Money Health Survival Fears? Here is the EMO Thought Flow to break free from negative thought loops!

I originally recorded this video for the GoE MClub, but then thought that everyone could use this super simple, super practical Modern Energy Technique from EMO as well. More info:
A personal note.
I "invented" or found this method of moving "thought energy" in 2003. I have used it on so! many occasions ever since, it's been one of the most useful, soothing and practically effective methods to stop oneself from obsessing about people, things, fears, whatever, I have ever used.
It's just brilliant, it's quick, it's easy and gets better with practice. The ability to "send away annoying thoughts" in and of itself is priceless, but the totally unexpected side effect that it can lead to spontaneous SOLUTIONS "coming to mind" on top, wow, that's what makes Thought Flow way beyond some little meditation thing to take your mind of your problems.
It's a fascinating application of taking energy seriously, and our abilities to move energy or encourage the flow of energy in our living energy bodies.


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