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Even Flow

Even Flow

Even Flow is +10 on the Modern Energy Chart.


The Even Flow is the name given in EMO to describe a condition of the energy system when it works EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD.

In the energy world, there are certain prime laws that energy obey.

For anything to be experienced as "right" or "pleasant," things have to be IN THEIR RIGHTFUL PLACE IN TIME AND SPACE.

That is the second law of energy but also a general law of the Universe that works on all levels and in all ways.

In EMO we ask the core question, "Where does this energy need to go?" to restore something to its rightful place in time and space. With energy forms such as memories for example, even THE most traumatic memories, if they find their rightful place in time and space, become a RESOURCE rather than a life killer.

The first law of energy is that ENERGY MUST FLOW.

Just as water becomes stale, lifeless, and eventually toxic if there is no flow, so do energy forms if they become stuck and lose that all important flow which is life itself in the energy world.

This why in EMO we talk about helping energy to "soften and flow".

Even a little bit of flow is experienced as a huge relief, a cessation of pain and suffering; once the flow becomes faster and as it approaches THE EVEN FLOW, the EXACT RIGHT flow speed for that system, we begin to experience joy, and love of life, which is our NATURAL STATE OF BEING.

Where people have gone wrong in the past is to think that the Even Flow is a state of "peace" or nothingness; this is not true.

The Even Flow is happiness, it is the joy of a foal on the spring pasture; the intensity of an eagle soaring high, scanning the land below.

We are DESIGNED TO DANCE, not to sit around and stare at our own navels to achieve a form of death in life.

That is message of The Even Flow.

Seeking to establish The Even Flow for any system - human, animal, ecological, even mechanical - sets the direction towards not just doing THE RIGHT THING, but also having a good chance of experiencing these systems working like you have never experienced before, when all that was desired was "peace and quiet".

  • Even Flow is +10
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