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Autism Report

Autism Report

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Kelly Burch has written this rather fabulous article, reporting into her work with autism, flower essences and the energy-body-stress chart.

Read the article in full...

Autism And Energy

The Energy Body

Every human has an energy body. It's an invisible system that is associated with emotions as well as physical sensations without physical cause. This system has been used to treat a variety of different conditions and has been involved in wellness in many ancient cultures. The energy body has been the focus of many different methods and attempts to discover more about how this system works and how we can use it for our best benefit.

Energy Body Stress

There exists such a thing as Energy Body Stress, researched and discovered by Silvia Hartmann. This was found to be expressed in a person in different symptoms such as challenges in communication, coordination, connection to others, compassion, clarity, and self-belief. The symptoms worsening as the Energy Body Stress increases.

With an increase in Energy Body Stress, any normal happy and healthy person becomes irritable, disconnected from others, uses more force or effort than is necessary, becomes overly sensitive, and makes irrational decisions.

The Energy Body Stress Table

-10 So much stress damage that the system shuts down and does not restore itself (catatonia)

-9 Very, very high stress, triggers a temporary shut down of the totality (epileptic fit, panic attack followed by unconsciousness)

-8 Very high stress causes extremely severe disturbances (self mutilation, autism, blind rage, "going berserk," "madness")

-7 Very high stress causing extreme disturbances (extreme temper tantrums, self abuse, schizophrenic metaphors, "crazy ideas")

-6 High stress causing high disturbances (temper tantrums, high end addictions, illogical thinking, immediate gratification, unstable, highly egocentric)

-5 Full stress causing the symptoms normally associated with stress (irritability, inability to concentrate, not incontrol of thoughts and memories, communication failures, inability to enter rapport with another, social, mental and physical malfunctioning)

-4 General stress (lapses in ability to control thoughts, emotions and behaviour, lack of long term planning ability, overexcited, overly(...), stubborn, closed mind, impaired communication skills)

-3 Medium stress (talking, thinking and moving too fast, trying to do too much, putting in more effort than the situation requires, lack of empathy)

-2 Low stress (slight impairment in emotional control, not entirely “clear” on future goals and current situations, slight impairment in social skills)

-1 Very low stress (occasional infrequent flashes of uninvited thoughts and negative internal representations)

0 No stress (calm, tranquil, peaceful, no action required, resting, relaxing)

+1 Very low energy flow (neutral, aware, occasional flashes of positive/interesting internal representations and emotions)

+2 Low energy flow (vague sense of potential, hope, feeling like "waking up from a sleep")

+3 Medium energy flow (sense of wellness, feeling ok, smiling, beginning to move, enjoying the present)

+4 Improving energy flow (breathing deeply, increased body awareness, more movement, feeling good, starting to think about the future, able and willing to communicate freely)

+5 General energy flow (feeling wide awake, happy, ready for action, wanting to take action, wanting to interact and communicate)

+6 Faster energy flow (feeling exciting physical sensations, more expansive thinking, feeling personally powerful, feeling excited, enjoying communication, high social awareness)

+7 Very fast energy flow (re-thinking and re-organising concepts, expanded awareness, feeling powerful positive emotions, feeling alive, feeling love)

+8 High energy flow (picking up personal power, feeling delighted, making new decisions, very fast and very logical thinking, high social abilities of rapport and communication)

+9 Very high energy flow (delighted, unable to sit still, tingling all over, very excited, joyful, actively loving)

+10 Optimal energy flow (enlightenment experience, unconditional love)


In learning about Energy Body Stress in my training as an energist, I gained some clarity relating to various times of my own life where I had behaved 'badly', 'irrationally', 'crazily'. I understood at those times what was going on for me had contributed to my levels of Energy Body Stress and led to my behaviour.

 I also wondered whether there was any role of Energy Body Stress in autism. I had several friends who had children with autism and the description of symptoms had me curious. Autism kept showing up coincidentally until my curiosity got too great and I decided to focus on it more.

Autism seemed somewhat of a mystery to me. There seemed to be no physical problem across the board that was what the autism symptoms corresponded to. What was 'broken' in an autistic person? I had no idea. And it seemed that medical professionals were unclear on this also. The testing for autism did not test any element of the physical body, but related to how a person behaved socially and how they spoke and played.

I knew that a person who was under Energy Body Stress could potentially:


  • Struggle to connect to other people
  • Find themselves feeling overwhelmed by stimulus
  • Have strong persistent and 'loud' repetitive thoughts
  • Seek out ways to escape from challenging stimulus


So a question kept swirling through my thoughts:

 Would reducing Energy Body Stress have an impact upon symptoms of autism?

A Project

I decided to put my theory to the test by using the energy healing method of flower essences. Flower essences are liquid drops taken orally which contain the energetic essence of flowers. Each flower has its own energetic signature and benefits relating to emotional and energetic wellbeing.

I began a project that I dubbed 'Essences For Autism', whereby I committed to donating 100 blends of flower essences to families with autistic children.

  • All 100 blends were gratefully taken up by interested families within the space of roughly 4 months.

  • Of those 100 blends, 86 were for autistic children, and 14 were supportive blends for a parent of the autistic child.

  • With the reports from the parents, there were 86 different snapshots of autism.

  • Each of the 100 flower essence blends were unique to the recipient.



I established a reliable and repeatable method to create the flower essence blends, ensuring that as much as possible that the conditions were the same each time. I ensured that myself, my space and my equipment were clear and ready. Each child received a 25mL bottle of flower essences, containing a preservative of a solution of brandy and water, and drops of the prescribed flower essences that I created with intuition.

My intention when making each blend was:


Create the perfect blend of essences to support this child with their symptoms of autism and allow them to be more in line with their true self, letting go of what is not part of who they really are.

I had no preconceived ideas as to how any particular child 'should be' and what behaviour was wrong or right. For example, who am I to say that a person should not be sensitive to textures, if that is their true expression. This open-mindedness was one positive when it came to my lack of experience with autism. I was working purely for the benefit of the child, not mine or anyone else's expectations of what traits should be 'got rid of'.

I believe that all humans are innately good, and that contributors such as Energy Body Stress can make any of us become bad, mean or crazy. I believe that circumstances, experience and Energy Body Stress can 'create' that in a person. I also believe that being loving, compassionate, connected and joyful is the potential of us all; the result of having free flowing energy states (the inverse of Energy Body Stress).

With various things contributing to Energy Body Stress, there is the potential for all shades of that spectrum at any given moment: Any normal human being could be bad or good, depending on where they are at on the Energy Body Stress table. 

If there happened to be a lack of change with a person's symptoms of Energy Body Stress, it could easily be determined that these symptoms are who this person is and these are their permanent characteristics. This is likely to be why a permanent diagnosis could be made by a professional, who typically has no awareness of the energy system (according to science it does not exist), nor of the fluctuations that are possible for all of us. Once the diagnosis has been made, the official stance being that there is no such thing as a cure for autism, only misdiagnosis, if a child is seen to recover or improve.

Blend Creation

So as each blend was intuited and created, I began to see very interesting things. Firstly, it should be understood that if a flower essence remedy shows up as being required, we can assume that there is an associated need for that remedy in relation to their difficulties.

For example, if a person is completely confident in themselves, there would be no call for a remedy in the area of enhancing confidence. If a remedy of that type was taken, there would be no change unless there was an energetic blockage relating to confidence.

Due to this, within this project when a remedy showed up as being needed, I understood that this was a reflection of the energetic state of that child, what was troubling them, and what was needed – what their energy system was 'calling for'.

Although each child was unique in their blend of essences, as well as their symptoms, there were some patterns soon showing up:

  • Children that were aggressive were tending to call for flower essences relating to fear.

  • Children that were without speech were tending to call for flower essences relating to their self-expression or uncertainty with people.

  • Children that were having trouble sleeping were tending to call for flower essences relating to relaxing active minds.

  • Children that had persistent behaviours were tending to call for flower essences to encourage change.

  • Some of the fearful children (by way of being scared of being away from mum, or scared of other people), had extremely difficult births, involving force, shock or separation.

  • Also the more depth of difficulty relating to emotional pain, the more likely it was that the essence was recommended (intuitively) to be taken in the evening only.


It was a fascinating experience in the creation of these blends. I loved every minute of it, and I had not even known if they would be effective or not at that time!

Each blend was created and then delivered by mail, or in-person depending on the location.


I stopped searching for patterns when it became clear that the experiences themselves did not necessarily indicate a particular energetic injury. I could never say that “every aggressive child is scared”, or “every speech issue relates to self-expression”. I simply observed the blends with curiosity and provided what was asked for by their energy systems.

When it came to patterns, these expressions of autism symptoms were seeming to be the same case as in every day life when it came to energy blockages: Five people could witness a car accident and only one might retain an energetic blockage as a result. Or two children raised in the same home with the same parents and the same diet and education can have a totally different self-view and feeling relating to their childhood.

We are all unique individuals and from this experience, I was grateful and proud to be a professional in the field of energy work which sees each person as the individual they are, with their own unique needs. There's no one-size-fits-all approach in energy work.

With 86 instances of autism, with zero identical matches of symptoms, experiences, and required remedies, it was a good clear indication that each autistic child needs a unique brand of support.

Collecting Data

A parent knows their child best. To best determine the child's beginning state and also to note any changes, I had the parent (or carer) rate the child on the topics of: speech, ability to connect to others, ability to cope with changes or unexpected experiences, sleep, sensitivity to food/textures/clothing/smell/noise, concentration, general mood, recognition of their own needs, recognition of others' needs, coordination, and following instructions. The ratings were based on the Subjective Units of Experience Scale (SUE Scale) which ranges from -10 (strong negative feeling or high difficulty) to +10 (strong positive feeling or high ease), with 0 in between (neutral).

SUE Scale SUE Scale


The ratings were given prior to starting the flower essence dose (what could be considered as 'baseline' expression of the child's symptoms of autism) and upon completion. These ratings were collected with an online form, in the format of “In would rate my child's ______ as..”.

 For each child whose parents provided completion ratings, I noted the difference between their starting rating of various topics as well as the completion rating. For ease of comparison on the impact of the flower essences, I combined all of their (13) baseline ratings, and combined all of the completion ratings to get two figures for each child. If the completion ratings were higher, this was considered as an indication of improvement. The greater the difference between baseline and completion, the greater the noticeable improvement.

Results & Conclusion

From the data collected:

  • 85.7% of children showed improvement of combined ratings from baseline to completion.

  • 100% of children showed improvement from baseline ratings to completion in at least one topic area.

  • 95% of parents would either use flower essences again and/or recommend them to others as support in autism.

The results are exciting and demonstrate the effectiveness of energy techniques. I concluded that:


Energy techniques with the intention of reducing Energy Body Stress do reduce the severity of symptoms of autism.


Children were reported as changing noticeably by way of how they are behaving, connecting to others, sleeping, eating, and feeling. Some parents are reporting how they are feeling far less stressed as a result. Children who have been 'prickly' are being more affectionate. Fussy eaters are being introduced to new foods. Entire families are feeling the positive effects. Parents are commenting that they are grateful for progress they are seeing in their children that they never expected.

Quotes From Parents 

“By day three he was going to bed easily and falling asleep faster. We found it a nice change from the 5-10 getting up sessions he would have prior to starting the essences.”

“His concentration levels have improved. Even his teacher has commented on how much better he seems to be doing.” 

“He calls essences 'magic drops'.”

“It's almost like he's made a developmental leap! His anxiety around a number of issues has decreased to the extent that he has started to learn to ride his bike (would do just about anything to avoid it until now).”

“He's being a bit braver with food. He is now eating carrot and broccoli with no fuss whatsoever and I'm about to go crazy and start the long haul to introduce a new vegetable!” 

“He is calmer, responds better to requests, and initiates interaction more than he used to.”

“He seems to have calmed down a bit and his speech has improved.”

“We noticed a real shift in her. It was almost like she had a release. She seemed more happy and content. We noticed her just being happy again which was really wonderful.” 

“She has got that shine back into her face and generally is happier.”

“It's quite amazing that one little bottle could change one little girl so much.”

“She has started to grab our hand and lead us to what she is wanting. This has never happened before. Still non verbal but this is a positive step.”

“I enjoyed seeing him like himself again and appear comfortable within his own skin.”

“He liked them and called them his 'happy drops', so to me this indicated that he felt better for taking them. It was a positive experience for us.”

“Overall he has become more open. He has started to see a physiologist and also speech therapist where before he did not want to see anyone. He is calmer with his sitters and family members. He is not feeling like he is a victim.”

“I feel it has helped him wonderfully.”

“He's been playing more with children at kindergarten.”

“Less meltdowns and better sleep. Less stress!”

“I feel a bit more confident that he may do okay at big school next year.”

“Her tantrums have calmed right down! She is more open to touch from others (kids and adults). She won't respond still but doesn't recoil either like before. She's also more loving with my husband and I, telling us she loves us and initiating the hugs more.”

“I've been less stressed, more willing to take her out in public because I felt like I could handle her easier, because she IS easier!”

“I admit I was a little apprehensive about trialling her on something I wasn't going to have myself, but I am very glad I took the leap. There is definitely a change in her and me for the better.” 

“He now sleeps through the night and rarely wakes, unless it's to go to the toilet. Previously it was only on a rare occasion that he slept all night. And getting more sleep has done wonders for me in all aspects of my life!”

“Less anxiety. Clearer in her thinking which meant calming down was easier, including calming down from meltdowns. Meltdowns were reduced. Less stimming. Went to sleep quicker.” 

“Became a more confident talker. Teachers commented on improved talking.” 

“I don't know if it is related to the drops but during the time he was taking them, his imagination seemed to flourish, which had been limited which is common with autism.” 

“Early on in the essences he had a dry night time nappy for one of the few times in his life! He seems to sleep longer in the morning now. My theory is that he spends his waking time in 'high alert' hence sleeping heavily (even through bed wetting if no nappy on) and wakes really early and is unable to resettle once stirred. The essences have calmed his general state.”

“Slight improvement in sensory sensitivity being less pronounced.”

“I asked him if they made a difference and he said “Yep! They actually helped me calm down when I was having anxiety the other night, grandma!”, and he said it also helped him feel a bit happier!” 

“We noticed improvement in moods and behaviour from about day 3.” 

“Less clingy, not crying as much, more positive approach to social situations, coping better overall, better sleep patterns.”

“I feel so much more positive toward my child, enjoying his company and having more energy to do things. Whereas before his behaviours were so draining. I feel great to have found something that works for him after so long!”

“Our son has made progress in his life that we never expected and he is starting to feel good about himself after such a long period of negativity.”


Further Thoughts On Energy Body Stress

As well as Energy Body Stress and energy system blockages specifically contributing to that, I have seen in my own experiences for myself and with my children that many other things can contribute to Energy Body Stress: Poor sleep and tiredness, ill health, pain, insufficient nutrition, requiring more support/attention/love than is given, developmental changes, new routines, parental personal stress, relationship stress between the parents, moving house, environmental stress (noise, smells, chemicals, clutter), unexpected experiences, and much more. 

Simply living in a life that does not nurture one's true self can also increase Energy Body Stress. Consider a job or task that you may have had that was feeling as though it was 'sapping the life from you', compared to another task where you were so excited about it that you barely slept or ate and bounced from place to place. One is draining, one is energising and nourishing. The difference is energy, not personal discipline or an ability to 'get on with it'. While energy is not seen, it allows itself to be felt and known more strongly than we might realise.

This understanding of the outward appearance of Energy Body Stress, as well as the seriousness of how it can transform a person, made me wonder if this was precisely why it was the case that there seemed to be no pattern in the theories of physical causes of autism.

 There seemed to be as many people saying that immunisation contributed to autism as there were saying that it has NOT contributed. Why or how could there be such a split of this argument? Why do only some children who are immunised become autistic?

Similar questions about other areas that have been explored for autism symptoms: Why do only some children have autistic symptoms when they have wheat and dairy in their diets? (and a subsequent reduction when it is removed) Why do some autistic children have wheat or dairy removed from their diets and still have autistic symptoms persist? Why do only some children's symptoms of autism reduce when they take probiotics?

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

To me, the role of our unique energy systems and the concept of Energy Body Stress is the missing piece of the puzzle.

The process of immunisation may cause a noticeable impact by way of one child's Energy Body Stress levels, but not another's. Some children's symptoms of Energy Body Stress may be reduced significantly with dietary changes alone, but is not the case for all, if they have other significant factors causing Energy Body Stress. Taking care of gut health may be highly reducing of Energy Body Stress in one child, but not another whose Energy Body Stress is caused by other things.

The missing piece, that makes sense of “Why is this not the case for all?” is what is going on within the energy system. If we look beyond the mechanism of a human body processing food, or a human body receiving an injection, we begin to have awareness of an energy system (which has recorded every experience we have ever had from conception and beyond), and is playing out in how we feel and respond.

 This is also why treating the energy body may further assist a child who has already undergone therapies as well as dietary changes with some improvement, but not significant change. There may well be a whole 'rest of the iceberg' hiding beneath the surface that is not necessarily seen but is contributing to challenges.

Given that flower essences are non-toxic, natural, can be added to drinks, do not require a change in routine or interaction with a person that they do not know, and are affordable, they are an easy choice of energy system support.

Misdiagnosis & Clarity

This understanding may inspire the question:

Are symptoms of High Energy Body Stress being diagnosed as autism?

If we aim to treat Energy Body Stress symptoms by way of supporting the mind, body and spirit of a person, will we potentially learn more about 'true' autism, rather than having this currently increasing epidemic with no clear way forward? Perhaps it is the case that symptoms of true autism would have no change by way of energy treatment, and that autism symptoms that can be eased or is improved by reduction of Energy Body Stress could potentially be something else.

The approach to autism symptoms needs to cover mind, body and spirit, on an individual level. Each human is an entire system needing to be in supportive harmony for the positive outcomes that tend to happen when we see symptoms as messages of imbalance and treat them directly. Autism on a whole is describing a WHOLE system issue, and as such requires a whole system approach to treatment; mind, body and spirit.

This experience has confirmed that flower essences are one way to nourish the spirit part of the triad and treat the energetic contributors to autism (or autism-like as it may be) symptoms. I look forward to a future where the energy body is incorporated with standard understanding or treatment of a child who is having difficulty for no clear reason.

Kelly Burch
February 2014


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