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Energy EFT Case Story: Turn That Frown Upside-Down

Energy EFT Case Story: Turn That Frown Upside-Down

A lovely Energy EFT case story from Distance Learning Student Nicky Mason, which highlights that sometimes we need to stop and ask for some help.

Nicky writes: This is one of my favourite case studies because of what unfolded throughout the process, which surprised both of us. At the mere mention of the exercise my practice partner seemed quite disengaged from the process, so the level of imagery right from the outset and how this evolved proved to be quite an eye-opener.

Read on for the full story...

Working with Aspects proved to be a fascinating approach for both myself and my practice partner. She placed her aspect on a summer's evening at sunset. The weather was overbearingly hot and she felt stressed and sticky with the heat. The landscape was made up of nothing but buildings and although her aspect was struggling to breathe, she could not stop running, even although they didn't know where to.

We began tapping with 'the aspect can't breathe' and thankfully there were a few yawns as she moved through this. I asked her how things looked now and she replied that there were fewer people in the landscape now, although the aspect was still running aimlessly. We next worked on the point that the aspect doesn't know where to go, which elicited many yawns and a frown as she closed her eyes to really immerse herself in the habitat.

After this round of tapping the aspect crossed the road towards green trees and grass. However there were still endless railings through which she could gain no entrance. This certainly seemed to be an improvement on the buildings though and she was able to slow down and was looking for a place to stop.

We worked with 'the aspect wants to go in' following which she was walking quickly looking for an entrance and running her hands along the railings as she went. She felt as though she were getting nowhere which thankfully changed after tapping on this for the aspect. It was now getting dark but the aspect had moved on at last and was feeling better as the darkness closed in, and there were just a few people around.

We moved on to 'the aspect needs help' and at this point she became aware that the sun had re-emerged on to the grassy area and there were people having a good time. The aspect was beginning to feel that they were getting somewhere but not quite yet. She then tapped on 'the aspect needs guidance' and at this point a friend appeared, someone she knew rather than all the strangers that had been around up to now.

The friend was able to lead the aspect back the way they had come, smiling as they went. We finished with 'the aspect feels calmer' and 'the aspect is happy and relaxed', something which was backed up by the relaxed facial expression and the less tense demeanour, no sign of a frown now!

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