Harmony Program

Harmony Program

The Harmony Program by Silvia Hartmann 1993 is the foundation for and precursor of The Modern Energy Chartย and The SUE Scale.ย 

The Harmony Program is the name of a thesis researched and modelled by Silvia Hartmann between 1987 and 1993. The Harmony Program was derived from working with animal behaviour problems, specifically extreme behaviour problems in companion animals such as dogs, cats and horses.

The core of the Harmony Program revolves around the recognition that there are energy exchanges between social mammals which are crucial to their health and wellbeing; if these energy exchanges were disrupted or absent, severe psychological disorders would manifest that would also turn into physical disorders, denoting a previously unrecognised major stressor on the system.

Silvia Hartmann devised methods and techniques to test the theory that there are energy exchanges taking part between social mammals ("invisible non-material communication") by developing strategies to provide the afflicted animals suffering from a range of extreme behavioural disorders, such as self mutilation, rage syndrom, and animal autism, with beneficial energy forms to alleviate the stress caused by the absence of these energy forms.

In order to provide animals with the requisite energy forms, a complete turn around in caretaking strategies was required.

The first was to recognise that these "invisible" energy exchanges really exist and that they are the DIRECT CAUSE for the disturbed behaviour in the animals;

The second was to re-learn to direct focussed attention energy of a positive and unconditional (i.e. non-judgemental) nature onto a target - in these cases, an animal suffering from attention seeking related high end behavioural problems;

The third was to re-learn to recognise and provide attention-energy when it was being asked for (what we now call "filling the need of a system").

These strategies proved to be highly effective in "magically" "curing" high end behavioural problems in social mammals that did not have a physical origin (such as underlying illness, food allergies, insane environments etc.).

It became immediately clear to the researchers of that time that the Harmony Program appies to social mammals across the board and including human beings; that the "nutritious" energy exchanges that would naturally take place "in the wild" between members of a social species were being systemically disrupted by human structures of societal conduct, and thought models which include the incredible idea that by witholding from a system what it needs, it would somehow "grow up stronger".

The Harmony Program and the learnings about the energetic exchanges between social mammals and their own species, other species and the environment at large, as well as the vast topic of Energetic Relationships which are formed between all social mammals and including human beings between each other and their environments, lays the basis for all energy magic and the "code of conduct" inherently present in all of Dr Hartmann's work.

The Harmony Program proves that it is possible to heal certain problems in social mammals and including people, with an energy form of unconditional attention, which might as well be called "love".



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