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Defeating Grief & Sadness with Modern Energy

Defeating Grief & Sadness with Modern Energy

In this inspirational article from GoE Trainer Lorna Firth, she explains how she used modern energy techniques, such as Energy EFT tapping and MODERN Stress Management, to beat and overcome the loss of her beloved husband Ric.

Read on for the full article...

Lorna Firth & Husband RicAs many of you will know, my beloved husband Ric died on Tuesday 8th November 2016.

It was such a shock to the energy body, like a lightning bolt to the system.

No-one really expects it. Nothing really prepares us for it.

Needless to say I was devastated. Thoughts of “What the hell shall I do without him, how will I survive without him, life not worth living.” All these negative thoughts… stress talk!

Survive? I did! And this is how I did it.

On a practical level, I accepted every bit of useful help I was offered, that would ease the burden of ploughing through the “hard” stuff.

The legal system here in Cyprus is a mass of mixed messages and corruptness. Probate can take up to two years and that’s with an up-to-date will. It is extremely important to delegate someone who is super trustworthy.

On another practical detail, ask for help. No point in being proud whilst going through this process.

After the initial shock and ceremony of internment (no cremations here in Cyprus and re-patriation costs a fortune!) It was time to pull out all the energy skills available. This is when Energy EFT, EMO Energy In Motion and MODERN Stress Management (MSM) came into their own.

I softened and flowed the anger and resentment. Focusing on gratitude I felt for the 43 years I had with the most gentle and selfless man. Remembering the experiences we shared. Whenever I felt a wave of sadness come over me, I “rode” the wave, allowing it to flow in through and out.

Everyday with Heart Healing I chose nine positives, as in the grid in the MSM course, breathing in the positive, breathing out the stress...

I created a Sanctuary for my beloved and I, where we walked and talked together.

SUE Scale Silvia hartmannUsing Sekhem Healing also helped me, as did the tapping, although I tend to use other types of energy raising techniques when I need that energy body to a +10 (my favourite is to put my head in the wet Lavender bush after the rain and give it a good shake!).

Some people around me were strange as if the expectation from me was to howl like a banshee at the top of my lungs for at least a fortnight. Maybe I was a bad wife. Maybe I didn’t love my husband enough.

These folk I am sure were trying to be kind when they said “ Oh! Deary me, you have to prepare for some really bad times ahead,” or “you are probably still in shock. It will hit you sooner or later!” Well it has hit it me, and now I am evolving the energy way. Try to explain that to people who are not aware that I am really, truly fine.

For confirmation, I wrote to Silvia (Hartmann) and here are some of her words.

“No you are not repressing anything.

“No it’s not going to get worse. Just the opposite.

“Yes it’s the right thing to do when the big waves come to let them flow in through and out.

“Yes it really works to focus on the heart energy and to focus on love

“And YES there really is a final step to bereavement, the immortal beloved that is with you, glorious and without sadness and if there are tears, they are tears of gratitude or amazement or some other +10.”

Wonderful reassuring words from our dear leader for which I am thankful.

I truly believe this as something strange and wonderfully exciting has happened, maybe not so strange when we understand energy flow.

A week after the passing of Ric, work started flooding in from emails, messages and phone calls. Before I knew it I had 20 new clients! Never before have I experienced this influx. It is almost like someone is waving a flag vigorously saying “look she is free and available”. So the aim is to grab this opportunity and to evolve and grow it into a new and amazing business.

I speak to Ric every day. He is all around me. He is telling me to “get on with it. You are fee now to do and go where you wish, back to your creative template, with me behind you”. He is really with me, My Immortal Beloved, allowing me to be free.

I have written the following short poem which encapsulates my experience.

Fresh Beginnings

We welcome her through the pearly mist of dawn,

Bringing with her crystals of Amethyst, Lapis and Rose

Welcoming our Mother Gaia to beginnings of another day

The gradual flow of Cosmic energy, waking the tiniest of natures treasures into reverie

Scents of citrus blossoms tickle our senses and lift the soul,

Warmth from Helios bring our Aspects alive

Touching crystal Diamond to soothe their skin

And a new day comes!


Lorna Firth is the only licensed GoE Trainer in Cyprus, and is a highly experienced Energy EFT & EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner. Contact Lorna and see upcoming trainings on her GoE profile page.

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