 0207 6378436 – quote ZZMA to get 10% discount) for 2 weeks - both will help to reduce inflammation and hopefully relief the pain.

I desperately need you to recommend me a Face moisturiser for a lifelong eczema sufferer. I’m now using a steroid cream intended for the body on my face to stop the itching. My doctor’s tried everything. I’m worried about the cumulative affect of such strong chemicals, but it’s the only thing that’s effective. Can you help? I’m allergic to Glycerine and Lanolin ingredients.

Hopefully this will help – try Oxygen Gel made by a company called Cellfood (Cellfood Direct 0870 2408272). It combines aloe vera, chamomile, with a proprietary formula called Cellfood, which very effectively neutralises harmful free radicals and oxygenates the body’s cells. Its ideal for rashes, blemishes, acne and scars. In addition to that you should also take Cellfood Concentrate formula, 8 drops three times a day in mineral water. Finally, its worthwhile cutting out wheat, alcohol, cow’s dairy and caffeine for 10 days to see if that also helps.

For the past three years, my partner has worked a midnight to 8am shift, and this has taken its toll on his health. Despite sleeping for around ten hours a day, he is in a state of constant exhaustion. He refuses to consider changing his working hours, but has agreed to modify his diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables, and less processed food. Is there any specific supplements you can recommend which would further limit the damage?

This is a difficult one to treat with supplements, as it is obvious that his body is telling him to switch to a day job, if he doesn’t there is every chance that his health will deteriorate further. However if he refuses, he should consider taking Rhodiola, which is nature’s anti-stress herb, plus a high potency multivitamin-mineral to replace deficiencies, which will also be contributing to his exhaustion. Good luck! (The Nutri Centre - 0207 6378436 – quote ZZMA to get 10% discount)



BOOK OF THE MONTH - The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford

Patrick Holford is the UK’s leading nutritionist and founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. His Optimum Nutrition Bible (latest edition just released) provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of everything relating to diet, nutrition and supplementation. It’s a must have for anyone who is dedicated to their health and well-being! You can get his book from the Nutricentre 0207 6378436 or from www.amazon.co.uk. Price: £12.99

WEBSITE OF THE MONTH - www.mercola.com

Dr Mercola is a leading naturopathic doctors and the founder of the world’s number one natural health website www.mercola.com. It contains a wealth of authoritative information on everything to do with health and healing.


The Liv Kit is a breast examination pad that enhances/magnifies touch, makes self-examination much easier and increases the likelihood of identifying a breast related problem earlier. For more information see www.livkit.co.uk


Menastil is natural roll-on oil formula for period pain. A study of 26 women found that 81% reported relief from cramping when applying Menastil to the abdominal area, with 42% reporting a dramatic improvement. Its active ingredient is Calendula oil, extracted from marigold petals, which actively encourages normal blood flow to ease pain. Menastil should be applied twice daily, when required during menstruation. It can also help to relieve symptoms such as head, back and leg pains. It costs £24.99 including p&p and is available mail order on 0856 658 8877


I warmly invite you to come and join me at my January one-day workshop!

This intensive and life-transforming workshop will provide you with all of the insights and tools that you need to permanently enhance and enrich your physical, emotional and psychological state of well-being. Based on my investigation into the world's safest and most effective approaches to healing, this workshop will show you how to liberate your fullest potential for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. More specifically by the end of this workshop you would have:

Ø Explored the myths surrounding the process of healing and discovered new insights into the origins of disease.

Ø Used my Whole Body Healing System to: identify and resolve the biochemical, dietary, energetic and psycho-emotional barriers to you experiencing optimum health, and learnt how to accelerate your innate healing processes using innovative nutritional, bio-energetic, psychological and lifestyle modification approaches.

Ø Used my Omega Nutrition System to determine the exact foods and nutrients that will optimise your health and vitality, and learnt how to repair blood-sugar, digestive and mood imbalances and overcome stress and fatigue.

Ø Learnt a number of powerful self-help techniques, including the revolutionary accelerated self-healing technique Transformatrix and the energy psychology approaches Emotrance and the Emotional Release Technique (ERT).

Ø Had the opportunity to ask me any personal questions you have relating to health and healing.

Ø Previous workshop attendees said the following:

“Empowering” “A brilliant wake-up call” “He connects with everyone at a deep place”

“An inspirational day” “Absolutely fascinating” “Enlightening”


Date: Sunday 23rd January 2005 Time: 09.30 to 17.00

Cost: £130 (includes lunch, refreshments and the whole body healing manual) (non-refundable)

Venue: Pax Lodge, Olave Centre, 12c Lyndhurst Road, London, NW3 5PQ. www.paxlodge.org

Places are strictly limited, so please book early

To book a place on The Power of Whole Body Healing workshop please send an e-mail requesting a booking form to seminars@drmarkatkinson.com or call 01628 898366


Of the hundred’s of innovative techniques and therapies that I have researched and tried over the last 15 years, few have made such a deep, profound and lasting impact on the health and well-being of my patients and on myself as that facilitated by EMOTRANCE

Dr Mark Atkinson, Holistic Medical Physician.

Are you a healthcare practitioner? Are you looking to enhance and enrich your own health, life and relationships and that of your client’s? Are you looking to deepen your understanding and experience of bio-energetics and healing? Would a simple, effective and powerful tool that facilitates healing and transformation in minutes, be of interest to you and your clients? Would you and your clients benefit from knowing how to master and harness the power of emotions? Would you like to train in the latest bio-energetics technique - Emotrance?


Emotrance is a powerful self-healing and self-development technique that mobilises and exits from the energy body, the energy flow disturbances that lie at the heart of the psycho-emotional issue that is being addressed. Doing so restores a state known as even flow, in which energies are allowed to enter, travel through and then exit the body, without interruption and interference - this results in a state of aliveness, healing and vibrancy called the energised end state.

The benefits to the person using Emotrance are considerable, rapid (usually taking less than 10 minutes to achieve) and often permanent, they include:

Ø Releasing anger, resentment and/or negative feelings towards an individual or memory

Ø Removing self-limiting beliefs and barriers to accomplishment, success and goal-setting

Ø Dissolving anxiety, negative emotional pain, memories of abuse and negative self-talk

Ø Releasing the psychic strings of past/current partners and family members

Ø Removing the barriers that prevent authenticity, intimacy and unconditional love within a relationship

Ø Learning how to harness the power and energy of emotions

Ø Facilitating the ability to experience states of deep connection, clarity and heightened awareness


My two-day intensive Emotrance training course is designed to provide healthcare practitioners with the necessary pre-requisite knowledge and direct personal experiences required to make them competent and confident in using Emotrance, both as a powerful self-healing and self-development tool and as an adjunct to the work that they are already doing with their clients. Emotrance is particularly valuable for those involved in healing, bodywork, meridian energy therapies, psychology, psychotherapy, personal development and/or counselling.

This two-day course will involve

Ø Exploring the world of energy, intention, emotions, energy nutrition, even flow and peak experiences

Ø Using Emotrance to release negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs and experience the energised end state

Ø Learning how to repair and restore the flow through broken channels and fault lines within the energy body

Ø Exploring the numerous and diverse applications of Emotrance

Ø Learning how to identify, dissolve and remove energetic shields

Ø Learning energy enhancement and balancing techniques

Ø Significantly increasing your sensitivity to a wider bandwidth of energies

Ø Removing self-limiting beliefs and barriers to money, freedom and happiness.

Ø Enhancing your ability and effectiveness to facilitate healing

Ø Learning how to facilitate Emotrance with clients in person and over the telephone

Each course attendant will receive a certificate of attendance and will be entitled to become a licensed practitioner of Emotrance through The Sidereus Foundation. Please note, if you are not a practitioner, but do want to learn about and experience the many benefits of Emotrance, you can attend my ‘Whole Body Healing Retreat,’ which also includes a full day’s training on Emotrance.


Date: Saturday 29th / Sunday 30th January 2005 Time: 09.30 to 17.00

Cost: £395 (includes lunch, refreshments and certification fee) (non-refundable)

Venue: Pax Lodge, Olave Centre, 12c Lyndhurst Road, London, NW3 5PQ. www.paxlodge.org

Places are strictly limited, so please book early

To book a place on January’s Emotrance practitioner training course please send an e-mail requesting a booking form to emotrance@drmarkatkinson.com or call 01628 898366. Other courses will be offered in London during April 2005 and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne during May 2005.

If you would like to learn more about Emotrance – I highly recommend Silvia Hartman’s Emotrance books Oceans of Energy and Living Energy www.dragonrising.com

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