EMO Energy In Motion

EMO Energy In Motion

What is EMO Energy In Motion?

The EMO Primer can be found here.

EMO Energy In Motion was created by Silvia Hartmann in 2002 to bring together the principles of MODERN Energy.ย 

Originally called EmoTrance, the system describes for the first time emotions as the feedback devices for the energy body and defines the 6th Sense.ย 

EMO is based on energy relationships (Energetic Relationships) rather than on static assesssments or models of the energy system.ย 

In order for there to be energy flow, there has to relationship; and it is the connection or flow between systems that defines their operations.ย 

Unlike ancient and historic energy approaches, in EMO we humans rely on our own 6th Sense and intelligence to track the movement of energy and to change it where this is possible.ย 

This leads to unique, real time interventions based on direct, first hand experience.ย 

Modern Energy as set out in EMO Energy In Motion includes the essential Laws of Energy, and creates a situation where absolutely everything can be re-engineered with 6 senses in mind, rather than just five.ย 

EMO leads to an extraordinary proliferation of approaches, methods and techniques, all of which are humane, energy positive and extremely logical.ย 

EMO is the core engine behind the Energy Body Chart, The SUE Scale, Energy Nutrition, Energy Events, Energy Relationships, Entities, The Aspects Model, PowerFields, and much, much more besides.ย 

As EMO represents a true paradigm shift, it is a challenge to the old guard of the New Age with its direct, logical and replicable practical approaches which combine love and logic in energy for modern human beings.ย 

For further information, please see EMO Energy In Motion by Silvia Hartmann.

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