Energy EFT Case Story - A Desolate Habitat

Energy EFT Case Story - A Desolate Habitat

This uplifting Energy EFT Case Story comes from Distance Learning Student, Emanuele Soranzo.

Emanuele writes: It was a straight forward session with clear details about the landscape and the aspect inside and a quick evolution to a better place that left the person feeling better about the issue and with renewed strength about life.

Read on for the full story...

I knew my practice partner was having difficulties at work and was going through a dark time with his boss. His boss was giving him a hard time and he felt his job was a risk. I took him through a couple of rounds of EFT to set the energy in motion and to establish rapport in the EFTeam.

I then asked him to tell me: "If your problem was in time and space, what would it look like?". I made him close his eyes and think of his current problem. Straight away he came up with an answer indicating a clear picture of the imagined habitat.

He says it was "11pm at night, middle of winter, Feb, windy, very cold and miserable, environment was rugged and hilly". The aspect in this habitat was in the scene but more peripheral, almost fading.

To get more details about the habitat, I asked what the aspect was seeing. He said the aspect was seeing only darkness and the bitter wind was preventing any ability to focus. The aspect was crouching down, protecting itself. I asked him what can it hear "Just the strong wind". How does it feel "Despair and defeated".

I now had enough information about the habitat and I felt like I was standing with his aspect. We started proxy tapping for the aspect within the desolate environment. We used the set-up/reminder phrase of 'the aspect feels despair and defeated'. He indicated a SUE scale of -5.

We tapped two full rounds, concentrating on breathing at each point and tuning to the aspect in the habitat and the SUE went to +2. After we finished tapping I asked if anything had changed within the scene. He reported the habitat changed a bit. The wind had calmed down and it wasn't as cold any more. The landscape was not so hilly and insurmountable.

The aspect was feeling a bit more hopeful but still a bit insecure (SUE -2). One round on "the aspect feels insecure' and he went from the negative to the positive on the SUE scale. The hilly landscape became flat and the sky had cleared up a bit, but it was still dark, being night time.

I asked again if anything changed in the landscape or the aspect in the picture. The aspect now saw a shelter and lights from a village. It was walking towards it. The aspect felt more hope and courage now.

I thought it was good work and now the aspect was definitely feeling safer, it was time to strengthen and make the whole habitat more stable with some positive energy. We worked on increasing this courage and positivity, using the set-up of 'courage' and 'strength'. He said the feelings of the aspect was relative to the way he has been treated at work and the insecurities he was having in the last week about a specific project.

After two rounds of tapping using positive statements, the energy was running free and the SUE went to a healthy +8. I asked if we could check on the aspect inside the habitat and how it was doing. He said it was now inside the shelter, feeling secure and protected. The light was changing and there was a glimpse of light coming from the horizon. The sky was now clear.

My exercise partner was now feeling much calmer and in control. When I asked how he felt thinking back to the original problem, he reported feeling much more upbeat and ready to confront his boss with renewed energy and ready to challenge him if things went too fair.

I happened to see him a week after the session and he reported the situation had changed dramatically at work. He was able to speak with his boss and clear some points of disagreement. He now felt his job was secure and felt happier, just as the aspect was feeling in the shelter after the tapping session.


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