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Energy in Action!

Energy in Action!

"Hello Everyone! My name is Jorge and I am energy and an energist.

"When I was asked to write an article about the very first ever GoE Energy Conference, the EMO (Energy In Motion) Master Practitioner course (with 25 participants!), The SuperMind course with Silvia Hartmann, and my overall experience in Eastbourne over those 6 days; I simply had an event!"

Read on for the full story...

I felt honoured and humbled for the opportunity to share with you, amazing energists, what I experienced this year, so I did what now comes as naturally as breathing, I softened I, and flowed it.

Firstly, I want to share with you what I mean by the title: Energy in Action, before I do this I would like to express how I struggled to come up with the “right” title, I wanted to call it “What a difference a year makes,” or “A week in the life of an energist,” or “Walking your talk as an energist”, though, they all seemed rather clichéd, so in the end I chose Energy in Action!

Energy in Action

I mean two things by this, which are:

1. Energy in Action is everything, it is all about energy, we are energy, therefore if we are in action, that energy is in action too.

2. That for anything to happen, energy MUST be in action, not inaction. When energy isn’t in action, it is either stagnant, or there is an absence of it, which isn’t what we want as energists.

So, in a very simple and succinct way what I mean by the title is that anything is possible when we are in action, when our energy levels are high in The SUE Scale, +5 and above, AND it is here when we start to truly experience magic in our lives.

The First Guild of Energists Energy Conference!

Jorge Vence GoE2016 Conference PresenterIncredible! I could just leave it at that and that would do it enough justice. What a conference we had!

Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at The GoE – Silvia, Alex, Stephen, Zoe and Martin, for their effort, hard work and passion. What you created was second to none.

Everything on those two days was unbelievable and amazing, the energy goody bags, energy pins, energy pens, the beautiful lanyards, the manual, the displays, and let’s not forget the energy Mens that Silvia gave us!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you showed your love and commitment to our community and for the transformation of humanity!

The conference ran smoothly as it was to be expected. The presenters, OMG the presenters were phenomenal (not only because I was one of them - LOL!), their knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and charisma was felt and shared with all the delegates in attendance.

The workshops ranged from business tips, mentoring, Angel EFT and much more besides, there was something for everyone, no one was left out!

On the Saturday night, we had the energy party and disco, I mean we had it all going on in Eastbourne that weekend.

I was amazed by the amount of energists from overseas, is that commitment or what? I felt I was travelling a long distance from Southampton (England), that was soon to be changed when I learned we had energists that had flown in from all over the world including; Down Under (Australia), USA (Oregon, New Jersey, etc), Canada, The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, France, Nigeria and Ukraine.

Pretty much every corner of the globe was represented, which also means our work is being felt on a global scale, isn’t this amazing?

Those who say the transformation of humanity isn’t possible in our lifetime, think twice! We are making it happen baby… Of course we are, we are energists!

On this occasion, many events were had, friendships created and love felt. We are blessed to have what we have, so let’s treasure it, make the most of it and most importantly share with others.

Pre-Conference EMO Master Practitioner Training

EMO Master Practitioner Training - November 2016Three words I have got for you:


It is only energy and energy must always go in, through and out. Absolutely everything is energy…

It is said when you want to really learn something, you have got to teach it.

I tell you what, that is nothing but the truth. You really do learn much more when you train it!

That is exactly what I did in this sensational training.

Now… before I continue telling you more about these awesome three days, I have a confession to make…

I froze and felt out of my depth when I saw the one and only Sandra Hillawi coming down the stairs of the hotel, into the room where the training was being held.

I did not know she would be revising her EMO Energy In Motion course with me, especially when I was trained by her!

So, in that moment I was aware of what was happening in me, what I was feeling and I got present to the fact that I had to do something about it… guess what I did?

I softened and flowed it and chose to trust my ability to train the amazing 25 energists I had in the room.

The energy in the room those three days was out of this universe.

We got to work straight away and discussed about our sixth sense, its importance and what it means to us, what it does to us, and how mastering it can mean almost everything to us. EVERTHING.

We really deepened the exploration of energy, our emotions, shields, and the basic EMO protocol.

There were two key moments (some may call them events):

1. We got to soften and flow The SUE Scale, we walked it all the way from -10 to +10, the whole spectrum. What we learned was incredible, some delegates had an immediate dislike to the minus side, I personally felt really familiar in the -2 to +2 region (which I found odd), and there was one delegate who could not walk beyond a +6 (they felt unworthy). What this showed us was how we forget that it is only energy and that we let number get control over and our energy flow; another discovery we did was how some people react better to words than numbers…

2. We learned that Energy in MOTION, EMO, is a transformational and powerful tool. One of the delegates said to us how they knew that they were leaving a transformed person… in only three days. Imagine doing this every day, for the rest of your life?

We had an amazing time, we had fun and we softened and flowed the LATINO energy, oh Yeah! Best energy in town by the way!

If you have not trained in EMO yet, give me a shout and I will get you trained so you too become a Master in this amazing piece of personal development, we ALL should learn it and use it more in our lives.

Again, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you to Silvia Hartmann for giving me the amazing opportunity to share my love for energy, Modern energism and EMO with the fabulous delegates I had the pleasure to train.

To the delegates who attended, thank you for being an incredible group to train, for participating, creating the safe space we had and for having fun with me, I will forever treasure those memories and Events created those 3 days.

I love you all, thank you and to your aspects.

EMO is the key to unlocking the unlimited source of energy available to us and to fully understand the amazing tools we already have in The GoE.

SuperMind with Silvia Hartmann

SuperMind Master CourseOMG, OMG, OMG, I cannot cope with what happened that Monday after The GoE Energy Conference.

Silvia Hartmann's SuperMind Master course is the way forward…

What a privilege we have to have Silvia as the brain behind the writing of the courses and workshops in The GoE!

If, like me, you are a fan of Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols, Infinite Creativity, Events Psychology and everything else Silvia has ever done and shared with us, then you will LOVE, ADORE and WANT TO learn SuperMind.

SuperMind is that bridge that connects our conscious Mind to our energy Mind, that exchange of data and information is what SuperMind is, our Super Minds!

What Ilka Wandel, Barbara Saph and I experienced that day has no comparison, I mean NO comparison whatsoever. Nada, rien, zilch…

It gets better… it really does! Ilka, Barbara and I, were given the privilege to become the first GoE trainers of SuperMind EVER in the world. What an honour.

So, for those of you interested, Barbara and I are going to be doing the first LIVE training of SuperMind Master on June 11-13 2017 (GoE.ac/SuperMind). You do NOT want to miss this for the world, it will be EPIC! SuperMind is pure GENIUS and it has the answer to absolutely everything.

Six Days of Pure Energy in Eastbourne

GoE Energy Conference 2016 GroupEvent, event, event and more EVENTS. I did not want to go home, those were some of the most memorable days of 2016.

If I am honest, I actually had seven days of joy and wonder in Eastbourne. The Tuesday when I arrived I had the pleasure to meet Silvia for a couple of hours to talk about the EMO live course. As ever, every second spent with her is priceless, nothing can beat what you get in her presence.

Silvia is an amazing human being and I am honoured to be able to call her a friend, a mentor, and a role model!

The following six days were transformational… I left a better person, the company, what was learned, shared and experienced, enriched me and my life.

Going back to what I said right at the beginning, when I was looking for the “right” title, I thought of “What a difference a year makes” for a reason and one reason only.

In the last year I have evolved and grown personally and professionally, the amount of positive and beautiful feedback I received from the training and workshop, was amazing. Why was that so?

The answer is because I ensured that I walked my talk, I am an energist, and I felt I had to be the evidence that the work we do truly is transformational, and that we can have the cake and eat it too. Though as energists we know we ought to go a step further, and that is we get the recipe to make the cake, so then we can have it AND eat it too.

That’s what I have been up to for the last year, really working on my knowledge and skills so people learn and realise that it is all about energy, that we ARE energy, and that the higher we are on The SUE Scale, and the MORE Events we have, the happier, healthier and more fulfilled our lives will be. I tell you what guys, it paid off.

I received so many wonderful bits of feedback that I had multiple events within minutes (this was nothing to do with what was written behind my conference name badge I promise, LOL!).

All because I put into practice what I learned and knew, consistently every day for a whole year…

Just in case you are wondering what I did, this is what it looked like:

I EMO'ed the life out of everything, I softened and flowed every event, feeling and emotion felt, I energised my state as high as possible on The SUE Scale, I became an event making machine, I focused on something I love whenever things weren’t going well, and I repeated it again and again.

I guess the work we do does work, just don’t forget to work it and reap the rewards. It is true, you get the recipe, to bake the cake, have the cake and eat it too! Genius…

The Highlight of the Week

It was the Sunday morning and I was having breakfast with fellow GoE trainer Silvia King, we were talking about the day before and the energy party, then suddenly I retold her a memory of how I used to tease my ex (who was lactose intolerant), every time I had bread and butter.

This morning I had made the commitment to myself to take my time and be fully present to my breakfast, enjoy every mouthful and really nourish my soul.

As I was retelling the story and engaging with my bread and butter (with a sprinkle of salt for added flavour and texture) I found myself having an event, something as simple as bread and butter had me on top of The SUE Scale, I was in heaven and in communion with the bread and butter.

I had forgotten about Silvia, who witnessed my event and that alone became an event too! It was magical, everything disappeared, yet it was everything as well. Silvia got some of the action also!

So, what I learned from that moment is that events can be had at anytime, anywhere and with anyone, they do touch us and remind us we are ALIVE.

An event shared is a moment we never forget and stays with us forever because they are that powerful and impactful.

So, let’s go out in the world, walk our talk, have fun and create as many events as we can possibly handle.

Thank you for taking the time to read this piece about Energy In Action. I look forward to reading your story real soon too.

With all my love, from my heart to yours,



Jorge Vence is a GoE Trainer and Life Coach based in Southampton, UK. To contact Jorge and find out more, head to his GoE website: JorgeVence.goe.ac

Growing Confident by Jorge Vence

Growing Confident

10 Simple Steps To A More Confident You

In the wonderfully inspiring Growing Confident, life coach and EFT Master Practitioner Jorge Vence shares 10 Simple Steps for growing your personal power, and growing into the person you want to be.

Personal, passionate, practical and above all, profoundly inspiring, this book is a true gift to all modern people who want to step into their power, and give the world their gifts.

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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer, Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer, Modern Energy Coach Trainer, Energy Dating Coach Trainer, Modern Energy Healer Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom & Southampton, Hampshire, England.

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