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Case Story: Using Picture Tapping Therapy

Case Story: Using Picture Tapping Therapy

This Case Story comes from Suzanne Skeet and details a case of 'Anxiety of a friendship breakup'.

Suzanne writes: The student reports feeling that the friendship break up, she has encountered, has left her feeling confused and stuck in one place and not able to move forward. We had made progress in previous sessions using EFT but there still remained the feeling of not being able to move forward.

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When questioned she said that she felt unable to move forward as there was she never got closure when they fell out and didn't understand why the girl turned on her. She was adamant however that she had had enough of how it had left her feeling and wanted to move forward from the experience.

I then asked her "If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel then what would that picture look like" She drew the picture and then called it "Stuck" after initially calling it "Over reaction" and then changing her mind and turning the paper around.

ย How this issue makes you feel?


She described the different colours and squiggles as her confusion of why things happened and also confusion of why she has let it impact her so much and made her feel "stuck".

After completing the set up, we tapped 2 rounds on the contents of the picture and then after turning the page over I asked her "If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?" She drew this image below;

Now what do you feel like?


This image was a blue dot positioned in the middle of the page.

I asked her to give it a title and she called it "BIG" and then laughed a little and said well we can make small things big can't we. I agreed it was a great title for the image.

We then, after conducting the set up phrase, tapped a further 2 rounds. I noted that during these rounds she had moments of realisation (from her body language, words used and tone used), which she commented on once the 2 rounds were complete. She began to add humour to the words she used during the round, which she had not done before.

As I took the image away she commented that she had "wasted too much time on her" confirming my observations during the tapping rounds on this blue spot image.

Upon removing the paper and turning it upside down I then asked her "If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?"

She drew this picture and gave it the lovely title of "Freedom" . She commented on the name immediately saying that she has been held back as a result of this girl; and now she felt like she had had to grow and learn from the experience but now felt free to move on without emotions she has carried around for so long.

ย Freedom

Upon looking at this picture I asked "Does this picture represent resolution of the issue or do you think that more work is needed?" She saw this was definitely a resolution to the issue. With this in mind we went on to frame this picture with a rainbow combination of colours as this was what she thought were the perfect colours to use.

We then flooded the rainbow colours through the entire body ensuring that her heart got a double dose of these amazing colours as this is where she felt the issue. I then got her to send it out into the Universe.

We then reviewed the pictures in the order that she had drawn them and I asked her if the pictures were giving her any emotional reaction. She said she had no emotions about it at all. She felt finally free to carry on with her life without this issue and was glad to see the back of it.

I have rechecked with her today 2 weeks later, to see if there is any of the original emotion left and I happy to report that she said she has not even thought about it since and that there was nothing left emotionally at all.

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