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Healing For A Passing Cat - Energy Healing For Animals

Healing For A Passing Cat - Energy Healing For Animals

Energy Healing for Animals graduate Mary Hirose gives us an insight into aย remarkable experience where she helped to give closure and support to an owner of a dying cat.

Read on for the case story...

I contacted Jayne about her cat Boney, who had been deteriorating in health due to old age. Boney had been with Jayne a long time, there was a strong bond between them, and a lot of memories, Boney had moved with Jayne halfway across the country five years ago.

I connected with Boney using just a photograph Jayne provided, and felt the bond between Jayne and Boney, and also Jayne's resistance about Boney leaving her.ย  It was easy to make Boney more comfortable, once I knew and understood, and once Jayne understood more clearly what Boney needed, there was energy that was very open and freed up to flow, and Boney had more energy in her body with more of an appetite to eat nourishing things that Jayne prepared for her.ย 

When it was time for Boney to leave her body, Jayne told me she has such a strong connection with Boney, but also deep deep peace about the experience. I too also felt energized, very energized, (I felt a little guilty about that at first, because Boney was so old and frail) but I knew that any energy was an ongoing movement between us, and that it was just the right amount for Boney, and for myself, and for Jayne as well.ย  It was a truly remarkable experience for everyone involved.

Energy Healing For Animals - Distance Learning Course

Energy Healing For Animals - Distance Learning Course

This in depth, professional course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is for those wishing to become a Certified Energy Healer For Animals in eight wonderful units.

Energy Healing For Animalsย is designed to give the successful student the skills, knowledge, abilities and confidence step by step so that upon completion, the successful student can positively and confidently offer their services as a PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL ENERGY HEALER - and make a real difference in the lives of animals and the people that work with them.

Click the button below to find out more about Energy Healing For Animals, and how to enrol on theย distance learning course:

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