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Altering Events - A Huge Improvement

EvP, EFT & EMO Practitioner Teri Howlett discusses why she considers Events Psychology a huge improvement in client care, and tells the story of her experiences with standard psychology and counselling, "After a year I quit and got a rescue dog, the dog was a lot better that the psychologist."

Event psychology is an exciting new way to help troubled clients. Healing them by working with them to change past events in their life, enabling them to move forward to greater happiness. Past events exist only in our memories. They affect our current decisions.

These events can be altered to improve our lives. This is done by evolving the event carefully ensuring that the client is not stressed, changing the event to have a very good outcome, this is a very pleasant experience. The client will know the event has been changed, and can if they want remember the unchanged event, but it is natural to prefer the better outcome.

When an event is evolved the assumptions or Meta Comment which were made at the time of the event, will also change. The evolved event can have a positive effect on a clientโ€™s life


A client has an energy body in addition to their physical body, a client who has a bad experience or an injury, cannot heal well until their energy is also healed. Within their energy body, the matrix of their life events is stored. When these events are evolved to have a very good outcome, the clientโ€™s energy will heal for that event providing a very pleasant experience. An effective event evolution, will also ripple back to the present.


In a past event the person who is having the event is a younger aspect of the client, this aspect is less experienced and different from the current client. If the younger aspectโ€™s life is improved, the improvement will affect all future aspects from that point in time.


E.g. an early event where an aspect has a bad experience when stopped by the police, ends with a Meta Comment โ€œI hate policemenโ€

This affects all future aspects of the client and may cause other potential problems with police. If the original event is changed to prevent the bad experience with police from happening, and to make the police in the event helpful and friendly. (If this has happened more than once the event evolution would be one of many.)

The energy will change, giving the client pleasure. The Meta comment will change To โ€œThe police are friendly and helpfulโ€

Now all future aspects will understand that police can be friendly and helpful, and they will be polite to police, avoiding problems. If there are other past problems with police leading to arrest and imprisonment. The ripple through of the changed event within his matrix, will change his attitude to police. If he has been imprisoned for injuring a policeman, he will regret injuring him and accept that he should have been imprisoned. At this stage, it is now necessary to work with him to evolve the events, around the crime and imprisonment.

Using Event Psychology provides a speedy improvement path for the client, The treatment is very pleasing for both the client and the practitioner as it is very effective, also as the energy changes both the client and the practitioner feel the enjoyable benefit of the energy movement.

Huge Improvement

This is a huge improvement on conventional psychology where the client is treated as if they are ill, and scheduled in for a long course of treatment, and drugs, which is usually stressful, and rarely prevents reoccurrence of the problem, since the energy is not healed.

Conventional psychology does not understand energy, and refers to the energy body as the sub conscious, regarded as out of the control, but controlling the conscious mind. They see problems with the subconscious as needing a long time in therapy. The client also suffers a stigma as their medical records will reflect mental illness.

My experience with Psychology

I know from my own experience, when I fell apart after the death of my husband. I sought help and was referred to a psychiatrist for assessment.

I disliked the bored psychiatrist on sight. He noticed and asked me why I didnโ€™t like him. I could have spent a while telling him, but I restrained and said that I didnโ€™t trust him, as he had too much power to do unpleasant things to patients.

He asked why I thought that. I told him I had visited my father when he was in a mental hospital, and met a young lady patient in there with a breakdown. She was likeable and vulnerable. The next visit she was inarticulate had no self respect and was holding her backside. I had inquired and was told she had had electric shock treatment.

I told him, I still believe that happens, and people like him authorise it.

He was surprised and admitted it was true. He said he had to assess me to see if I was suicidal, when I would be admitted. I said I am not suicidal, but I would definitely become so if put in an institution.

He said I was definitely very sane, and referred me for counselling.

The counsellor was a psychologist, a nice caring person, I saw him for a year. He helped me a bit.

After a year I quit and got a rescue dog, the dog was a lot better that the psychologist.

I was still very upset and barely able to function, until I discovered EFT. Using Meridian energy I lifted the grief from me, and became an EFT practitioner. Later I learnt EMO and learnt a lot more about energy it healed me it changed my life.

Now Event Psychology is healing the parts I couldnโ€™t reach or find.

The knowledge of events matrices is very liberating.

Teri Howlett


Events Psychology

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