Star Event

Star Event

A Star Event is a high energy experience that evolves the energy body to the next level. See also Energy Events and Star Matrix

In Modern Energy, we found a particular experience that had different names in the different modalities.

  • Threshold Shift in Project Sanctuary/SuperMind
  • Healing Event in Modern Energy Tapping
  • Energized End State in EMO Energy in Motion

ย However, it was always the same type of experience - a real breakthrough moment, a very special event when energy flashed up fast and powerfully, and the person experienced a true transformation in the way they felt, thought, and understood.

We now call all these events STAR EVENTS.

A particular feature of Star Events is that they are stored outside the body barrier of the energy system.

We believe that Star Events are transferred to the Soul system, and in fact are what nourishes and evolves the energy system that is the immortal soul.

Important note: All energy events can and should be transformed into a Star Event, in order to heal/evolve the energy body and to unlock the information from the event.

ย Events and Star Event


Star Events as Goals in Modern Energy

One single true Star Event can totally transform a person's life for the better.

Star Events are the goals in all Modern Energy treatments, exercises and endeavours.

The more Star Events we can collect, the more our incarnations start to sing!

Star Events are always true "enlightenment experiences."



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