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Why EMO Is Simply The Best!

Energy Healing Made Simple | Back to Nature | Heal Relationship Pain with EMO | EMO and Better Sex | Martial Arts and EMO - Let That Chi Flow! | Energy Nutrition – Help Overcome Cravings and Addictions | EMO and Children - For Bullying, Confidence and Fears | Is EMO The Same As EFT? | Is EMO Safe? | How Can I Learn EMO?

Why EMO Is

Simply The Best!

by Nicola Quinn

Energy Healing Made Simple | Back to Nature | Heal Relationship Pain with EMO | EMO and Better Sex | Martial Arts and EMO - Let That Chi Flow! | Energy Nutrition – Help Overcome Cravings and Addictions | EMO and Children - For Bullying, Confidence and Fears | Is EMO The Same As EFT? | Is EMO Safe? | How Can I Learn EMO?

Energy Healing Made Simple

Quite simply EMO is the easiest energy healing modality in the world today and that in my view makes it the best.

Once learned it is always there and because of its superb simplicity you can rely on it at a moment's notice. In fact the more you do it, the more spontaneously it occurs, you just become aware of energy moving through you.

Where do you feel that in your body?
Show me with your hands.
Soften and Flow.
It's only an energy!

And that is all you need to remember. What could be easier.

The simplicity of EMO is superb. It's so easy you can teach it to a child, in fact most children do it quite naturally!

EMO deals beautifully with:

Relationship and love pain
Fear and anxiety stress
Stuck pain including past hurts
Shields that prevent us from experiencing the
sometimes delightful messiness that is life itself!

Back to Nature

Our bodies naturally want to do EMO, they want to move energy, that's how they are made and once natural flows are again established there is nothing to be afraid of, nothing that can hurt you or affect you as it did before. Once you have regained Even Flow you are quite literally back in tune with nature and your body, your emotions, your thoughts and indeed your whole life are simply transformed as they fall back into alignment with the rhythms of the universe.

Heal Relationship Pain with EMO

Healing love pain is one of the easiest things to do with EMO and is one of the first ways a lot of people get to hear about it.

In fact that was how EMO came into being! I was having a telephone conversation with my friend Silvia Hartmann and commented on the pain I was feeling after someone close to me had said something nasty, I was really suffering that morning, as if I had been punched in the stomach, and it was the first time I heard Silvia say, "Where do you feel that in your body?" and the rest, as they say, is history! We spent several hours after that hurling insults and compliments down the phone at each other until we made each of the energies run really cleanly through ourselves and ended up laughing wildly.

Here is how I helped a lady over the phone with her relationship pain in moments.

EMO and Better Sex

The excellent thing about EMO is that as you become more aware of physical sensations you become far more responsive which can enhance your sex life immeasurably. Just try this simple exercise:

Learning To Follow With Intention

1. Touch or have another touch you lightly with one fingertip on the arm or some other part of your body.
2. Have them lightly massage or tap the area.
3. Follow the touch as it travels through your system with your intention.
4. Repeat on different parts of your body until such touches flow instantly and smoothly.

Now read how I helped a friend achieve a better sex life with EMO.

Martial Arts and EMO - Let That Chi Flow!

Not only does EMO deal with emotional pain but it also reestablishes even flow within the energy system allowing more control over the flow of chi, ch'i, ki, qi or whatever your pet name for the life force energy may be!

Once your energy channels are open and flowing smoothly martial arts practices become a lot easier and cleaner, balance is easier to maintain and an inner centredness is achieved in seconds.

EMO is a perfect adjunct to Tai chi, Aikido, Karate, Chi gung, Kung fu, Jujitsu, Kendo, Judo, Tae kwon do and improves performance, strength, focus and awareness.

Energy Nutrition – Help Overcome Cravings and Addictions

We all know how important it is to get enough vitamins and minerals to maintain heath and we know that what we eat, whether good or bad, quite quickly shows its effects on our bodies. A little abuse, too much alcohol and junk food soon manifests as low energy, restlessness, bad skin and hair, to name but a few side effects but with EMO the idea of nutrition goes much much further.

Imagine what it would be like to literally suck the energy out of anything, really absorb and metabolise it! Many people have already used EMO to overcome cravings and addictions in this way. The possibilities are endless and it is great fun finding new ways to use this too.

EMO and Children - For Bullying, Confidence and Fears

EMO should be taught in every school! Children love EMO and if you make a game of it they love it even more.

It is the perfect way to help children learn to cope with not only their emotions but any bad things other children may say to them. Once they learn to EMO hurtful things through and out and actually get energised by them they have the perfect tool to help combat bullying. It does not turn them into heartless tough little things but increases their breadth of experience and gives them confidence.

Read a wonderful story about how Silvia helped a boy with Asperger's overcome many fears using EMO.

Is EMO The Same As EFT?

In a word, No! With EMO you do not need to think about how you are feeling or formulate an opening statement, or tap, or measure how bad you are feeling. You simply locate where the discomfort or pain is in your body and work from there, no guessing, or wondering if you are on the right track. EMO bypasses the brain and the endless guessing and deals directly with the feedback from our bodies. Stuck energy feels bad. Move it out of your body and you feel better. Simple.

EMO is content free, you don't need to know what caused the pain, you don't need to create any opening statements, you don't need to tap, you just have to know where it is, show me with your hands, soften and flow, and it is gone!

Is EMO Safe?

EMO is completely safe and ecologically sound, there are no repercussions, backlashes, regressions to past behaviours. Through relentless testing by thousands worldwide we know this to be true.

EMO is not only safe but an absolute joy to work with, it lifts and brightens the spirit, that's part of its design, you cannot fail to feel better, a fabulous by product of this simple but profound technique.

And that's because EMO does not just stop at the cessation of pain, it goes much much further than that. The energised end state leaves you tingling, and giggling, lighter and brighter than you have ever felt before. In fact it's not really EMO unless you feel like that at the end of a session!

But more than all of this EMO is a way of life, a way of renewing our contact with our environment and the people around us.

How Can I Learn EMO?

You can start by reading the excellent Oceans of Energy - The Patterns and Techniques of EMO, Vol. 1 by Silvia Hartmann or you can enroll on the EMO Online Distance Training Course which is not only a certification training for practitioners but is also a superb introduction to EMO itself and is used by many to get a really deep understanding of how EMO works. And if you do the online training you get me to support you as tutor every step of the way!

You can also attend one of the many Live EMO Trainings which incorporate an introductory day where you can go along and experience EMO with a fully qualified trainer. And there are also many hundreds of Certified EMO Practitioners worldwide who would be happy to give you an individual session.

I hope this little introduction will whet your appetite and spur you on to investigate further the wonderful world of EMO and all its many applications and possibilities to enrich your life and help you navigate the vast Oceans of Energy with ease and delight!

Nicola Quinn


Energy Healing Made Simple | Back to Nature | Heal Relationship Pain with EMO | EMO and Better Sex | Martial Arts and EMO - Let That Chi Flow! | Energy Nutrition – Help Overcome Cravings and Addictions | EMO and Children - For Bullying, Confidence and Fears | Is EMO The Same As EFT? | Is EMO Safe? | How Can I Learn EMO?

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