Dr Eric Robins on EMO Energy In Motion

Dr Eric Robins on EMO Energy In Motion

GoE Trainer and experienced urologist and surgeon Dr Eric Robins has released a YouTube video entitled "25 Years of Mind Body Healing: What I Wish I Knew Back Then" which amongst other techniques, he expresses his praises for Silvia Hartmann's powerful modern energy healing technique; EMO Energy In Motion (formerly EmoTrance).

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As well as introducing and demonstrating how EMO Energy In Motion works (35:20 onwards in the video), Dr Robins sings the praises of EMO in the video. "Silvia (Hartmann) likes to get folks to this "energised end-state" where the energy is just flowing in, through and out fast and they feel super energised."

"When folks release energy blockages they often get huge cognitive shifts. It's absolutely phenominal, I love this technique," he added.

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EMO BookEMO Energy In Motion: Emotions, Energy, Information & Loveย 

Powerful information every person on this Earth needs to hear about. Fourteen years of EMO in theory and practice have taught us so much about energy, how it works with human emotion but also with thought and behaviour.ย 

In this next-level book by Silvia Hartmann, you'll find the latest and best techniques, methods, cases and breakthrough insights into how people really work - and what we can do to create extraordinary events of healing and change for ourselves and for others.

EMO Master Practitioner

EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner

EMO Energy In Motion, created byย Silviaย Hartmann,ย is recognised by The Guild Of Energists as being one of the most advanced, yet deceptively simple energy techniques available today.ย 

In April 2014, Silvia revealed the brand-newย EMO Master Practitionerย qualification which takes all that has been learned and researched since the original EmoTrance technique was developed in 2002, and integrates it into a wonderful three-day course like you've never been on before.

Find out more about EMO, and how to become a Master Practitioner, by clicking the button below:

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