GoE Standard Membership Now Available!

GoE Standard Membership Now Available!

The GoE is now pleased to offer a "Standard Membership" alongside our other levels of membership to the association. Standard members (formerly associate members) will receive benefits such as their quarterly copy of The Energist journal magazine.

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In the last few years, the energy scene has really burst out of the therapy room. We're seeing all vocations embrace GoE energy courses, from teachers and nurses to currency traders and business owners.

Now that The GoE is attracting more and more people through our trainings that haven't come from or are going to a therapy profession, we've created a new class of membership called โ€œStandard Membershipโ€ which includes subscription to our printed journal magazine, The Energist, alongside a number of other benefits. Anyone can subscribe to Standard Membership, which is currently priced at just ยฃ30.00/year.

Professional Members of The GoE receive all the benefits of Standard Membership plus many more that are suited to working practitioners and trainers, including license to practice, discounted insurance and referrals by telephone or online.

For full-information on all the benefits of the three types of GoE membership and how to join/upgrade click here.

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