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Energized End State

Energized End State

The Energized End State is the outcome of EMO, when a person's energy system reaches a +10.

The Energized End State

Especially where emotional problems are concerned, people have thought up to now that the best you can hope for is "peace".

A cessation of pain, for the pain to stop or at least to lessen to the extent that a person can "get on with life".

This is the same for people suffering from anger outbursts, or those who have suffered bereavement, loss and heartache; people who are emotionally damaged, or are living with constant pain from sadness and depression.

  • Up until today, there are still literally millions of people, even healing professionals, who do not know that you can CHANGE HUMAN EMOTIONS by changing the conditions in the energy body.

People have NO IDEA that there are practical, simple, fully tested and proven techniques such as Energy Tapping and EMO that really do change emotions and "take the pain away". Many are deeply shocked by the very idea because they have suffered for so long, and so deeply to discover that help was available, was POSSIBLE all along - but it just wasn't known what emotions were, or how to work with emotions successfully.

So you can imagine that the fact that EMO doesn't "just" take the emotional pain away but actually MAKES YOU HAPPY is that one step too far for many people.

Yet it is so simple.

When the energy body is injured, it HURTS.

When we heal the energy body, the pain stops.

But then, energy starts to flow again, flow properly and that produces GOOD feelings - just the same as a healthy person feels good, strong, proud, and HAPPY.

It is therefore not surprising that people who have experienced EMO treatments actually experience an EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION - where there was pain, not only there is now NO PAIN, but there is - love, or joy, or delight in freedom, or simply love of life.

That is the "energized end state" - the energy flows freely through the energy body, and a person feels HAPPY.

This is not a mild form of being a little bit happy - we are talking about people who can't sit still, have to jump up and dance as the energy fills them, who laugh and smile, clap their hands and words are tumbling from them too - "This is AMAZING! Oh thank you so much, I can't believe it! I haven't felt so - free, so young, so ALIVE in YEARS!!!"

The Aim & Outcome Of All EMO Treatments Is The Energized End State

It is only when the energized end state has been achieved that an EMO treatment is really complete.

  • It is only when the energized end state has happened that a person has a REAL EXPERIENCE in their mind, in their body, in their energy system all at the same time and they KNOW THEY HAVE OVERCOME THE PROBLEM.

We also call the energized end state a Healing EVENT and/or a Star Event.

Once a healing event has occurred, and the energized end state has been experienced, that problem is officially over; IT WILL NEVER COME BACK.


The Challenge of the Energized End State

People who are used to being in therapy for decades without getting any relief from their emotional pain, AND people who have been therapists for decades and wanted to help their clients but DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS TO DO SO, find it hard to believe that you really can transform emotional pain into joy and happiness in a single session, reliably and at will.

This is as strange and new as antibiotics once were which reliably tackled infections, every time.

There is a period of adjustment necessary for both clients AND healers to learn to trust in the simplicity and truth of the EMO healing systems, simply because they've never felt anything like that before.

Many people feel so relieved when the pain stops, that's all they wanted or hoped for, and they want to walk away at that point, thinking that's the best they can get.

That is completely understandable but every time that happens, or a practitioner allows it to happen, A HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR TRUE HEALING IS LOST.

TRUE Healing is not just "not feeling pain any longer".

True healing restores the joy of life, the love of life.

And that is probably the most important message and learning we can take away from the energized end state that is the gift of EMO.


Addendum: In 2011, the idea that ANY Modern Energy treatment, using any modality or method, should produce a Star Event as the goal or outcome was introduced and since then has been standard operating procedure through the Modern Energy Chart.


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