EMO Article - The Energy Of Prayer

EMO Article - The Energy Of Prayer

As a Catholic Sister and EMO Master Practitioner, Margarita Foley shows us how to enhance the power of prayer using EMO techniques, leaving you empowered and full of positive, spiritual energy.

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All my life I have searched for a way of releasing emotions which could easily arise at times of prayer. Since I am a Catholic Sister you could say that I am in the ‘profession’ of praying.  

The reality of my life is I am human just like everybody else and so I encounter all kinds of emotions when I come to prayer. I may feel tired, emotionally upset, worried, and not tuned into my inner being, even feeling bored and lacking a feeling of joy in prayer. I have tried many different ways to enable me to be present in my prayer. The woman who founded my Congregation wrote, ”Oh wealth of the present moment for in it we find God.”

This has been like an anchor for me. No matter what I feel if I stay with it can transform into a very precious awareness. From early in my spiritual journey awareness of feelings, emotions, physical tensions have interested me. This awareness enables me to be in the moment.

Another quote that is very inspiring for me is the words written by our Foundress, Marie Therese de Soubiran, at a time when she was experiencing tremendous suffering in her life. 

Her words “The Divine Goodness was shown to me like an immense ocean”, allows us to see that she found spiritual depths in herself that are amazing. Although she lived in the 19th Century, her message for us today is so what we need.

I am privileged to have grown up nourished on the spirituality of this woman from a little town in the South of France, Castelnaudary. Although she was rejected by some of her followers and died without knowing that the group (congregation) she had founded would survive and go on to have communities in three continents.

Each of us is also part of this “ocean of love” whether we are aware of it or not. All we have to do is to open our hearts. This of course brings us face to face with some of our own fears and doubts, it can happen at any stage of our lives as we evolve we find ever deeper layers of our being that need to transform.

So when I heard about Silvia Hartmann’s discovery and her story of how she discovered EMO, I was overjoyed and I easily identified with the process. The basic EMO is child’s play to learn but so powerful in how it can be used. It is simply about becoming aware of our bodies and where we hold emotions in our bodies. We focus on this place and with our intention we allow the energy of the blocked emotion to ‘soften and flow’. We listen to where it wants to move and allow it to exit in its own way. 

We can use the SUE scale to check on the feelings inside our body. This is a scale from 0 when our energy is neutral to an extreme negative when our energy extremely distorted, or we can increase the positive energy flow until we are at +10 and our energy is at its very best it can be.

Afterwards, we can either continue to release the emotions until we come to a 10+ on the scale or until we feel at peace and at one in our being. We can then attend to whatever we need to do or be. In my case, it is being able to be fully present in my prayer time and even during other activities throughout the day.

I needed to help people to be in their bodies rather than in their heads. I learned from Joshua Boom of Quantum Energy Transformation that dropping down through our body and staying at the base of our spine allows us to be more connected to the Energy Matrix. I find that for me this enhances the practice of EMO even more.

Of course many people have no problem being in their body and connecting easily to the Energy Matrix. Project Sanctuary is a marvellous way to do this. It is the combination of these that has completely transformed my way of praying. It would take another article to explain how to do this so it is simply allowing your inner or energy/spirit mind to enable you to be present to people and situations so that you can be in a relationship with them. It is a place where relationships, situations, energies we need, places we need to visit, in short, an amazingly simple and profound way of healing and transformation.

EMO emerged from Silvia Hartmann’s experience of Project Sanctuary and is an easy and wonderful way to connect the conscious mind and the energy mind.

Let me guide you into an exercise so you can experience for yourself how powerful it is.

1.    Notice how you are breathing. Do you breathe from your stomach or from your chest?
2.    Breathe into your stomach and allow your lungs to fill with air
3.    Take 3 nice deep breaths and allow the air to go through your body
4.    Scan your body and notice any feelings of tension in any part of your body
5.    Breathe into those areas as you allow your mind to move around your body
6.    As you breathe allow the feelings that are blocked in your body to “soften and flow” 
7.    It will follow its own pathway
8.    Continue doing this for a few minutes

What do you notice now? What are you feeling? Prayer is really an opening up of our being firstly to our own reality and then being ready to receive the love from the “oceans of love” that surrounds us all.

What do you feel when you hear about prayer?

1.    Notice what you are feeling about ”prayer”
2.    Where do you feel it in your body
3.    Drop into your body and feel the energy
4.    Breathe into it and invite it to “soften and flow”
5.    Notice the pathway it moves through to exit your body
6.    What are you feeling now?
7.    Turn to people near you and share how that feels.
8.    Share with the whole group if you feel you want 

A Shower of Spirit Energy

To open our hearts and our energy systems to the experience, we can do what is symbolized in temples and places of prayer, we take a shower of pure energy. For some this can be the energy of the holy spirit. Each person chooses who the source of this energy is for them.

1.     Standing up we allow a powerful globe of sparkling, dancing, energy to be above our head
2.    We breathe energy into the globe and notice how powerful it becomes
3.    Continue breathing into it and when we are ready we allow it to flow through all our energy systems, opening up all the entrances and exits even more
4.    As the energy flows through our body it cleanses, clears, refreshes and renews our being
5.    We stand quietly and notice what we are experiencing
6.    Share with people near you

Although there are many ways we can connect to our source, let us enter more deeply into “Our Father” which is really a universal prayer. So let us go beyond all our different experiences and perceptions of prayer and discover more of the reality of what prayer is. I like to take the words of the master himself.

In one place he says  “When you pray say:

“Our Father in Heaven, may Your name be held holy" ...The source of our interconnectedness
“May Your kingdom come” ...Showing us what we need for peace and harmony between us
“May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” ... God’s will is the happiness and wellbeing of each of us
“Give us today our daily bread”...All that we need today for living in wholeness
“Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us” ...The secret of harmony between people
“Do not put us to the test” ...Open our eyes when we are moving away from our good
“But deliver us from evil” ...Protect us from moving in directions that harm us

These are not just words to be said without meaning or heart. We can enter into those words and discover things we never even thought about that may fill us with hope, joy, courage, forgiveness, love and a desire to be more truly who we are. 

We can discover our “family” connections with all peoples. We can discover the benefits of deep connection to the source of our being.

Time for one last exercise. Take the words: “Our Father in Heaven, may Your name be held holy.”

1.    Allow the energy of “Our Father in heaven” to pass through your body
2.    Breathe and soften any blockages you may feel
3.    At first you may feel absolutely nothing. Allow the feeling of nothingness to be in your body and “soften and flow” the energy of nothingness
4.    Whatever you feel is just an energy and needs to “soften and flow”

Even if you feel nothing at first it is good to stay with your feelings and allow them to “soften and flow,” then if nothing is happening for you, you can simply take any word that carries energy for you and allow the energy of that to flow through you. 

1.    It can be “Father, “our daily bread” or “holy” and so on
2.    Repeat the words at intervals, whilst breathing

Then use your senses to enter more fully into the experience. Simply allow the energy of the words to flow through until you experience their inner power.

Use all your inner senses to experience whatever images present themselves to you. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you feel?

You may feel you want to have a conversation with the father/mother God. Speak as you would to an earthly parent. Let your heart speak what you are experiencing and express it. 
Remember to listen to what God is speaking in you through your life events. This is where EMO enables you to release feelings of guilt or fear or any emotion that is evoked.

By taking each phrase and entering into it, allowing ourselves to be fully in the experience using all our senses as above we can discover the whole meaning of what God’s love for the world means in practice.

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Margarita Foley is a Catholic Sister who has dedicated her life to human and spiritual growth. She is an EFT & EMO Master Practitioner and an GoE Trainer based in London.
Margarita is running a four part "Energy Transformation and Prayer Experience" course over Skype between September 20th-October 11th, for more information click this link: theamt.com/events/1671.htm

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