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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 77 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Are you looking for something to do?

Are you looking for something to do?

Are you looking for something to do? Well we have lots of options for you from FREE Courses to the BRAND NEW Star Matrix Master Course personally tutored by Silvia Hartmann.


FREE Learningย 

r(E)volution - A FREE 73 page eBook, filled With Essential Modern Energy Information.

GoE Library - Full of free content including eBooks, guided meditations, conference presentations and all copies of the Energist Magazineย (GoE Members)

Sunday Live - Watch the complete collection of live streams with GoE President Silvia Hartmann including energy exercises and latest news from the GoE.

The Power Of The Positives - Starts Monday 23rd March - FREE Online Course.ย Join Silvia Hartmann live and online for a weekly 12 part free course on The Power of the Positives!ย ย 


On-line Foundation Level Courses

The Energy Course - A five unit online video course presented by GoE President Silvia Hartmann. It is suitable for you if you are interested in how Modern Energy approaches can work for you. Presented over four hours of online training, this course covers: EMO Energy in Motion, MET Modern Energy Tapping, SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity and MSM Modern Stress Management.

The Money Course - Take YOUR MONEY!!! Life To The Next Level! Includes the complete program of four full length video presentations by Silvia Hartmann, over 32 MONEY!!! themed exercises, a comprehensive online course manual, certification and The GoE Modern Energy Foundation Course as a special bonus.

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation - A live training or a distance learning course. You'll discover inspiring exercises, tips and techniques, and is the perfect course for energy tapping beginners, or for professionals looking to learn the updated tapping method.

ย Modern Stress Management Foundation - A four unit, one day live or Skype training that teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to tackle stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups.

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On-line Professional Level Courses

All GoE Trainers are licensed to teach Professional Level Courses remotely using technology like Skype or Zoom.ย 

If you head to our Courses pages and click the Live Trainings link on the course of your choice, youโ€™ll see whatโ€™s on offer. You can also contact your favourite trainer to ask what courses they can offer you to suit your needs.

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Train with Silvia Hartmann

The start date for the next Star Matrix Master Course is the 20th April 2020. This amazing course is a perfect choice in our current times. This course will revolutionise the way you think about yourself and give you the power to raise your energy average.

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Do you love ENERGY?ย Do you love working with energy, playing with energy, talking about energy and discovering more about Modern Energy?

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