Energy EFT Case Story: Healthy Eating

Energy EFT Case Story: Healthy Eating

In this case story GoE Trainer Ilka Wandel from Spain works with a client who is trying to lose weight, but is struggling with issues from her past involving healthy eating.

This is also a great example of using a Sanctuary to help heal past aspects of a client.

Read on for the full case story...

Marina (48 years, comes for weight loss.) I remember the first time I saw her, she cried and told me she nearly stopped eating but lately she takes nearly 2 pounds by week. "I am going to explode one day only watching food" she nearly whispered. Since then, some weeks have passed and we connect by Skype sessions, she tells me that the weight is not going up. For two weeks she has been stable at 93kg. This is not the final goal, but she is already relieved. For today I decided to change the way we work and to return to food, but this times I wanted to figure out what is helping her more.

She laughs when I asked her if she would like to work on food today. Straight away she started with stress talk, she looks down on her hands, kneading on her fingers. I am surprised, because she sits in front of me, like a little punished girl. It was not the first time we treated food issues, we have done several tappings already, to put of the need of inappropriate things like cupcakes, compulsive behaviour for milk....she reacted before open interested, was looking in my eyes....but now she seemed totally broken.

"I think it has to be like this. I don't know what to do, why I can not eat. I am always fighting with my daughter, I am so frustrated..." I worked 4 rounds on the stress and 2 to energize her.

"I am so frustrated that I can not even eat a bit of melon."

"Why can't you eat a bit of melon?" I asked her surprised, because we had worked out that of row fruits and vegetables she can eat what ever she like.

"I gain weight eating fruits, its pushes up my appetite, and all goes on the hips." She fixes her eyes on me.

"What about if we tap on this?" I offered, because my idea was maybe she was craving fruits without remarking and even though if it is fructose, it is a kind of sugar. She agreed, willing to try everything. She decided to tap first on the gain of appetite when eating fruits.

It was interesting that when we spoke about food before she never mentioned problems with fruits.

So we did the first rounds, and suddenly she remarked "The fruits are calling me."

I asked what does it means to her, her eyes brightening and a naughty smile almost comes to her lips. She told me when she was child her mother didn't care for her, she never made food, and if she made it, it was horrible stuff.

Her father was driving trucks, with fruits from Spain to north Europe, so when he returned he came always with a lot of fruits, which was the only fresh food she got and she enjoyed a lot.

"How do you feel?" I asked, because her skin had turned to grey and her lips started to be press together.
"I feel sad", she answered, "I feel pressure in my chest and in my throat and a strange sensation in my stomach."

I feel there is something really big coming up and I de-stress her directly, after two rounds I am able to work with her in a Sanctuary. She describes a beautiful tropical island, where she is meeting 2 aspects of her, the first a girl of 13 years which is extremely suspicious and sad, which actually prefers to be alone. It takes some time to open the aspect up, that she can accept an EFT Treatment, but than we have it surprisingly easy. Marina is able to do 5 rounds (working on the sadness) to bring the 13 years old girl/aspect from -9 in the SUE scale to +8. Marina asked her aspect if there is something else she could do for her or if there are other aspects which need to be healed right know. The aspect is happy and wants to go to a beach near by, but before she is jumping and singing on the way to the beach, she presents us an other aspect of 25 years, which is very angry.

Marina asked her aspect why she is so angry, she told her she feels such an injustice. So Marina is working with the second aspect in the injustice she starts at -9 as well and in 6 rounds she went to +10. Marina started to laugh like I told her the best joke. Her aspect went with an creature like an angel.

Marina wasn't able to stop laughing. Suddenly she told me, you know the strange thing is, that its about fruits, which is actually the most healthy thing in the world,. Still laughing.

Her eyes are wide open, but she doesn't stop laughing and saying "Wow, this is incredible!" she is nearly shouting, "I related fruits with my father. I got actually hungry for my father."

How do you feel about? I asked. "It is funny", she said, quite happily.

Do you still believe that you take weight eating fruits? I asked.

"No" ,she answered laughing.

We used the SUE scale to prove this and really she has been in an +8.

"If you cant eat the most healthy thing of the world, it is like you reject life, right?" she asked me.

I offer to her to work on this the next time. She is completely alright with this.

Which fruit you are going to eat first I asked, "Watermelon", she answered. Right now, she laughs again ..and I never saw her laugh so much, and I just know we are going in the right direction.

Ilka Wandel

July 2012

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