EMO Ultimate Challenge - A Week In A Caravan With My Parents!

EMO Ultimate Challenge - A Week In A Caravan With My Parents!

So what might you think could be an "Ultimate Challenge" for EMO Energy In Motion's unusual power to shift emotions pretty much instantly and let them flow through and out ...?  

Yes, it's a weekend in a caravan with family!

Read the report by Ananga Sivyer...

I begin my tale in the true tradition of family revelations “I love them dearly but…”

I have just returned from a “holiday” in France with my daughter and parents in their touring (i.e. small) caravan and spent a most interesting time playing with EMO during the many and varied opportunities that such a dwelling and combination of personalities can manifest.

I’ve done it before, twice, they love taking my daughter out and they are most attentive to her and she really does enjoy it. I, however, find it a shifting mix of a break away from e-mails and work, the pleasure of seeing my little girl, Rati, have huge fun and horrific oppression!

It’s a joke among my friends that I’m a good person to travel with – I take things like Swiss army knifes and torches, wet wipes and the like – the kinds of things that people mock you for taking and continually ask to borrow. On the last two visits I was sure to take EFT and diverting reading such as Project Sanctuary they were both essential to my survival.

This time I took EMO too…

EMO was wonderful to relieve me from feeling trapped amidst the waves of one of my father’s “serious depressions” and instantly being transported to childhood times of walking on eggshells for days on end (done in about 2 minutes!).

EMO also succeeded in clearing a most uncomfortable pressure in my head when he did an emergency stop on a dual carriageway and reversed back to a turning he’d missed that my mother had pointed out to him well in advance (about 2 minutes again including aspects such as “he always talks to her like she’s stupid” and “he never listens to anyone” and how this makes me feel since he’s my Dad). This one I really loved doing.

How does/did it make me feel? Bloody frustrated are the words that spring to mind - he’s arrogant, you can’t tell him anything because he can’t/won’t listen and on it goes ...

But where do I feel it… such a huge pressure across my forehead and down my arms, my fists were actually clenched and I wasn’t at all aware of this until I decided to do some EMO right there and then and really take notice of how this affected me.

I’m 36 years old and have always felt tense around my father, for sure the degree of tensions varies greatly, from light hearted and affectionate exchanges where it is absolutely minimal to the strain of us being very different people with very different ideas to the overwhelming stress of being around him when he’s suffering more than anyone else in the world - it’s always been there and, no doubt, I’ve spent years with teeth and fists clenched, tension in my head and who knows where else.

Once again here I am seeing EMO as the most profound tool for dealing with anything that comes our way in the here and now and, pause here to reflect on the vast healing potential, getting things moving that have been stuck for years.

So here I am back home unscathed and unscarred and not, as so many times in the past, feeling like I really deserve a good holiday after all I’ve been through!

I advise all travellers to update their checklists… passport… tickets… and EMO!

Ananga Sivyer Cool

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