David Bowie StarMan: The 1st Star Person to be honoured on this channel!

**** Who was a Star Person to YOU? Write their name in the comments! ***** There are certain beings we call the Star People. It doesn't matter if they are hard, or imaginary; they could be people we have never met as well as people we have shared a space with for decades. What matters is that we had a Star Experience because of them - they HELPED us evolve. Those are the Star People whose names we inscribe in our Book of Stars. I am honoured and delighted to talk about DAVID BOWIE with Annemarie Wilson as a true Star Person in our lives. Love you, David, and THANK YOU for your gifts.

More about Star Matrix: starmatrix.org
Contact Annemarie: annemariewilson.goe.ac/

The StarMan painting: energyart.uk/starman_painting.htm

#davidbowie #bowieforever #starmatrix #happymemories

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