Childhood Trauma & EMO By Proxy

Childhood Trauma & EMO By Proxy

This is an excellent case study by EMO Trainer Patricia DancingElk from Texas. The story involves childhood trauma and EMO by proxy.

Read on for the full case study...

I have been working with EMO for about a year and a half.  I went through trainers training with Sandra Hillawi in November of 2008. 

My history is that I have worked with alternative energy healing methods for over 25 years.  And, they have all served a purpose in the healing of myself and others. 

EMO has opened up new avenues of knowledge and healing for me that I never thought was possible before.  I am amazed by the simplicity of it and in awe of the empowerment of it.  

As an energy healer, I was taught to “heal people”….  I love that EMO is empowering in the way that we are simply “coaches” of sort and the people are empowered to heal themselves.  

We just finished the third workshop for EMO here in the Dallas, Texas area since my certification as a trainer.   I have found that with each workshop I gain new experiences, and new knowledge.   This last workshop I was challenged with new questions, new circumstances of blocks and new tools.  It was amazing.  

The very first day of the four-day workshop, the self-healing day, I was walking amongst the participants as they took one another through an exercise and heard a wailing coming from the hallway.  When I located the source, she was in a heap on the bathroom floor and the “coach” was standing over her with a look of terror on her face and utter helplessness.  It took a little coaching to get her calmed down, the fear and anxiety flowed and her energy system clear enough to be able to voice her trauma. 

When we returned to the class we discussed what had happened.

During the exercise the client hit on her childhood trauma of abuse from her parents and totally shut down because the pain was too much for her.  Through EMO she was able to soften and flow her fear of the memories but she was not ready or able emotionally to go any further than that, so I asked her if she wanted to go on or take a break.  She said that it was too much for her right now.  She was not even willing to “think” about her mother. Working on any shields was not an option at this point.  She shared that her brother was living with her and being the youngest of the family he had suffered the brunt of the abuse and she was really fearful of his emotional state and wanted to help him. 

After the class, she and I worked to help him through EMO by proxy. 

I love proxy!   Through working on his issues of fear, she was able to process some of her own in a safer, more acceptable way for her.   She wrote me the following testimonial the next day and I wanted to share it with all of you:

"So much has happened since the class on Saturday - My father had a stroke Sunday morning.  I was a little panicked when I found out but I calmed myself by releasing my emotions with the techniques I had learned in your class.  Once I was calm I was able to deal with the situation objectively and ended up making a trip to see him on Monday.

As you will recall I had put my mother under an "energy glass" far away from me so that her negativity would not be able to escape and harm me.  I would not remove it nor let her close to me during the class. In order for me to feel safe going I had to remove the glass and "feel" those energies to prepare myself for whatever happened. 

I safely made the trip to the hospital and back ascertaining that he would make a full recovery, and that they had plenty of help to handle the situation.  I stayed several hours but somehow I completely missed my mother.  I actually saw her in the parking lot as I was leaving (she did not see me) and made the choice to walk away.  My hip and thigh has hurt several times over the past days but not as bad as it was.  Each time I feel a pain I practice the techniques I learned in class. 

The moment of truth came yesterday when I went to massage therapy.  There are several places including my hip and thigh that are so tender she can barely touch them.  It still hurt but she had her elbow in most of these places and she could not do that before.   For me it was nothing short of a miracle especially in light of the family trauma. I also want to let you know that as I have released the emotion energy I have uncovered other layers hiding underneath and am working through these as they appear in my consciousness. 

As for my brother - he is happier, more peaceful and focused on his future. He has made strides in a couple of areas that he has been working toward for months."   Ann B
What was so important for me as a trainer and a practitioner in this experience is that I learned firsthand how you can push someone too far – and when to know that enough is enough….. 

There are times when you need to take it slow for the comfort of the client or student.  Just to make sure that I got that understanding, there were three instances of this need to “take stock” during the four day workshop.  It was a great lesson for me.  There are so many times when the trainer becomes the student still.


EMO Trainer, Waxahachie, Texas

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