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Just Go With The Flow! - Energy EFT Case Story

Just Go With The Flow! - Energy EFT Case Story

Here's an inspirational case story from Energy EFT Master Practitionerย Fiona Dilston, that proves when dealing with issues of chaos and being overwhelmed, you just need to go with the flow, keep tapping and you can still reach those magical positives.

Read on for the full story...

A Homeopathy patient of mine (who I will call Jane) Facebook messaged me saying that she was not coping very well and needed an urgent appointment. She is a mum of four children under ten, with three of those under five. After a short discussion I asked her if she was willing to try EFT and she replied with an unequivocal yes! So we set up a Skype call for that evening, ostensibly when the children would be in bed!

I asked her to tell me what was going on and her reply was "There is too much going on and not enough happening, nothing is happening. There is so much to do, I look around and it is a mess....it is like trying to sweep treacle. My husband works forty hours a week but has a forty five minute commute each way and he is out of the house two or three nights a week. I am the only person who wants us to move house and there is no help. The dishwasher is broken and the electrics are broken ...what's the point ? No-one cares. "

Energy EFT Tapping Children KidsWe began working just with the word 'Stress' to help to calm her ...and I will add at this point that she had her three year old daughter in the room with her drawing by her side. After a couple of rounds of de-stressing I asked Jane where she felt she was on the SUE Scale which I had explained to her. She identified the way she was feeling as being at -8 so we began tapping again using the phrase "Too much going on and not enough happening" ..after several rounds of that we then reassessed her place on the SUE scale and she had moved a little way up to -7 and said she felt a little bit better. I then suggested we use the phrase " Trying to sweep treacle" for our next lot of tapping. Jane began to lighten slowly as we worked this time tapping round the points ending up on the fingers saying "Sweeping treacle" After this round we had evolved on the scale to -4/5 she told me.

Our next agreed phrase was " There is no help" so we began again and it was "strangely" at this point that Jane's three year old popped up wanting to know what was going on. Jane attempted to suggest she go and find her older brother but the small girl wasn't having it so I decided to just go with the flow and encouraged her to tap too. We did a couple of different phrases " Helping Mummy" and 'Tidying up toys" and she really got into it.

Then there was a sudden popping noise from the kitchen which Jane went off to investigate. She returned telling me that a lightbulb had blown in there. She continued saying "I can deal with that ..it's just a lightbulb gone." We began tapping again having come up with the phrase "Bigger than it is" which she felt described how things were for her. We had literally had a lightbulb moment for real !! After this round of tapping Jane said she now felt she was at zero on the SUE scale.

Her small daughter then decided she wanted to breastfeed so Jane suitably rearranged herself.ย  She continued that she was "Feeling alright" so we tapped on that and evolved up to a +3. Jane's next comment was "it's all manageable" so we used that, getting up to +5/6 on the SUE scale. "It's all do-able and I can see it getting done" was what she came up with next so we decided to tap on that shortening it to "Do-able and done". At this point our smallest tapper reappeared to join in with this round which we evolved to a wonderful +8.

So ...from -8 to +8 with popping lightbulbs and breastfeeding toddlers in just about an hour. I was delighted and had tears in my eyes as I wished Jane and her daughter goodnight and turned off Skype. Jane and her daughter who's in the pictures tap regularly now

Jane writes "I was having a really bad day but looking forward to discovering more about EFT, or Tapping; friends have had fantastic results and I had read up a little but I was keen to learn more.

After an explanation and a few rounds, exploring my current issues we got my -8 feeling into a positive, then my 3year old came and sat on my lap, intrigued by what was happening - we were on Skype - she started to want to join in, so we went though the points with her and she was off! I was amazed at the concentration and accuracy she tapped with, this is a high spirited bundle who never normally stops and who has not long turned three!

We now tap together and it is beautiful, I hope the skill is one she continues to develop and use in her own times of need as well as to help others x thank you!"

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