EMO Case Story: Painful Headache Evaporated in Just 15 minutes!

EMO Case Story: Painful Headache Evaporated in Just 15 minutes!

Evelyn Beaulay, a newly qualified EMO (Energy In Motion) Master Practitioner has written two wonderful case stories that illustrate the simplicity of the technique formally known as EMO.

Evelyn writes: I recently completed the Energy in Motion (EMO) Master Practitioner Training in London, Gatwick for which I thank everyone immensely for helping me with my goal and a BIG THANK YOU to Silvia for passing the wisdom in a concise, simple and easy to comprehend.

On my journey home from the training, I had anticipated a quiet and relaxing evening to ponder on what I have learnt from the course thus far and how I would like to incorporate into my existing coaching practice.

Upon arrival, I was excited and called on my son (14 year-old) who was groaning in pain and was up in his room; unusual for a teen who is normally interacting with his friends on play station console.

I asked him "what is the matter?" on this occasion he responded putting a hand on his head indicating headache; he occasionally get severe migraine headache, on confirmation he said it was one-sided throbbing headache.

I initially said, "hold-on I am going to get you pain-killer", I quickly realise or to put it rightly, I was guided (intuitively) to use EMO healing. I asked him to stand up if he can for a brief moment (got a moan here); he asked "Mum, what are you going to do?" I replied "we're going to do EMO (Energy healing)."

I said these to him before we started:

Everything is Energy
Energy must Flow
If Energy does not flow, you get pain (i.e. Headache)
If Energy does flow, you don't pain (i.e. no Headache)

Now, let's begin...I asked him the following question before

You have headache - where do you feel this in your body? Show me with you hand.

I used the base EMO protocol to work on the location; inward-flow; outward-flow.

Headache was no more after 10-15mins EMO healing.

This is a teenager who was highly tentative about my work with Energy and being in the psychic arena; he is now coming around to the idea that there is something else beyond our five senses that we cannot see yet it permeates and move through all things – it can only be ENERGY!

Case Story 2 - De-Cluttering Your Energy Body To Make Space For The New!

Having used various methods and tools to for manifesting my desires, this is simplest and quickest response that I have had so far. I am so excited to share this as a progressive case study now doubt this is not the last on this case study!

Using the SUE scale case as a base to understand where I am now and where I want to be.

To work my way up to where I wanted to be on the SUE scale in relation to my goal which is 'manifesting' what I want. As I am determined to break-through the shackles that keeps me stuck each time a take a step forward, it's like taking 5 steps backwards and I want that to change. So, I embarked on my first step which is to DE-CLUTTER my belief about money thus:

  • List all limiting beliefs about money that are no longer relevant to me in the here and now – I feel I needed to do this exercise because I wanted to find out which particular belief(s) was strongest or had the most impact on me now and put an asterisk (*) next to it. I am grateful and thankful for the amazing system that we have (Energy body) as I had quite a list of beliefs as a direct feedback from the system. Of course you have to set the intention to do this and REALLY make your available to any response you get via your intuition (6th Sense).
  • Take of the feelings as you are writing each belief – I feel I needed to do this (intuitively) especially on the beliefs that had the most impact (you may be guided differently, follow your guidance) - just so I know if some are linked to other aspect or entity other than money. This is was huge as I was releasing some stuck Energy here (in tears) while holding the intention to soften and flow – It's only Energy! – NOTE: I was clearing STUCK Energy just by holding the intention to DE-CLUTTER with soften & flowing the Energy as I go through the activities.
  • Label each belief as a separate Entity – what I learnt from this activity was profound. Money does not equate to all of the beliefs that I have of it, they are just entities that I had to get out of my way as they not me any justice by being there. I also noticed that I have piled these up over a number of years and it's now time to let them go, it's all Energy (soften & flow). So I can REALLY experience money in the here and now.

I felt overwhelmed with all of the things that I have listed – then it dawned on me again – IT'S ALL ENERGY!

Using the Energy Dance and Energy Hands:

I move my eyes over the list of beliefs and place my hands (Energy hands) on my heart; closed my eyes and just let my body move in the direction it wanted to go while focusing on the "it's only Energy, soften and flow". I was guided to use this EMO technique, you may be guided differently, listen to your intuition (6th Sense)

New Connection with Money:

I made a combination of my 'new belief and Money' and used the rainbow to connect. Its feels great!

Amazing response via text and email received today, just by clearing my stuck money beliefs!

1. Policy Waived in my favour - I received an email from my son's school that I no longer need to pay Β£174 as a result of late cancellation notice (school policy) to exclude my son from a Guitar lesson he no longer wished to attend – the thought of paying additional money was lingering in my head. Having sent an email on Friday requesting an invoice to the value of the amount owed, so I can pay for it. I am thankful and grateful that I no longer have to pay as someone has taken the space and the school policy was waived in my favour.

2. Marketing Advice – received a text from a friend who know someone who deals with start-up; she asked if I needed help that she can get a pro bono advice for me. This is the first time that I had such an offer or any offer from this person – I am grateful and thankful because marketing my NEW coaching package had always been on my mind as I have paid for several marketing campaigns without targeting the right people that want my service. I got the advice that I wanted and a steer in the right direction.

Evelyn Beaulay, April 2014

Β EMO Master Practitioner

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