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EMO Snow Globe

EMO Snow Globe

A short introduction to the EMO Snow Globe which is a simple and intuitive way to hand over a lot of different information/energy to the higher opeating systems all at once.

A very handy meta pattern with many uses which belongs to the Thought Flow set from advanced EMO.

As we begin to consider again, and from a very different vantage point on this occasion, what our old unfulfilled heart’s desires actually are, we find we are dealing with not a single thought or single emotion or memory, but indeed, these reservoirs containing so very much in every sense of the word. Desires, judgements about them, traumas, guiding stars, memories of all kinds – a lot of thoughtfields have become attached to the old desires, creating a veritable whirlpool of chaos on even the simplest of topics.

Still, they will all have to be handed over out of the thought systems and conscious memory systems to the higher operating and processing centers to make any headway at all, and for this I have found the Snow Globe technique very useful indeed. It seems natural to do this and is in actuality, a powerful experience.


Introducing The Snow Globe

Here, we allow the totality of a topic to gather together first before we “hand it over” to the higher systems by pouring all and everything connected to this into one thought form which I call the Snow Globe.

Quite difficult to describe and yet quite easy to do, here is a visual representation of creating a Snow Globe:

Pouring a thought-group into a snow globeSimply pour out the entire thought group into your own open hands until you feel you have got most if not all of it out, then take the Snow Globe and pass it over your head, allowing it to fall down behind you in the basic Thought Flow manouvre to move to the higher processing systems for the sorting out that should have occurred a long time ago.

As usual, don't worry about overloading the higher processing systems. These are quantum based and can handle anything you might care to throw at them, even a lifetime's worth of contortions and memories, misery, happiness, huge emotions, a billion separate and conflicting thoughts - this is truly nothing to these systems and indeed, you could consider it simply food for these, fuel to have them come to life and run more powerfully, more clearly which in turn helps to kickstart the entire circuit of "processing to a higher level" which this represents.

The Snow Globe technique is a very powerful and extremely useful method that has more applications and practical advantages than you might guess at this point.

Snow Globe Do's & Don'ts

It really helps to use your whole body for this technique, i.e. not to do the whole thing with your eyes shut but to really and physically hold out your hands and pour the contents of your thoughts into your hands, allowing it to collect there and take on the density of the Snow Globe.

It will happen that with certain Snow Globes you will find a strong reluctance to "let it go" or even raise it up and over to initiate the handing over to the higher processing systems.

It is important to remember that you are not "letting go" as in, getting rid of or losing any of this.

Nothing is lost. Your memories will remain perfectly intact but what you are doing is returning these things to their rightful place in all ways.

It might also help you to consider that "What we don't have is what we hold on to."

A heart's desire blocked at the heart or thought level or stuck there (which it has to be by definition else you couldn't put it now into a Snow Globe!) blocks the manifesting of itself AND any further related applications. Holding on to an ancient love, for example, will not only prevent the processing into a state of bereavement resolution, gratitude and grace but will also effectively prevent any other love from coming and flowing.

Trauma too if not processed to its resolution will keep an individual stuck where they were back then, forcing them to exist partially always at that time, in that place and preventing the totality systems overall from organising themselves to a higher level.

It is true that sometimes, courage is needed and some faith in yourself and your life here to release the Snow Globe to the higher processing systems; it might further help for you to know that you holding a resource that really is needed elsewhere in your own totality to move forward, to develop and grow as you were designed to, and to help become what you always knew you should be moving towards.

Further, it might become important for you to know that the higher processing systems don't judge the absolute mess the thought systems have made of many of these things over time. Judgement ONLY exists in the thought system and nowhere else. The rest of your totality just functions and resolves as best as it is allowed to. Whether you are handing over moments of transpersonal glory which have kept you stuck in limbo or moments of utter and total failure and unconditional capitulation, or immense foolishness, cowardice, evil even, to the higher processing systems it is nothing but incoming data which it really needs to have something to do, have a purpose, and provide energy for all of your totality.

Likewise, the concept of "punishment" exists only in consciousness and in the thought system. If you feel you need to continue to punish yourself and this is a "reason" for holding on to something or other, let me just say that what the thought-systems consider to be reasonable is usually anything but and in the greater scheme of things, the concept of punishment is simply ridiculous and implodes in on itself as one of those classic limited thought-system misapprehensions, of which there are many.

Lastly, if you are concerned about "learning your lessons", I would say that they cannot have been learned if the higher processing systems were not involved and did not create a change of heart in response. So have some courage, hand over some things, find out for yourself what it feels like when you do.


Snow Globe Applications In Brief

There basically isn't a thing you cannot put into a Snow Globe and thus, pass it along to the higher processing systems. Here are just some ideas to get you started.


Heart's Desires

I think this might be one of the most important uses for this technique, namely to allow yourself to remember something you've always wanted, ached for, hungered for but never experienced.

This could be as simple as a special toy you wanted when you were a child, and as complex as "the perfect relationship" or "being loved unconditionally" - either way, once you take the breaks off and really allow yourself to remember all that pertains to this topic, the pain and hurt, the disappointment, the rationalisations, the memories, the judgements and the further pain and hurt that flowed from those, the decisions you made, the "realisations" you had - all of it is an interconnected whirlpool that can be let go of and collected in that thought-field of the Snow Globe in your hands.

  • People (including self constructs, identity issues, conflicting "selves" etc)
  • Places ("I left my heart in San Francisco")
  • Dreams
  • Goals & Magick
  • Trauma & "Issues"
  • Guiding Stars
  • Feelings & Their Corresponding Thoughts
  • Sanctuary Habitats (in their entirety)
  • Symbols and Representations
  • Fears & Representations/Manifestations Thereof
  • Questions, Conflicts, Dilemmas


In Conclusion

The Snow Globe technique has four main purposes, the first of which is to clear out some of the existing accumulated debris from the thought system fast by collecting whole large thought-groups and moving them through all at once.

The second purpose which follows from this is to make space for new "heart's messages" to come through and to get movement into the old stuck ones.

The third purpose is to actively feed the higher processing systems so that in turn, their output becomes more powerful to begin to charge and re-energise the entire developmental learning and processing systems of the totality.

The fourth purpose is to teach the thought-systems (or what we still think of as "us", "me", "I") the principles of both releasing and passing on things that it was never meant to work out by its lonesome self to our own higher authorities on the one hand, and on the other to listen to incoming information from the heart system.


Thought Flow - Copyright Silvia Hartmann 2003. All Rights Reserved.

Also see EMO Thought Flow:


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