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EFT Case Story: Struggling To Stay Afloat Financially

EFT Case Story: Struggling To Stay Afloat Financially

Lidia has been “struggling to stay afloat financially” all her adult life. Her casual way of speaking about it tells me this is a long standing, but not intense issue.  I sense she is definitely ready and motivated to bring about relief and change.

What follows is her story and how we evolved the aspect with EFT, and how she was able to gain wisdom and freedom in the process.

I ask her to think of her problem as if it was a place in space and time.  What would be the season, the weather, the time of day?  What type of environment would this aspect of hers find herself in?

It is summer and the sun is beginning to go down.  The aspect is swimming in a lake.  The water is cool, but not cold. The water tastes clean, but the aspect feels exhausted.

It appears she has been swimming for a long time, trying to get across the lake. She can see the shoreline and the trees, but she is still far away and now struggling to stay afloat.

Lidia finds it strange that a canoe, with a couple in it, is nearby. The people in the canoe appear to know the aspect and are there to support the aspect, but not to rescue the aspect.  It feels to Lidia like the aspect took on this challenge, like the aspect is a marathon swimmer and she is trying to set a personal record.  The people in the canoe are going along with the aspect, but they don’t look happy seeing her struggle and suffer, by choice.

The aspect feels like she is stuck.  She doesn’t want to admit defeat and get on the canoe, but she is exhausted from struggling to stay afloat, and the shore looks out of her reach.

We tap for the aspect, “Stuck.”

Evaluation:  To the aspect, getting in the canoe would mean admitting she took on too big of a challenge and could not handle it.

We tap for the aspect, “Too big a challenge.”

Evaluation:  The aspect feels that accepting help would mean that it is not true that “She can achieve anything she sets her mind to.”  Her ego wants to continue believing that this is really true. Getting on the canoe would mean that it is not true, that the aspect is not “all powerful.”  It would be humiliating to the aspect to admit, “I can’t do it.”

We tap for the aspect, “I can’t do it.”

Evaluation:  The aspect recognizes she can’t do it on her own.  She thought she could.  She wanted to do it on her own, but she is beginning to accept that it is beyond her physical strength.

We tap for the aspect, “Beyond my strength.”

Evaluation:  Lidia tells me that now she sees, “I have turned my family’s finances into a personal, independent accomplishment for ‘living within our means’.  She says, “I have done this alone and have taken pride in staying within our budget. I see how it turned into a struggle and that I’m exhausted. But I also see that I have never really been alone, and the canoe nearby is Divine help.”

We tap for the aspect, “I don’t need to struggle.  I came into the world with Divine help.”

Evaluation:  The aspect sees that she is choosing to struggle, just to get to feel accomplished.  She can choose differently.  She can glide through life without even having to get in the water, if she would only accept the Divine help.

We tap for the aspect, “Choosing to accept Divine help.”

Evaluation: There is a little resistance from the aspect’s thinking that she won’t be able to boast that she is a “Self-made woman.”  The aspect feels the world loves a “Self-made man or woman.”  This means giving up the pursuit of love and admiration from the world.

We tap on the aspect for, “The desire to have the love and admiration of the world.” This evolves to “Giving up being special.”

Evaluation:  The aspect still feels resistance since, “A ‘self-made woman’ is special because she achieves things on her own.  She doesn’t need divine help.”

We tap for the aspect, “The desire to be a self-made woman.”

Evaluation:  This does not seem so appealing anymore to the aspect.  The “self-made woman” is not much compared to the greatness inherent in Source/God’s creation.  The aspect chooses to be as Source/God created her.

We tap on the aspect, “Choosing to be as God created me.”

Evaluation:  Linda laughs a little as she tells me, “As if we could really be anything else but as God created us. It is not even a choice.”

We tap on the aspect, “I am as God created me.”

Evaluation:  The aspect recognizes she doesn’t need to finish the challenge she set for herself.  She has nothing to prove.  She is as God/Source created her, the end!

The aspect has made her decision.  She climbs on the canoe, puts a towel around herself and relaxes as her friend’s row the boat towards the sunset.  They are taking her home.

Lidia is feeling great.  She tells me that she had been tapping on this metaphor before, but that for some reason she had not given much attention to the canoe and to the people in it.  This, she felt, had really evolved the aspect and helped her to see and feel herself as free of struggle and empowered to make better choices for herself.


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