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Creative Template

Creative Template

The Creative Template is a key concept in EMO - it is a personal map of a person's energy system in full working order as it was designed by the Creative Order.

The Creative Template

Creative Template

This is how a person or the client would have to be AT THIS TIME if all that they were born with was perfectly actualised and was working perfectly, and all systems of mind, body and spirit in Even Flow.

In other words, if a person was fully at their own +10, how would they present in mind, body and spirit? This is their Creative Template, the blueprint from the Creative Order for this particular person.

This Creative Template from EMO is a flowing unfoldment through time; so if the client is 30, so is the Creative Template; if they are 65, the Creative Template is the expression or vision of that person if they were absolutely healthy, absolutely perfect and with all their Creator given faculties fully online at age 65, no younger, no older.

  • So the EMO practitioner learns to DIRECT THEIR ATTENTION and to TAKE AN ATTITUDE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, even for a moment, not on what is there now, but what should have been there, instead, to get an idea - a target or goal! - what they are moving towards, what they and the client are trying to achieve in their work.

Please note: The *temporal* aspect of the Creative Template being EXACTLY the same age as the person who is seeking healing and a healing movement TOWARDS THE EVEN FLOW, whatever that may be for them specifically, is extremely important.

The reason this is so important is that when we are dealing with trauma, pain, energetic injuries, "bad memories" and so forth the natural tendency for people as it stands is to "to try and turn back the clock" to a state of being from BEFORE the event ever took place.

This attempt to make time go backwards is deeply UNNATURAL and is resisted at a very profound level by ALL SYSTEMS - physical and otherwise - which ONLY KNOW HOW TO GO FORWARD by nature.

  • All and every natural system, everything in the Creative Order, has this inbuilt drive to go FORWARD.

When people attempt to contravene that natural movement and stop time, or try to turn back time on natural systems, a truly dreadful conflict comes into being that is absolutely irreconcilable and damages the systems profoundly, making matters for the client even worse, and making any attempts at healing and therapy unnecessarily hard, difficult, and in the long run, entirely doomed to failure as nature will always re-assert itself - it can do no other than to follow with the Universal program, go with the Universal laws and move FORWARD.

  • By looking at the Creative Template, the infinite self of perfection in Even Flow AT THIS EXACT MOMENT IN TIME, both the client and the practitioner are given a goal and something to work towards that is right โ€“ OF THE RIGHT TIME, AND MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

This collapses the "fight against nature" which man cannot ever win, no matter what they think, and the treatment of EMO becomes what it is, easy, natural and surprising in its joy and RIGHTNESS.

There are many other practical applications of using the Creative Template, in conflict resolution, in teaching, counseling and healing, caring for a sick relative, and especially in parenting and this works both in self help, working with the current self or past aspects, as well as when dealing with others.

The Creative Template is one of the core concepts of EMO.




    • Original Description:ย Living Energy, EMO Vol.2, 2004


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