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EFT Day 2015

EFT Day 2015

Happy EFT Day! On the 13th April each year we like to reflect on what a HUGE gift EFT has been to the world and it's all thanks to one man Gary Craig and his vision of simplifying energy tapping for the masses, making it accessible to all.

Today is Gary's birthday and we invited the GOE's EFT community to send in their wishes for us to collate and forward on to the birthday boy. 112 of you responded and here follows what you had to say to him...

Note: If you're new to EFT you can read all about Gary Craig's development of TFT into EFT in the 90s here:

  • Paul Grant Happy Birthday Gary, thank you for bring EFT to the world. It has truly helped ne to transform my life from being depressed and unemployed, to being a dynamic and inspired entrepreneur, ready to help others transform their lives too. Thank you Gary, wishing you a magnificent day full of love and joy. 
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  • Michelle Clemons Happy Birthday Dear Gary! You have made such an incredible contribution to the lives of so many with EFT and your generosity in sharing and teaching these remarkable techniques. So many peoples lives have been turned around thanks to you. Even more importantly is your deep spiritual awareness that shines forth and illuminates everything that you do. With respect, gratitude and infinite love. 
    9 hrs · Like
  • Sapphira Lotus Blossom HI Gary - your work has completely transformed my life... and the lives of many people that I have worked with. EFT is a miracle. 
    9 hrs · Like
  • Jondi Whitis Happy Birthday, Gary, and thank you for all the lives you changed, starting with mine!
    8 hrs · Like
  • Paula Kennedy Happy Birthday Gary and thank you for EFT 
    7 hrs · Like
  • Louise Exeter Happy Birthday. Congratulations and thanks for your great contribution to health and wellbeing.
    6 hrs · Like
  • Helen Ryle Happy birthday Gary - EFT has been life-changing for me as well as my clients, we are very grateful to you.
    3 hrs · Like
  • Mary Anne Loehr Happy Birthday, Gary! I am still benefiting from your teaching me EFT in Flagstaff in the 1990s . Hundreds of people have benefited from your wisdom through me! So extremely grateful for how you have drastically improved my life . Thank You!!!
    9 hrs · Unlike · 1
  • Katerina Kakoules Happy bday and thankyou very very much,,, EFT has helped me out in soo many ways. God Bless.
    9 hrs · Like
  • Kanwaljit Kaur Sidhu Happy birthday Gary. Recently learnt EFT and Matrix reimprinting. Must say the results are just unbelievable.
    9 hrs · Like
  • Srividhya Subramony Thank you Gary... have been immensely benefitted by EFT and still discovering more aspects to it. Happy Birthday and God bless
    9 hrs · Like
  • Lisa Kent Happy Birthday Gary. EFT has not only changed my life, but those I've been lucky enough to work with. There are no words to describe my gratitude. I hope you have a wonderful day 
    9 hrs · Like · 1
  • Andrea Ensing Happy birthday Gary! Not only has EFT helped heal my life, it's also provided a new career for me after my previous employees closed down!
    9 hrs · Like · 1
  • Renu Sharma happy birthday Gary... EFT has been an amazing gift to mankind by you .i have benefitted a lot by doing EFT and have introduced many to this everybody is loving it a lot its wonderful gift
    9 hrs · Like · 1
  • Darryl Stewart Have a wonderful B-day Gary - EFT has literally changed my life to the extent that I am a new person with a new lease on life. With the Matrix Reimprinting to add to this amazing tool, there is so much deep work happening in the world.
    9 hrs · Like · 1
  • Pam Buswell Chamberland Gary , if i could give you a hug i may just pop all your ribs at once ! such immense gratitude for your continuing love and humbleness and giving open heart.   wishing you a very happy birthday xxx
    9 hrs · Unlike · 1
  • Deborah Lahoud Thank you Gary. Your brilliance in developing this incredible tool has changed the lives of millions including my own. I will always be eternally grateful. Happy Birthday!
    9 hrs · Unlike · 1
  • Frauke Möbius Happy Birthday to an awesome, wonderful and caring man - may you have many more, Gary. EFT has changed my life, like it has for so many others, thank to you. Vielen Dank!
    9 hrs · Unlike · 2
  • Michael Darbyshire Happy Birthday Gary! We are all walking on the shoulders of the giant. I have helped thousands of people since learning EFT, so you can be very proud. 
    9 hrs · Unlike · 2
  • Stephen Carter There are but few people who come onto this earth and change the lives of millions for the better. Gary is one of those few people and the world is a better place as a result of his work. Happy Birthday Gary!
    9 hrs · Unlike · 2
  • Sandra Brown My birthday too 4/13/52....loving life...Thankyou Gary Craig....happy birthday!
    9 hrs · Unlike · 1
  • Amy Sullivan Hammond So thankful for EFT!!! Thanks to Gary Craig my 4 children and I have been so blessed, and we have only begun to really use it. Happy Birthday Gary Craig!!!
    8 hrs · Edited · Like · 1
  • Bob Borowik Happy Birthday Gary... Eft has changed my life. It has helped me clear out so many resistances and self limiting beliefs over the last year and a half, that I am an entirely different person. I also now have a go to tool anytime I am feeling like I ...See More
    8 hrs · Like · 1
  • Lindsay Guttridge Happy Birthday Gary. Through EFT I healed an eating disorder, stopped many bad habits, transformed my health & career and then went in to help others do the same 
    8 hrs · Like
  • Amy Sullivan Hammond Do it Bob!!! I'm only an EFT Coach (took levels 1 & 2 courses) but need to do the clinical side to become a practitioner. I'm wishing I hadn't wasted this past year. I need to do it quickly as the requirements are changing soon. Do it!!
    8 hrs · Like · 1
  • Suheyla Pinar Alper Happy Birthday Gary. I am sure that as time goes by, your contribution to human well-being will be increasingly highly valued all over the world. Thanks to EFT so many people, including ourselves get such quick and efficient relief from emotional and physical issues, and appreciate life so much more.
    8 hrs · Like
  • Lauren Rosenberg Happy birthday. So so please I use eft
    8 hrs · Like
  • Jamie Streett Happiest of birthdays Gary!!! Thanks for all you have done and do for EFT.
    8 hrs · Like
  • Cheryl Eft Happy birthday Gary so appreciate the wonderful gift of eft it's helped me to move mountains & ive helped lots of others to clear out old negative patterns & reinforce the power of your tools & the unconditional love of who we truly are thank you have an amazing day 
    8 hrs · Like · 1
  • Bob Borowik Amy.. I wish I hadn't wasted this past year either.. Lol I better get moving now that I had this ah-ha moment...
    8 hrs · Like
  • Dayle Malen Happy birthday! You are truly a gift to this world. Thank you for all you've done!!
    8 hrs · Like
  • Sandra Hillawi Thankyou Gary, wishing you love and happiness on your birthday 
    8 hrs · Like
  • Emma Hall Happy birthday Gary and thank you for eft which I use every day Xx
    8 hrs · Like
  • Linda Neeb Giuffre Happy Birthday GARY!!
    8 hrs · Like
  • Margie Friedman Happy Birthday Gary! Thank you for all of the gifts you have given us in the world of EFT and more! Wishing you a fabulous day!
    8 hrs · Like
  • Susan Browne My life has been so changed for the better by EFT I am so grateful happy happy birthday Gary
    7 hrs · Like
  • Ton Bil Happy Birthday and thanks a lot. EFT power is growing. In me, and in the world.
    7 hrs · Like
  • Jen Freedom Mountney Thank you Gary for creating EFT! It has been a tool for me! Happy Birthday!
    7 hrs · Like
  • Laura Woods Happy Birthday and Thank you Gary. EFT has really helped shift my anxiety!
    7 hrs · Like
  • Ruth Bayley I"m so grateful that I found EFT. I love it, so easy and so profoundly effective. Thank you.
    7 hrs · Like
  • Romy Schlierf Happy Birthday dear Gary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great gift to us all. Without EFT my life would look completely different and not so happy as it is now.
    7 hrs · Like
  • Suzanne Zacharia Happy Birthday, Gary! I have always dreamt, at the beginning of my EFT career and self-tapping, of sending you a picture of me conquering COPD. Here it is, completing my first half-marathon. There were 5 behind me and I made in with 15 minutes to spare...See More
    Suzanne Zacharia's photo.
    6 hrs · Edited · Like · 4
  • Gam Meijs Happy birthday, Gary, and thank you so much.
    6 hrs · Like
  • Grace Dasilva-hill Happy Birthday Gary, full of pleasant surprises. Your gift to the World rocks. 
    6 hrs · Like · 1
  • Susi Wolf Happy Birthday Gary Craig - many thanks for your contribution.
    6 hrs · Like
  • Derek Atkinson Happy Birthday Gary - your ears must be burning with all us talking about you and the huge contribution you have made to the world - but I guess you're used to that by now.
    6 hrs · Like
  • Alix Moore Big Happy Birthday to you Gary! Massive gift to us - thank you! Changed my life over and over and hope to grow and share this amazing technique with many 
    6 hrs · Like
  • Fritz Miller Gary you saved my life with your tapping techniques..
    6 hrs · Like · 2
  • Kelly Elizabeth Mayne Happy Birthday Gary. You are a man who has changed millions if lives for the better including mine. Xxx
    5 hrs · Like
  • Linda Walker Happy birthday Gar Crraig thank you for being you and giving the gift of eft to the world. ♡♡♡
    5 hrs · Like
  • Heike Schonert Happy Birthday Gary and thank you for all that you have given us 
    5 hrs · Like
  • Marie Adams Happy, happy Birthday Gary! I love your work!
    5 hrs · Like
  • Başak Gökçen Happy Birthday Gary. thank you for your gift to all of us, thank you for your lovely touch to our lives.
    5 hrs · Like
  • Anne Tocknell Happy Birthday Gary! Thank you so very much for bringing EFT to the world. The contribution you have made to many lives including my own has been HUGE. xxxx
    5 hrs · Like
  • Bruno Sade Happy Birthday Gary! You are a gift to humanity! 
    5 hrs · Like
  • Janet King Happy birthday indeed, from Janet, Suffolk, England xx
    5 hrs · Like · 1
  • Patzia González-Baz Happy Birthday Gary! EFT has changed my life and the lives of many people around me. Thank you!
    5 hrs · Like
  • Annette Insinna Romeo Happy Birthday Gary! Thank you for the gift of EFT. It has changed my life and I am now making it my life's work to help others using this gift!
    5 hrs · Like
  • Koen Van Reeth Eft Happy Birthday! Many thanks for this superb tool! It did change my live and a lot of others!
    4 hrs · Like
  • Jondi Whitis : ) Your work is one of the best things that ever happened to me, Gary. And I am grateful. Happy Birthday! : )
    4 hrs · Like
  • Gulcan Arpacioglu  Many thanks, much love and kudos!  Happy birthday Gary! 
    4 hrs · Like
  • Tamara Donn Happy Birthday Gary. Love EFT. Love how it has changed me, my family and all the people we have trained. THANK YOU!
    4 hrs · Like · 1
  • Therese Baumgart Eft Happy Birthday, Gary. You've enhanced my life and the lives of thousands. Thank you so and all good wishes!
    4 hrs · Like
  • Annie Siegel Alexander Eft Happy Birthday Gary! You have changed my life as I help so many change theirs!
    4 hrs · Like · 1
  • Jacqueline Besseling Hartelijk gefeliciteerd Gary, from the Netherlands. We met this summer at your first optimal EFT workshop. I had a great time. I am so glad with EFT that is such a amazing beautiful tool!
    4 hrs · Like
  • Maria LiPuma Happy Birthday Gary! So much love and appreciation! 
    4 hrs · Like
  • Aliis Kodis Have a Fabulous Birthday, Gary!
    4 hrs · Like
  • Dharmesh Modi Happy Birthday and good wishes! And thank you for what you have done 
    4 hrs · Like
  • Ruth Baker Happy Birthday Gary and thank you because EFT helped to turn my life around 
    4 hrs · Like
  • Alex Chambers Love EFT. Has transformed my life. Let's not forget Roger Callahan though... The original pioneer.
    3 hrs · Like
  • Biddy Househam Happy Birthday Gary Craig. For all you have done and continue to do. Hope you get lots of cake. 
    3 hrs · Like
  • Sarah Marshall Happy birthday Gary! You helped to change my life and so many of those through me with your gift of tapping to the world. Sending love and birthday blessings. Sarah x
    3 hrs · Like
  • Ellen Cooper Happy birthday Gary Craig. Your generosity and curious mind are a true gift to all
    3 hrs · Like · 1
  • Murat Aydın Happy Birthday Gary  So much love ...
    3 hrs · Like
  • Astrid Tworeck-Titley Happy birthday Gary Craig. Its been 10 years ago since I received the gift of your Level 1 & 2 DVD's. - and it wasnt even my birthday. I didnt know it then but now EFT has become a huge part of what I do - it's a fabulous tool - all due to your generosity & sharing spirit. I hope you got spoilt rotten today. Have a beautiful year.
    2 hrs · Like
  • Lea Lucero Happy Birthday Gary, thank you for stepping up, sharing your knowledge and leading the EFT way........Your EFT is the gift that keeps on giving. Wishing you a most fantastic birthday....
    2 hrs · Like · 1
  • Kelly Law Thank you Gary for what you have brought to the world and happy birthday xx
    2 hrs · Like
  • Dorothy Leach Thank you so much, Gary, and Happy Birthday! I have used EFT for almost a year now, and with it, I've been able to break an addiction to sugar, and release many old traumas. It's been wonderful learning about this!
    2 hrs · Like
  • Judy Tucker Many thanks to you Gary & I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY 
    1 hr · Like
  • Rosalba Pau I just want to say how much my personal and professional life has been changed since I know EFT..at the moment as practitioner I am delivering intro to EFT seminars and workshops in Italy, people have so much enthusiasm!! Thank you Gary, I hope to meet you in person one day! xxRosalba Pau and Happy Birthday!
    1 hr · Edited · Like · 1
  • Gill Pinnington Happy birthday Gary! EFT has transformed my life and now continues to transform my client's lives... Thank you for this amazing gift xx
    1 hr · Like
  • Niccola Willis Happy Birthday Gary ...Thank you for the transformational work you have brought to the world!
    1 hr · Like
  • Miranda Sterling Happy birthday, dear Gary! You've changed my entire outlook, and I use EFT all the time. It was about fifteen years ago that I went online searching for something that I somehow knew would be there, a simple way to deal with big issues all by myself. Thank you so much for being on the other end of that search, and for all you've done for the world.
    1 hr · Like
  • Margarita Foley Gary you have given such a powerful gift to each of us. May your generous heart be blessed on your birthday. Keep om!
    1 hr · Like
  • Kathryn Pearson Happy birthday!! Thank you for helping me find some life long friends Melanie Jayne, Julie Christian and Sarah Helen Johns. And also for helping me follow my dreams!!! Yey for EFT!!!
  • Loretta Day Gary , you had something enormous to offer to the world, and your generosity has enabled so many people to develop their interpretation of EFT, culminating in an enormous and a varied offer of gifts and practices that have spread afar in our world and our universe for the benefit of all. Thank You and Birthday Greetings .
  • Helen O'Sullivan I use EFT reguarly, thanks
  • Mark Stewart Robertson Happy Birthday Gary...Gratitude for your generosity in sharing your passion and igniting ours in the multifaceted world of healing with Tapping...
  • Sigrid Ragossnig Oh yes - happy birthday and thank you!
  • Angelina Birch Happy Birthday Gary, you changed my life, empowered me to take back my power and lose my pain, I will be forever grateful for you for all you have done xxx lots of love and a big birthday hug
  • Jane Bennett Happy birthday Gary and thank you for helping me to save myself x
  • Dora Morrill Happy Birthday, Gary !! Be blessed !!

  • Chris Guest Well, since time is only an illusion I send heartfelt thanks to Gary for his generous gift to the World! I wonder did he ever dream that so many people would spread EFT far and wide and bring relief to countless lives and situations 😇 thank you and Happy Birthday 
  • Janice Ruffolo Happy Birthday Gary! I'm so thankful to have been touched by your gift to all of us. So many lit firecrackers have been diffused. Hugs 
  • Robin Bilazarian EFT liberated me from intense anxiety, thanks
  • Wendy Birse In EFT I have found a new purpose in life and I get such a thrill teaching people how to use it and watching them blossom. Thank you Gary and all my teachers.
  • Mehmet Dalyanda Happy birthday Gary Craig.
  • Aynur Kilinc Happy birthday Gary. Thank you for EFT, thank you for touching our lives.
  • Lorna Firth Sorry its late!! Happy Birthday Gary. Thank you a trillion times for the the amazing EFT you gave to us. xxx
  • Jenni Tribe Happy birthday and heartfelt gratitude for a tool that has led to not only my self transformation but that of those in my heart field i.e. everyone x
  • Katy Mason Amazing tool, great admiration for Gary Craig for his simplified version of EFT tapping. Hope his birthday was amazing too! EFT for me is still evolving as I do more work me and my clients.
  • Hazel Wood The generosity of the man is amazing we all, plus the world have a lot to thank Gary.
  • Michele Gleason So sorry I am a bit late, as I have been traveling. Happy birthday Gary!
  • Nicoleta Hutchinson Happy birthday Gary Craig.My life is better and better using EFT.!!!
  • Myriam Mitchell Great love and appreciation to Gary for his development of the EFT system. It has helped me. I do EFT several times a week. I have helped others. Millions have been helped with this blessed healing tool.
    6 hrs · Like · 1
  • Husna Malik Great day..really I take it as a great DAY bcz I applied EFT as a tool who SAVES me from insomnia ESPECIALLY which was a very chronic problem of my life.now I have become its professional too. at my center for complementary medicine anf helping people a lot along with reikI n NLP.THANKS TO GARY.
    1 hr · Like · 1
forename: Barbara
surname: Heffel
subject: Happy Birthday
message: Dearest Gary; Your search, as well as your wonderful gift of sharing, has made a huge difference to the world. While many would rest on their accolades, you continue to search deeper. Thank-you for spurring/supporting the rest of us into continued striving as well. May you have the happiest of birthdays, to include touching and beholding that deep place inside that knows eternity in the moment.
Love, Barbara Heffel
from_country: United States
forename: Ron
surname: Jordens
message: Happy Birthday Gary
Thanks so much for EFT. When I think about the evolution of EFT I can't help but be so motivated by your continued efforts not only to create it but to improve it and to, so generously, pass it on to us for free. What a guy and how inspiring this was to me to be generous, as you were, with
With my love and respect
Ron Jordens
from_country: Canada
forename: Helena
surname: Buche
subject: HappyBirthday Wishes
message: Dear Gary,
Wishing you all the best for the coming year!
Best Wishes from Berlin, Germany.
from_country: Germany
forename: Anne
surname: Courtney
subject: happy Birthday Gary Craig
message: Have a wonderful day.
from_country: Ireland
forename: Morag
surname: Foster M.A. PGDE
subject: Happy Birthday Gary
message: EFT is the most wonderful gift--it can be lifechanging.Thank you Gary for promoting is so well and so freely!!
from_country: Scotland
forename: Fred
surname: Gallo, PhD
subject: Gary Craig
message: Hi Gary,
Just dropping by to wish you a happy birthday.
Warmly, Fred
from_country: United States
forename: Franklin
surname: Sluijters
subject: to Gary Craig
message: Happy birthday Gary . Keep om going. Thank you for your contribution to my professional and personal life.
Franklin Sluijters M.D.
from_country: Netherlands
forename: B
subject: EFT tapping therapy
message: 7 years ago I discovered I had Polymyalgia, found out through blood test at my doctors. I felt pain in every joint and was off from work for 5 months. Because I taught Complementary Therapies I didn't want to take steroids so I looked at the food I was eating that caused me to be in more pain, also i took rosehip tablets and MSM. Then a colleague asked me to come to her house to give me a tapping treatment. I can honestly say that was the first times in months I was free from pain, it felt like a miracle!
from_country: United Kingdom
forename: Judith
surname: Rivera Rosso
subject: Gary Craig
message: As an EFT Practitioner, teacher and author of books about EFT, which was designed many years ago by Gary Craig, it's obvious that EFT and Gary are both very close to my heart. And, there's a good reason for this: time after time in working to help people feel better, live happier and healthier lives and accomplish their long-abandoned dreams, EFT has worked wonders. We often speak of the "gift" that Gary has given to the world and I find that word quite appropriate. That gift is expanding all the time with the new methods that Gary predicted would arrive. We are all so lucky to have come across the gifts of EFT, Gary and now the AMT!! With lots of love for a very happy birthday, Judith in Italy
from_country: Italy
forename: Shelley
surname: Malka
subject: Happy Birthday Gary
message: Dear Gary
you changed the world
Shelley Malka
from_country: Israel
forename: Sharon
surname: Freeland
subject: Gary's Birthday
message: Hi Gary
Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you've done to help the world!
from_country: United Kingdom
forename: Karin and Inga
surname: Bergquist
subject: Gary Craigs birthday
message: We want to celebrate you Gary Craig and wish you all the best on your birthday.
We are twinsisters and both of us heard about EFT in 2011. It was magic. Since then we have learned a lot about EFT. We have seen the videos that you did. It was all like coming home. You are such a warm and generous man and you gave words and understanding to all pain an chame and sorrow and anger and all "bad" feelings. Since then we have been educated in EFT in Sweden and can not get enough of information about EFT. We are now 65 yeares old and have retired and as a result of that we can spend as much time as we want with EFT and are planing to teach and help others with EFT. It has changed ouer lives.
Karin o Inga
from_country: Sweden
forename: Magda
surname: De Kock
subject: Happy birthday Gary
message: Happy birthday Gary. May the year ahead be filled with blessings and love. Thank you so much for giving us EFT - your generosity and spirit of sharing have changed the world; and have helped me so much. Love, Magda
from_country: New Zealand
Nancy Allen
2 hrs · Maryville, TN, United States
Thanks for letting me join this group. I want to wish a very, very happy birthday to Gary Craig. Since discovering EFT my life has totally changed. I have successfully eliminated a ton of anger related to family issues and feelings of low self-esteem, and I have begun a new (!!) career as an EFT Practitioner. My life is completely different with this awesome tool. I only wish I had discovered it years ago!! Happy Birthday, Gary!
Sylvester Gasana
3 hrs · Cape Town, South Africa
Happy birthday Gary Craig. Enjoy it with lots of joy and laughter. I am new at EFT but in the short time, I have been amazed by the power of tapping for all the stressful things happening in my life. Thank you for being and that thanks for the gift. Sylvester Gasana
Judy Williams Penblwydd Hapus [happy b day] from Wales.I have used your EFT,in a palliative care setting here in Wales,with many appreciative experiences with terminally ill patients and staff too.Diolch yn fawr[ thanks] judy Judy Williams
2 hrs · Like
George Steinfeld
3 hrs
Chris Reynolds
4 hrs · Newcastle upon Tyne
Happy Birthday Garry sending you love and hugs from the UK
forename: Emine
surname: Mustafa
subject: Happy birthday Gary
message: Thank you for the opportunity to say happy birthday to the best person I know even though I don't physically know him! Gary Craig has been the most influential person in my life. I found EFT by "chance " and starting learning in 2003, just after my dear mum passed away. Since knowing EFT, it's helped me and countless other people.
So happy birthday Gary and love and light to us all x
Warmest wishes
Emine xxxx
forename: Seval
surname: Duban
subject: Happy Birthday
message: Dear Gary, Happy birthday to you
from_country: Turkey
forename: Raymond
surname: Williams
subject: Gary craig birthday
message: A very Happy Birthday Gary.... from all of us, thank you for your gift to the world
from_country: United States

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