Aspect Model

Aspect Model

Aspect Model - Replacement for "Parts Model" in Modern Energy, created by Silva Hartmann 2009

Aspects Model by Silvia Hartmann

In conventional psychology there exists the idea of "parts" in the human psyche which can hold conflicting beliefs, values and attitudes. This includes individual parts as well as even more undefined parts such as archtypes, daemons and shadows.

Modern Energy uses a different model, the Aspect Model. This simply defines the states of a human being by sorting them through time, as no two "parts" can be active at the same time and any state is inhabited always sequentially.

This collapses the entire idea of "parts conflicts" as the sequential and time defined nature of the occurrence of an aspect makes it unique and allows interventions to be entirely focused on the aspects that require change or healing.

The Aspect Model also allows for extremely specifically targetted interventions in Modern Energy by dealing with an aspect that existed at November 12th, 2009, 16:23 for example; thus making it logical and easy to deal with memories.

Talking in terms of, "My aspect stood outside the house," as opposed to "I stood outside the house" also alleviates mis-identification with past (or future or parallel) aspects and makes psychological interventions cleaner and easier to conduct.

The Aspects Model was first published in Events Psychology 2009ย by Silvia Hartmann.

* In the Aspect Model, "I" is only ever here and now and all other incidences, past or future, are aspects. This is essential in energy work to create connections with aspects, communicate with aspects over time, and essentially answers the question how to love or forgive "oneself" in a practical and efficient manner.

** Theย Aspect Model is an integral part of all Modern Energy approaches.

*** The Aspect Model functions in conjunction with the Modern Energy Chart to asses and change states of individual aspects.


Simple Aspect Model Explanation Example

Here is a sample explanation of the Aspects model to civilians, in this case, a parent.

The Aspect model is one of logical corrections that are so simple yet make such a massive difference - and more as time passes. It's a gift that keeps on giving :-)

"You are not the person today who you were when you were three years old. Your child is not the same child it was when it was newly born. Which means that you, here and now, are quite unique, and all those many yous which existed in the past, or will come into being in the future, are aspects of you.

"That's the same with every person.

"You can't be two aspects at the same time, only sequentially.

"So one aspect may be a really good parent, and then ten minutes later, another aspect might have become very stressed and behaves like a bad parent.

"That's the same with the children.

"This allows us to stop wondering whether you, or I, "are" bad parents, or good parents, or if our children are wonderful and creative, or stubborn and uncontrollable.

"All of us have the capacity to become all these different things, so instead of saying, "I am a bad parent," we say, "Last week, my aspect really lost the plot and started to scream like a lunatic."

"When we think about it like that, it is much easier to understand what happened and why, and how future aspects might do things differently.

"We can then also understand how all aspects need love, help, support and hopefully, someone who can remind them that UNDER STRESS, EVERY ASPECT WILL GO CRAZY.

"As simple as that ..." :-)



If this is so for your aspects, then this is also so for other people's aspects.

"All aspects are created equally."

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