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I'm Totally Serious... It's a Miracle! - Energy EFT Case Story

I'm Totally Serious... It's a Miracle! - Energy EFT Case Story

This truly inspiring EFT case story comes from Energy EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Jo Brown. Here Jo helped a friend's mum go from incredible pain, to dancing around the room and shouting, 'It's a miracle!'

Jo writes; "I had a wonderful experience last night tapping with a friends mum. My friend asked if I would visit her mum who we shall call Mandy. My friend told me Mandy worked full time, she is on her feet all day and suffers with unbearable pain when she gets in from work at 6 pm. She also said she can't get out of bed in the mornings until her pain killers have kicked in.

Read on for the full story...

I offered to see Mandy as soon as she got in from work when the pain was at its worst. I arrived at 6pm and was invited in. Firstly she thanked me for seeing her especially at that time of day, I told her the best time to see her is when she has the most pain and it's not a problem seeing her at that time.

She said "last time I saw you you were in agony and buying an outdoor seat from me so you could sit and watch the rugby, you looked in so much pain and now you look great" To begin with she admitted being a little sceptical which was fine.

I sat down with her and first explained that all emotion is energy in motion. That I work with her and we work on the energy body. I explained that there will be a blockage in the energy body and by tapping on certain points we can clear the blockage and the pain related to that blockage will go away. I also explained that I am not a GP, and I cannot diagnose any conditions or claim to cure anything. I will simply help her to unblock her energy system allowing the energy to flow in, through and out of the energy body.

At this point she said I am in agony. I asked her where she had the most pain. Her response was, "my right knee is very bad and my left knee is bad. Both shins hurt and my feet ache. The smallest 3 toes on my left foot are very sore and both my hands are killing me" So to begin with we used the heart and soul protocol.

I asked her to explain in her own words where the worst pain was and we would start there. She said my right knee is really very bad. I wanted to help her relax first so we did a round on stress before moving on.

I explained it as follows. "Just copy exactly what I do and say, we will use the set up of stress just so that you can see the sequence we will be using and it will help you relax". I asked if she could get us both a glass of water and that I wanted her to have a drink between each round. I asked her on a scale of -10 to +10 where would she put her pain at with -10 being the worst. She said -10 definitely!!

After we de-stressed the next set up we used was 'I have this really very bad pain in my right knee', with the reminder phrase of very bad pain in my right knee. After the first round she said it was a little better. She said -7. So we continued on "I still have pain in my right knee" after this round she said it's more behind the right knee now. So the next round was "pain behind my right knee". She then advised that the area of knee pain had gone and now the pain was more in the muscle, at the front of her right knee.

The next round was "I have pain in the muscle at the front of my right knee. After this round she moved her knee about in all positions which she could never normally do. She looked at me and said "that's amazing the pain has really gone". I asked if she would like to move around the room with me whilst we worked on the other areas. She yawned and said "actually I feel a bit light headed but in a nice way!" So we stayed seated.

Next we worked on her left knee as that's where she wanted to try next. She said it ached and it went down her shin. Next round was "I have this ache in my left knee and going down my shin". After just one round on this area she smiled, moved her knee around and said "it's gone!" I said "you are really doing great here". She then said her feet no longer ache but the 3 small toes on her left foot are really sore.

She looked at me and said "I doubt that will go as it's because I have been on my feet all day and my shoes are too tight!" So we tapped on "I have this pain in my smallest 3 toes on my left foot. Again after just one round the pain had gone. She said she felt great! I said "right now just the hands to work on?" She moved her hands and fingers, looked wide eyed at me and said "no that's gone too, I can't believe this, I have no pain anywhere for the first time in years!" I said that's great but we don't stop there. I'd like to do 2 more rounds if that's OK?" She said "definitely".

We stood up together and wondered around the room whilst we tapped on "Energy" putting a word in front of energy each time like "happy energy, loving energy, wonderful energy, fabulous energy, fast flowing energy". I asked her on the scale of -10 to +10 where she felt she was. She said "I feel really good. Probably +5"

The final round we tapped on was a mixture of words we came up with together. I just asked her to think of something really good and we would say a different word on each point. She came up with, happy, loving, carefree, excited, pain free, ecstatic, wonderful, healthy, smiling. When we finished that round I asked her where she was on the scale. She said "+10 definitely". She was smiling and laughing and almost dancing around the room. And I have to say so was I. She was very very pleased.

I had offered this session for free as I said its part of my training. She tried to pay me, but I refused. I was just so pleased to see the wonderful effect it had on her. As I left I heard her shout to her husband "that was bloody amazing, I haven't got any pain anywhere" he said " get out of it" she replied "no I'm totally serious it's a miracle". What a fabulous experience to be a part of – Thank you EFT!

This lady has since told me that she managed to walk to school (which is about a mile from her home) to meet her grandson yesterday. She said she was pain free and had not taken a single pain killer since our session. This makes me feel so happy and proud of what I do.

 Energy EFT Master Practitioner

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