Why, Oh Why?

Why, Oh Why?

Why do I never remember to tap or ‘soften and flow’ in moments of crisis? But that’s what a crisis is, isn’t it. We loose the flow and forget what we know and end up sitting on a pile of muck.

GoE practitioner Margarita Foley takes a close look at methods of mentally releasing Energy blockages...

After a few moments of crisis I remembered to tap. But in a public place I had to do it mentally. It was an amazing experience. Many people have done this before me but hearing about it, reading about it or teaching other people how to do it is certainly not like the experience of doing it for oneself. There was once a poster which showed all the wonderful techniques which were available but never practised. The caption underneath read. “Do it, damn it!” Pretty apt and to the point.

Now to get back to my happy experience. I visualized strong rays of light penetrating each of the EFT points after I had mentally made the statement on the sore spot. The effect was instantaneous and very powerful. I enriched the rays by imagining them emanating from God, since this is something that I personally find very helpful. The event which precipitated the crisis soon returned to its proper place in the scheme of things and I am marvelling at the wonder of how this all works. It is so wonderful to be at a table laden with so many wonderful ways of releasing old programs and installing new ones. It still requires plenty of effort and commitment but the results are worth the effort.

I find that when doing Emotrance for me it is also useful to bring in whatever enhances the experience for me personally. For example, I allow God to breathe through me in order to soften and flow stuck energies. This softens the energy quickly and is also very healing. I am often reminded however that we are very conditioned to operate from our conscious mind. We forget that we have a body and feelings until something really hits us in the eye and reminds us to be in our body and to notice what we are feeling. It is not enough to remain in my head thinking about what is happening in my body. I need to ask myself, “Where do I feel this in my body?” and “What do I feel?” It can be “a burning rage” or a “dull ache” or a feeling of “completely washed out” or other feeling. Tapping on these feelings seems more powerful than tapping for example on “feeling very angry” or “feeling I want to do nothing” and such statements.

Using the different technologies interchangeably can also be very useful. Some therapies include healing all angers, fears, and other emotions connected to an event and this can also be used with EFT and EMOTRANCE. When I become aware of blocked energy in my body after an event and I am only vaguely aware of it I can make a statement like, “I allow the energy of all the feelings connected with this to soften and flow” or “I allow God to breathe into all the energy blockages connected with this event as I massage the blocked energy which I feel in my body. The result can be greater clarity about what is happening in my mind and my emotions.

Another simple way of releasing that can even be done mentally is Energy Dancing. Instead of raising my voice I can allow the energy of my voice to do a mental dance. In this way I can release the excess energy and vent the blocked energy generated by an event. But as before this needs to be done at ‘non-crisis’ moments so that it becomes second nature and we can program our minds to quickly revert to it in moments of crisis. One of my favourite pastimes is to imagine myself swinging like a trapeze artist from one rope to another. It is great fun and gives one a vantage point over whatever is happening. It is also useful when burning excess energy.

What are your favourite ways of releasing? Do you have just one or are you creative in your use of the wonderful techniques with which we are blessed?


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