The Triumph of the BAD Drawings! A Star Matrix Story

I originally recorded this story spontaneously for the Star Matrix students, then I thought, the Modern Energy Art students might find this beneficial too, and then I thought, really, everyone needs to hear this at least once! So here it is - the triumph of the bad drawings. It really is all about ENERGY - get the ENERGY right, and you're on the right track, right on the money, on the right path - congruency achieved.

The "Star Stories" - stories of personal moments of enlightenment, or AHA! if the term enlightenment scares you :-) - are at the heart of Star Matrix.

I look forward to share more Star Stories of my own, and those of other people, in the future. I believe that our true life stories are precious - of course they are the treasures and riches of our own life time, but they are also precious because we can pass on inspiration and ideas that way, in that human way, that nothing else can match.

With lots of love! xxx

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