Environmental Energy

Environmental Energy

Introduction to Environmental Energy

Environmental Energy

An Introduction To Environmental Energy

There is an interesting circle in the understanding of the effects of invisible fields and energies on health, prosperity, well being and Even Flow, as far as the human race is concerned.

A very long time ago, the existence of such energetic entities were taken for granted and so the older forms of societies all have ways and means to firstly determine what the โ€œenergetic lay of the landโ€ is like, and secondly, to act accordingly and sensibly.

I am sure you are familiar with Feng Shui, which is such a system.

Then, for some obscure reason, this knowledge seems to have been entirely forgotten and relegated to the unconscious; i.e. an individual may have been house hunting or even hunting for a spot to put their house and finding themselves guided to a โ€œcertain placeโ€ automatically or, conversely, rejecting another; but there were no direct societal structures, acknowledgement or trainings for such things in the Western World and their colonised places on Earth.

It was not really until experiments with x-rays, and then later, with radioactive substances, revealed positively how incredibly destructive invisible things can actually be, that the Western World began their slow track back to the original respect and acceptance of invisible fields and their effects on the living.

Some examples of environmental energy occurrences:

  • HARTMANN Grids
  • BENKER Cubes
  • CURRY Diagonal Nets
  • Schumann Waves (representing the biological tuning mechanism of the earth. The waveโ€™s frequency is distorted by steel and concrete buildings.)
  • Natural Energy Sinks & Wells
  • Artificial Energy Objects (Standing Stones, Channels, radio towers, other human interventions)
  • Lay Lines (geographical "earth meridians" following the lay of the land)
  • Emanations from existing natural phenomena (underground water courses, geographic fault and tension lines, underground volcanic channels, caves etc)
  • Human created energy emitters and energy distortions

Today, it is fairly widely accepted that there is such a thing as โ€œsick building syndromeโ€ and that strong electro-magnetic fields can affect immune system functioning.

Obviously, environmental energy goes a whole lot further than that and deals not just with such obvious and measurable candidates, but the invisible and immeasurable realities of the energy dimensions as well.

All energy magic techniques are designed to interface an individual directly and in consciousness with the existing internal and external energetic (non-visible) realities and replaces devices, such as a pendulum, dowsing rod or Geiger counter, with internal feedback systems instead.

Using your own existing forms of internal feedback systems has numerous advantages over the use of implements.

In the end, no implement can be as flexible as our own neurology, nor as portable or instantly accessible; this is already so for the Hard and the Connector Planes, but even more so when we get to working with the High Energy Levels and beyond into the Silent Space. Tools simply cannot work there anymore.

Further, the graduation of input has the potential to develop to infinity โ€“ thereโ€™s more than enough redundancy in our neurology to do this.

It is extremely important that we go back and learn to use these existing perceptual systems to their fullest extent, that we get to know them most intimately and this is best accomplished by working with them as directly as possible and without the added confusion of an outside tool and its relevant meanings, connotations, thoughts, memories and energetic imprinting which it by needs must bring to the process.

Lastly, the ability to directly interface with energy systems within your own awareness is of course, the ultimate key to then reach out, touch, leverage and change these energy systems.

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