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Client Practitioner Dance

Client Practitioner Dance

The EMO Client Practitioner Dance denotes an interactive way of working with energy clients where both are equal and work together as equals to bring about positive changes.

The Client Practitioner Dance

1. The practitioner knows before they even meet the client or find out anything about them that it is THEIR JOB to get the client from the problem state to the "energized end state" - to create an event, in other words.

2. The practitioner knows that they do NOT have to shoulder the responsibility for achieving this alone. The client is a full partner who will have more than 50% responsibility for what happens in the session - it is THEIR problem, THEIR energy system, THEIR attention, and THEIR PERMISSION, in the end, which allows the change or healing to take place.

3. The practitioner further knows that they AND the client are ALSO not alone in this attempt to create a healing event for the practitioner.

ALL HUMAN SYSTEMS ARE CONSTANTLY TRYING TO ESTABLISH AN EQUILIBRIUM, a perfect performance state given all the variables of the system - this natural to ALL systems in nature.

This perfect performance state is called "The Even Flow" in EMO and we find this at +10.

Just as a person's systems will spring into action to cool someone on a hot day, or to heat them on a cold day, or to repair an injury in the body, so all the energy systems with which EMO deals have that same inbuilt drive towards the Even Flow - the perfect +10 state of being for that system.

  • So the practitioner and the client are being supported by the laws of the Universe, as manifest in the client's mind, body and spirit most practically, in their efforts to restore the Even Flow and produce a healing event.

As in EMO, the changes that are sought are always and ONLY to get the very best you can out of the system you've got, and that is highly individual to every client exactly how, where and when that works out, this intention is perfectly aligned between the practitioner, the client, AND all the systems of the client.

It is this alignment in the "right direction" between everyone involved that produces a tremendous sense of "rightness", of lifting, and of forward momentum TOWARDS the Even Flow that is more than the sum of its parts.

4. When the EMO practitioner meets the client, they are taught to look for the client's creative template. This is to avoid choosing the wrong outcome for the client and to work towards their own personal optimal conditions at this time instead.

5. Structurally in EMO, the client AND the practitioner keep their focus and attention on the problem and the desire to solve it throughout the treatment by the practitioner asking questions and thereby, directing BOTH THEIRS AND THEIR CLIENTS ATTENTION to those places in the energy that need healing.

6. It is in this exchange of information, the question and answer format that keeps the attention directed in the right places and controls the attitude of consciousness throughout the session that the "client - practitioner DANCE" arises that will take the client to a time and place and a state where they can experience the event of healing.

7. The outcome for the client/practitioner dance is the energized end state which is experienced by BOTH the practitioner AND the client in their own way and rewards both, as well as informing both that the healing event has been reached, and the session has been completed.

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