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EFT To Relieve Anxiety & Fear - EFT Case Story

EFT To Relieve Anxiety & Fear - EFT Case Story

From anxious, nervous and terrified to anย energetically blissful experience, GoE Trainer Maria Chappell does some self EFT to cope with surgery on her face of all places!!

Read on for the full story...

Today I had a minor operation.... And I have to say it was very minor . However it was on my face....... near my cheek bone....... In my eye view AND a surgeon was going to cut it open!!!!

So although it was minor and I really did know this; as I sat in the day room waiting to be called through my nerves and anxiety levels were beginning to get the better of me....

The day room was full of people waiting and I didn't really want to start a full round of tapping in front of everyone, although I needed it. I started massaging the Gamut point (located on the back of the hand between and just above the little and ring finger knuckles.). This is one of my identified fear and anxiety stopper points!

Within a few moments I could feel my breathing slow down, tingling sensations through my arm and my thoughts changing from "what if my eye is numbed ! I won't be able to blink" to "its minor and so routine to the surgeon it really is no big deal." I felt so much better until I was called through to get changed into my gown ready for theatre.

This changed the goal post again and my nerves reactivated. I could hear my own thoughts changing to dramatising this event. As I got changed my movements began to get a bit rushed and jerky and I broke my nail in the process.......ouch! And then becoming aware of myself and my behaviours, I thankfully had a few minutes to myself. I started using EFT.

I took up the heart and soul position , I held my physical hands on my heart with the intention of dissolving these feelings that I was having right her and now. I knew it was only energy and the energy flow just needed to be increased.

After setting my intention, I used the my favourite stabilise " The heart prayer" written by Silvia Hartmann, to give my heart the gentle care that it needed right now.

During this process, I automatically became aware of the feelings in my solar plexus....

The tightness and restricted feeling..... I was feeling hotter within myself

I placed my attention to where this energy wanted to flow and allowed the energy to soften, following its movement down to my hip bone and then bit by bit being released from my body. The tight feeling had gone and in the process of this I could feel a rush of warmth that felt both supportive and comforting.

Tracking the flow back to point of entry which felt like it was in my chest. I could now feel this energy flow coming in through and out and as it began to feel really good and energising, I stood up so I could let this new energised flow, dance through my body. It was a like a flash.

My last need of assistance began on the operating table when I began to have a series of local anaesthetic injections, my chest began to feel so heavy, I could hardly breathe and I felt like I wanted to faint. I am an energist and I know that all of this is just energy or more to the point a sudden absence of it.

Instinctively, I moved my hands to my solar plexus and with direct intention to allow healing energy to flow through me to wherever I needed it, requesting comfort and support and to relax through this process. Just for the energy to flow in, through and out. Nourishing each and every one of my cells. I became only vaguely aware of what was going on around me,

I felt good, relaxed, comforted., almost like a big blanket of love had been wrapped around me I was in my own energy bubble .

The bright operating theatre lights above me (my eyes were shut) felt like a beautiful golden warm sun energy beating down on me, my ears became really warm as if they were being held supporting my head and the rest of body just felt soo relaxed, that weird sensation of being so heavy yet so light.

And then back to reality as the surgeon started to speak to me...... But it was all over........time to go..... What had started off as an anxious time ended up as quite an energetically blissful experience.

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