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Breaking Free From Thought Loops - The Thought Flow Process

Breaking Free From Thought Loops - The Thought Flow Process

The basic EMO process continues to throw up some very interesting side effects and patterns - this one must be about one of the most useful things an energy worker could come across. Simply put, this pattern is designed to allow the player to break out of infinite thought loops. There is a huge array of theory behind this very straightforward pattern but we don't need to get into this; suffice to say that the thought flow pattern works to reduce stress, bring about relaxation of over-active mind circuitry and can also lead to some very welcome and surprising new ideas and insights.

Breaking Free From Thought Loops -

The Thought Flow Process

What is a "Thought Loop"?

A thought-loop is a set of thoughts that go around and around without an exit point or any form of resolution.

A simple example of this phenomenon would be: "I need more money" - "But I'm already working as hard as I can." - "But I need more money." - "But I can't work any harder." - "But I need more money." - and so on, round and round.

In all systems flow, these endless loops need some form of exit point because unless such an exit point exists, there can be no forward movement.

In thought-systems, which may be quite complicated and include many sub loops but still don't have an exit point and thus keep behaviour stuck and the folk who run them awake night after night, the added problem is that these loops run faster and faster with practice, "overheating" certain pathways, unbalancing the energy system and indeed, are damaging to health and happiness.

The favourite way of humans to break out of thought-loops is by adding new material - also known as "learning" - in the hope that this might provide the exit points.

With very complex and personal thought loops, off the shelf advice is usually not sufficient to break out of a loop and also, the longer they have been running, the more entrained they tend to become.

Lastly, people do a lot of these virtually all the time they are awake and so what was needed was a method that would:

a) Allow someone to break out of thought loops fast and as soon as they have come to the conscious attention;

b) To have an intervention that is likewise fast;

c) To actually resolve the problem of the loop - by providing new and different insights but without having to rely on externally acquired added information.

Putting It Behind You

Now, there is a lot of energy theory involved in this pattern; indeed, far more than is necessary to know about in order to successfully use this simple energetic move.

I would briefly say that the system of human thought is an integrative and very important part of an overall system that is designed to learn and change constantly and that the reason for thought loops developing in the first place is a detachment of that thought system from a greater system that is required to complete the process flow which leads to new behaviour (and I include new thoughts as new behaviour too, as thinking is, indeed, a behaviour form in its own right).

Thought Flow

So, and to make what is a long story very concise indeed, what we are going to do is to take a thought and literally put it behind ourselves, from the emergence point of the thought into our energy field and taking this thought, sweeping it up and over our head and letting it flow down the back of our heads and down the back.

Try it, and in the beginning, by all means use your hands to make the gesture physically in order to set up this flow from thought to the requisite non-thought systems which are designed to process out of the thought loops.

Think of something that you have thought of umpteen times during your life - I want to loose weight but I can't is such a thought, as is I should be doing something important but I don't know what it is, for example.

Now, simply allow that thought to come, then physically take it, sweep it up and over your head, letting it trickle down your back and go where it would go.

Consider how that feels - and what a very nice way to get rid of troublesome thoughts this actually represents.

Objections To Using The Thought Flow System

Here are some questions and answers that usually arise:

Q: When I put a thought behind myself, it seems like its completely gone. Surely that is a bad thing? I must keep on worrying to finally solve the problem?
A: Well you can look at it in many different ways. One is to have some trust in the rest of the (little used) processing systems of your totality and which are actually designed to compute the answers for you that your thought has discovered. Another is that should you get tired of feeling relaxed and having space for once to think about something else, you can go right back to the old thought loops that got you absolutely nowhere for all the times you've run them.

Of course, whether or not you wish to make use of this system is entirely up to you in all ways.

Q: Is that the unconscious mind we are passing the problem over to?
A: No, not really. It is an energetic system of the totality we are using in this case. The unknown and highly misunderstood systems that comprise the so-called "unconscious or subconscious" "mind" are a part of the whole deal but that is not where the thoughts are going to in this technique.

Q: Will I get - finally! - some new answers to my old problems?
A: No guarantees. Try it out, find out what happens.

Q: How will I know that the system has started to work as it should? Where do the new answers come from?
A: I don't wish to prejudice your personal experiences with telling you what it feels like or what happens. I am very highly prejudiced in favour of people having their own experiences and their own learnings in their own way. Suffice to say you will know when it is beginning to work as it should. :-)

Q: Can you put other things as well "behind you"? Beliefs, memories, emotions?
A: Sure. As usual, just play with it. It is designed for thoughts, mostly, but it would be difficult to differentiate, as well as memories and emotions making up parts of these complex thought loops in which many of us are trapped.

Q: Is there room for all of that "stuff" back there? Are there thoughts you shouldn't put into that system (in case they turn out toxic or damaging)?
A: It isn't a store room but a flow system. It can take any kind of thought, any amount, and chances are it is glad to be able to flex its systemic muscles and be of use again. The more you use it, the more useful it becomes.

Q: Is there a meridian tie in with this process?
A: Yes, there is. The corresponding meridian is one of the strange flows known as the governor.

In Conclusion

Thoughts are but a part of an overall system designed to process information and return change states (which include behaviour and thought as well) as a result.

This system has become disconnected and is currently on many occasions in human usage, trapped in a feed-back loop where the same thoughts are presented over and over again when they cannot be resolved with the inherent capabilities of the thought system and get passed back to the starting point essentially unchanged.

The energetic movement of consciously ordering these thoughts into different channels as described breaks out of this loop and begins to engage other computation systems which has the benefits of reduced stress, less strain on the thought systems and better balance in the energy system, as well as allowing different and new results being delivered through different and other channels until they are presented back to the thought systems.

The Thought Flow Process, © Silvia Hartmann, March 30, 2003


I'm lovin' this pattern, as it seems to elegantly combine an energy approach with the nlp "timeline" approach of putting it behind you.

Have noticed a subtle difference between doing it with my left hand versus my right.... ohh!! .... the more I practice it, the more it reminds me of a modification of a Qigong move, called "Moving of Yin and Yang"

The "up and over" move, combined with putting it behind me... has me picturing saying to someone: "UP and OVER...", as in up and over a barrier/wall.... (as if I'm giving them my interlaced hands as a boost for their foot, pushing up on their weight) and THEN... "PUT IT BEHIND YOU"...... allowing the energy to shower, drizzle and pour luxuriously down behind me...

Ohhhh..... !

Warmest regards,

"Curious George" Copsey
(320) 252-8552

Hey Silvia,

I've been playing with the thought loop thing myself ever since we talked about it over the phone. I have found it incredibly useful for relief from my numerous daily vacillations, the change in behaviour being that I simply make a start and see what happens rather than entering into some kind of loop. On Thursday of this week I headed off with my laptop and sat in a huge bookstore and spent the day writing away most happily. I used the thought loop thing several times to throw my conscious decisions/indecisions back into my energy system and felt very free and clear to just keep writing.

As an added bonus I treated myself to an ET desert after lunch - this store has a Starbucks up in a gallery overlooking all the books, you can clearly see all the different sections from up there and so I sat and slurped away - first a general "taster" because I just love books (this made me think of a visit Baskin Robbins where there are so many flavours and I just love ice cream!), next I slurped the fiction for creative inspiration, medical/energy healing *hmmm the taste of knowledge*, comedy, just for a laugh :D, art, a tad more creative inspiration and so it went. It felt great.

Ananga Sivyer

Ayurvedic Energy Specialist

I tried it with results that were immediate, easy, and wonderful.

In my experience, it's a wonderful pattern, easy and effective!

Many thanks,

David Burnet

I tried it, its so simple and effective. I'm trying to do alot of editing and having intrusive thoughts, did the pattern and it was great. It cleared my head, and allowed me to focus on what I needed to focus on.

It had an interesting effect on me, it was like clearing the aura around my head too.

A bit like walking on the beach on a windy day.



Wow! That was fun! I got goose bumps and shivers every time I did your
little exercise. I’m interested now to see what will happen over time.

Thanks for the fun,

Joseph Bennette
Mind Machines, CES Devices, Biofeedback
Ebooks, Ecourses, Audio


Bravo, Wow, Amazing!!! So simple and it works. You have created another winner. I have tried it, my friends have tried it, my family has tried it.......and it works. Right away the pattern is changed like magic. I love it for anger. It changes it so quickly.

And thank you for explaining the process in layman's terms, and in terms of the Emperor. I like having the understanding of the process.

I have been transmuting these energies by having to remember a cue word or words, and now, I just have to move my hand over my head and back....one gesture, and it is done.

What a relief for me.

Thank you.

All the best, Leonie

Thought Flow Technique

I tried this technique and it worked for me.

I am currently studying and find that I am having problems with remembering what I am reading and studying - continuously coming to mind is the thought that I 'just cannot seem to remember', 'things are not sticking no matter when and what time I study'.

I have tapped for these as and when they come up, in whatever format, but somehow the thought keeps finding a new angle. So I looked to the root cause - I have an underactive thyroid problem and one side effect is memory loss - so off I have been and tapped for this. Boy, this still finds way of challenging me - very frustrating (yes I have tapped for that too!)

So to Silvia's technique, sat there brought all the above thoughts together and then took them over my head and down my back - what followed was a 'weird' feeling - like light was being passed through me and then outwards. I felt calm, tension disappeared from my shoulders and arms and I tried to think about what had been bothering me and there was no focus - it was gone.

This was a couple of days ago and since I have had one episode (today) - new thought 'why bother studying you won't remember it' (crafty these thoughts!!!), so I sat and did the technique again but slightly different.

There were people about, so I sat quietly, closed my eyes and visualised the words 'why bother studying you won't remember it' from my third eye out and over my head, down my back in a wave of white/gold light with the actual words within it, for about 2 minutes. An answer came straight back 'yes you can', it came back with the light through the back of my head. Now this, I will say, left me with a slight dizziness and a very slight 'headache' all which cleared in about 5 minutes.

Silvia, thank you.


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