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EFT Case Story - From Rejection to Self Publication

EFT Case Story - From Rejection to Self Publication

Lionel Thebe is currently working through his EFT Master Practitioner Training, via Distance Learning. When asked to submit a Case for potentional publication he wrote of 'Gwen' an author full of self doubt andย hopelessness, after receiving rejection letters from publishers. After one session of EFT with Lionel, Gwen was energized, dynamic and ready to go do it for herself!

Read on for the full story....

When I met Gwen, she appeared to me exhausted and discouraged. I felt a knot in my stomach. She told me she had written a book and received rejection letters from publishing companies. She felt a lack of support and did not know what to do to publish the book.

Beyond her state of hopelessness, I could perceive a slight glow in her eyes, like there was a shell surrounding her energy. I explained to her that with EFT, we improve the flow of energy to remove energy blockages, reduce stress and function better.

I suggested that we tap one round on "stress" to start releasing blocked energy and to help apprehend her situation more clearly. She agreed to do that and after the round, some of her physical tension was released. Her shoulders had dropped and her chest opened up.

She then told me that she did not know what to do to publish her book, that she felt alone and that she felt that she would not have the strengths to do it alone. I noticed her repeating the word "alone" and sensed despair in her voice. I asked her how she would feel to tap on "I feel alone" and she agreed to give it a go.

We tapped two rounds and as energy flow improved, she felt at peace with being alone. She was poised on her chair, without any distracting gestures. She said that with all the energy available and since everything was energy, she could not really be alone. What's more, she said that maybe she was supposed to do it alone and to self-publish.

I asked her how she felt about that. She answered that it was exciting and scary at the same time. She wondered if she was good enough. She looked puzzled. I felt we could add dynamism in her energy flow. We agreed to tap on the question: "Am I good enough?" As Gwen felt and looked more present, the question evolved to "I am good enough". On a kinaesthetic level, it was easy to feel her energy flowing freely in and out her physical body.

Gwen shared that when she had nothing on her mind, she did not even bother to check if she was good enough to be published as a writer. It just seemed like the right thing to do. We then discussed how improving her energy flow on a regular basis could help her accomplish the steps needed to complete self publication. She reflected on that and mentioned that she had to ask information at the university about how to technically publishing herself.

She said she had some internal resistance because it was hard for her to connect with new people. I asked her: "What do you want that could help you being a self published author?" She replied that she wanted connection to reach all the people who could tell her how to self publish and the persons interested in reading her book. We then tapped on "I want connection".

After two rounds, Gwen was energized, dynamic and ready to go and share her book with the world! You could tell the 'Force' was with her because the energy glow that was inside her at the beginning of the session was now everywhere. It felt like she was determined and self-sufficient. It made me think of a sun, available to enlighten whoever would look at her.

We agreed that tapping regularly on "Good enough" and "Connection" at home would assure the maintenance of the system and keep on improving energy flow. We booked a follow-up session to make her journey as soft and flowing as possible. I look forward to working with Gwen and I have no doubts that she has all the resources she needs to fulfil her destiny!

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