Client Avidity

Client Avidity

Client Avidity - The opposite of Client Resistance

The Concept Of Client Avidity

In the treatment flow, once we have established a stable baseline state, we can begin our work of healing and restoration together with the client.

Clearly, energy treatments are not something that the practitioner or therapists perpetrates on an anaesthetized, lifeless client who passively allows to happen whatever the therapist decides to do.

Energy treatments are a co-operative venture between client and therapist in every sense of the word and so it is important that both should be positive, excited and proactive about what is to come next, namely the treatments which will resolve the problem the client has brought to the session.

It was with a degree of shock and horror that I learned at some point that in psychology, there are only two ways in which a client is thought to respond to the therapists efforts to help them overcome a problem, namely:

Client Resistance โ€“ when a client fights the therapist and

Client Compliance โ€“ where they do as the therapist suggests without argument.

What we are looking for is something altogether different when we are working with clients, namely a forward pointing HIGH ENERGY state in which the client aligns with us and both of us really put our minds, hearts and souls forward to resolve the problem, with volition and desire.

I call this third option:

Client Avidity

Client Resistance, Client Compliance, Client AVIDITY

This is the state we need to evoke in the client if we want to have them succeed in whatever it is they are hoping to achieve from their energy based treatments because only in this third, forward pointing state are they truly committed to doing what needs to be done in all ways.

An avid client is someone who really wants to improve, is very excited by the notion that they are going to feel better and be able to experience many more positive emotions and events in their lives, and they are absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to work with the energy practitioner to achieve their dreams, their hopes, and create a reality that will be a joy to inhabit.

Please note that the No. 1 reason for clients being "resistant" is because they are STRESSED. Scared, uncertain, afraid, nervous by any other description - stressed.

By engaging any client in de-stressing, re-energizing and team building activities BEFORE any problems are being investigated, client and practitioner can both achieve a state of avidity - a high energy couple bubble which leads to being excited about working together and loving every minute of it, exchanging intuitions and ideas, and creating true energy magic between them.


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