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EMO's Birthchart

EMO's Birthchart

As we work more and more with energy and energy fields, of course we do become aware that there are all kinds of energetic "entities" with their own lease of life. Indeed, we talk about a "field" such as mathematics or quantum physics - and I'm sure they are, and quite dense and stable fields at that :-). In this spirit, here is EMO-The-Entity's Birthchart. ET was born under a lucky star ...


Emotrance birthchart

Sun 8 Cancer 43 23N09
Moon 16 Pisces 39 10S06
Mercury 18 Gemini 41 21N07
Venus 18 Leo 25 17N02
Mars 21 Cancer 41 22N46
Jupiter 22 Cancer 53 21N47
Saturn 21 Gemini 12 21N53
Uranus 28 Aquarius 32 12S42
Neptune 10 Aquarius 26 17S33
Pluto 15 Sagittarius 38 12S33
Node 17 Gemini 40 22N47
Ascendant 28 Scorpio 39 19S52
Midheaven 22 Virgo 50 2N51
Chiron 4 Capricorn 29

Tropical Zodiac
Meridian House System


Planetary energies can work at cross purposes. No doubt like yourself, this report is vast enough to contain contradictions. Each section will help you to identify and resolve some of your conflicts and quandaries. This report can even help you to raise your hopes.

This report is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is your reminder that life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself.

Chapter 2. Sun in Your Chart

On the first page of Genesis it says, "God made the Sun to rule the day and the Moon to rule the night and to be for signs and wonders." To the ancients, the Sun was known as Shamash, Ra, Apollo "breaker of family curses" and Tonatiuh, "dispenser of fate". The Sun gives you light and life. It also represents how and where you shine. The Sun is the star of self-expression, ego-identity, leadership, honor, glory and pride. 

The sunspot cycle of 22.22 years constitutes one heart beat/drum beat for the Sun. As such, it is the chief symbol for the circulatory system and the pulse of life.

TIP: When you come to terms with your solar power you become a star. Below are described some of your stellar qualities Emo.

Sun in Cancer:

Essentially, you're a good person and you need to deal with some of your family and emotional issues. Your hugs are world class and your snuggles are second to none. You're naturally inclined to be touchy about some, but not all, of your relatives. Work on your family tree, try to make some sense of it all.

You have your moods and they strongly resonate to at least 5 cycles. You have a synodic month (moon) cycle of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds or 29.5306 days, a Mentonic cycle of 19.61 years (named after Menton, the Greek astronomer), the saros (eclipse) cycle of 6585.23 days or 18 years, 11 days, a shorter cycle of approximately two and one half days, and a daily cycle of 6 hours 12 and 1/2 minutes.

TIP: To make the most of these cycles, establish goals with corresponding deadlines.

You're not necessarily the most direct individual. Because you prefer to withdraw from trouble, you need to watch out for passive aggression. You can get yourself into hot water without knowing it. However, your security is something you're always aware of. Usually it's a top priority. You are definitely strong and protective of your turf.

TIP: Find out more about the goddess religions of antiquity and of today. 

Sun Novile Venus:

Have the courage to follow where your heart leads you, namely to the power of beauty and art. Will dramatic changes be necessary? Be honest with yourself. You could get more involved with biology, diplomacy, the plant kingdom, sweets, luxuries and food. You're suited for vocations involving banking, finance, stock exchange, plus anything creative, artistic and beauty enhancing.

Sun Quincunx Neptune:

Your challenge is to harness the power of prayer. You can be a star by being straight and sober. 

If other sections of this reading confirm this, you're quite charismatic and can be easily bamboozled. You are advised to take a cautious approach to all things occult and mystical. Learn to trust your first impressions. The more you trust yourself, the easier your life becomes.

TIP: Pay more attention to your body. Become more physically active.

Some of your emotional desires and romantic tendencies are peculiar, to say the least. Love and do as you will. Stay away from secret affairs and destructive escapism and sexual relations with married people.

Learn to be objective and take people, places and things with a pinch of salt. Eat more wholesome grounding food such as grains, soups and stews. You can become a star if you learn to see people as they are, not as you would like them to be.
You have refined aesthetic taste and are better off with original art and live music in your life.

You are like a Jaguar automobile. To run smoothly, everything must be tuned. You are keenly aware, sensitive and psychically attuned. Be selective as to who and what you allow around you. To become a star, learn to trust your first impressions and go with them.

Chapter 3. Moon in Your Chart
Astrologically speaking, the Moon is an instinctual force. It is an ever-changing symbol of your emotional life including such things as home, family, mother, dreams, feelings, the public, women and your early childhood. The Moon represents your environment, the one you were born into and the one you create for yourself. It also talks about your support system, and your "involuntary nervous system."

More than that, the Moon symbolizes your unconscious life. The Moon represents what happens while you're sleeping. The Moon is the intermediary between the Earth and the universe, and you're somewhere in the middle. Because of this positioning, understanding how the Moon figures in your life is essential for happiness and personal growth.

Historically, some of her names are Isis, Diana, Artemis, Selene, Hecate, Sin, Nanna, Mona, Heng O and the Moon goddess. Below is described some of your personal lunar landscape

Moon in Pisces:

You're sensitive and psychically receptive to other people's feelings. You soak up people's thoughts the way paper towels soak up messes. Consequently, your own emotional life may be confused, adrift, and vacillating between optimism and melancholy. The conflict is not necessarily within you. It is within the feelings you experience from others.

Once you learn to meditate and apply the scientific method, all will be well in your world. You need to develop a positive sense of sanctuary. Treat yourself to long luxurious baths. You need periodic retreat from the world. Pursue a worthy ideal.

You've gone out of your way to please others. Do you remember your own way? You can squint your eyes and over look the most glaring shortcomings in others. When you're stressed out you can and often do sacrifice too much. There is no need to be a martyr or a victim or a masochist. Transcend this dilemma through the creative process.

Your imagination is fertile and active. Your work makes a strong and lasting impression on others. If you stuck to it, you could make it in any of the arts. Yes, you could merge with Art. Why not leave behind a great contribution? You are much happier when you pursue a spiritual, creative and uplifting vision. Work with the power of dreams.

As you mature and learn life's lessons, your relationships improve. Specifically, you need to integrate your erotic and your spiritual nature. That's good because an important side of you is nourished through sweet dreams, romantic love, and poetic dishes.

Moon Decile Neptune:

Part of you is sensitive, romantic and subject to changing moods. You can relate to people through music and art. Find your tune and dance to it. You can create and experience spiritual, mental and physical healing. Refine your inner vision.

People see your aura and are drawn by your mystique. You can make the most sensuous dreams come vividly true. You take an emotional approach to life and love.

You can learn to make excellent sales presentations and do creative work. Small sacrifices can help you to obtain specific goals. You can be so idealistic that you need to keep your world straight. Give yourself an edge by clearly defining what you want and then going for it.

Moon Square Pluto:

Your sensitivity is strong and intense. From time to time you need to take a chance on an emotional adventure. You were made for sexually enriching relationships. You can relate to others once you have mastered your self assurance. There could be a touch of the fanatic in you or your mom. Learn to deal with emotional extremes, insatiable needs and insane demands.

Moon Square Node:

You have a spiritual link to other people in past and future lifetimes. The eclipse cycle has an inordinate effect upon your destiny. 

Moon Tridecile Ascendant:

If your birth time is accurate, you could have a round face, changing moods and different looks. Other factors being equal, your personal relationships are probably more emotional than average.

Moon Quintile Chiron:

You can do great healing work in conjunction with your dreams. Read books that explore dreams in a variety of ways. Write letters with your dreams and mail them to yourself.

TIP: Take a maverick stance to "dream work."

Prepared For EMO, DOB 30. 06. 02 by AdZe MiXXeTM

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