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Energy EFT Foundation Course with Suzanne Zacharia

Online | 7 May 2017

Your Energy EFT Foundation Course - Call, Text, or WhatsApp Me, Suzanne Zacharia at +44 7533 636 939 - Online by Skype

The foundation to Energy EFT that is suitable for Existing and new EFTers alike. Are you looking to do your EFT foundation course, level 1 EFT course, or an introductory EFT course? Or perhaps you are already an EFT level 2 or 3 Practitioner and want to add to your EFT tapping toolkit? If so, call or email me now for details. Or Just book yours now at http://www.newagelondon.com/eft-foundation-course-amt-certification/ Now.

Your Energy EFT Foundation Course- Call, Text, or WhatsApp +44 7533 636 939 - Online by Skype

Energy EFT Foundation Course Image

Energy EFT Foundation

Energy EFT Foundation

Energy EFT Foundation, created by Silvia Hartmann, is the perfect course for you if you would like to learn the Energy EFT tapping system for both self-improvement and helping others.

By learning how to improve energy flow and move further up the SUE Scale, you'll discover how to go from problems to solutions in a broad range of applications. Energy EFT, like its predecessor Classic EFT, teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states, but this updated method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more.

With Energy EFT Foundation, Hartmann has created this highly comprehensive, knowledgeable and practical course, which is packed full of ideas, tips and techniques. This is very much a course for intelligent adults, and you'll have plenty of opportunity putting Energy EFT to work on improving all aspects of your life.

About Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann
Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann is one of the original tapping developers. In 1998 Hartmann wrote the first professional level Classic EFT training, the "Meridian & Energy Therapy Practitioner" (MET Prac). In 1999 Hartmann wrote the very first book on Classic EFT, Adventures In EFT, and in 2012 Hartmann developed the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training course, which to date is the most advanced and integrated Energy EFT tapping course available.

Course Contents

If you are looking to become a professional Energy EFT Master Practitioner, then Energy EFT Foundation is the perfect springboard for you. From November 1st 2016, Energy EFT Foundation will be a requirement to taking The GoE's Energy EFT Master Practitioner course. Until then, we highly recommend you follow this training path and enrol on the Energy EFT Foundation course.

Energy EFT Foundation is a course of four units, and the live training is normally taught in one day. By the end, you'll have learned:

1) Unit One: Introduction To Energy EFT

The History of Energy EFT
The SUE Scale
The Heart Position
The Energy EFT Tapping Points
How To Tap Energy EFT
The Energy EFT Round
The Energy EFT Set Up
How To Raise Energy
Positive EFT

2) Unit Two: The Energy Billionaire

The Different States of The Energy Body
The Stress To Success Pyramid Model
How To Give The Energy Body What It Needs To Be Stronger, Happier & Healthier
How To Become An Energy Billionaire
How To Draw On Powerful Nature Energies
How To Draw On Pure Animal Energy
How To Energize With Colour Energy
Using Energy EFT To Unlock The “Oceans Of Energy” For You

3) Unit Three: From Problems To Solutions

How To Manage Real Life Stress
How To Use The Aspects Model
How To Release Negative Emotions
Set Ups For Different Stress Levels
How To Stay Energized In Real Life
How To Convert Problems Into Solutions
How To Find Powerful Positive Set Ups
How Many Rounds To Tap
How To Tap For Past Aspects
How To Tap For Future Aspects
How to Tap By Proxy For Other People

4) Unit Four: Energy EFT For Two - And More!

Tapping Energy EFT With A Friend
Energy EFT With A Partner
Energy EFT With A Group
Tapping With Children
Tapping With Older Children & Teenagers
How To Teach and Share Energy EFT
The Heart of Gold Pattern

One Training - One Entire Year Of Benefits!

Upon completion you'll be awarded your Energy EFT Foundation Certificate by your trainer. You'll also be awarded one year of GoE Standard Membership, gaining you many amazing benefits including:

  • Active GoE Members-Only Support Group - Talk to other members online, arrange swap sessions, ask questions and contribute to the members only group - more info
  • Quarterly Magazine "The Energist" - Keep up-to-date with the latest news and articles in this wonderful member-only full-colour magazine delivered to your door - more info
  • Weekly Energy Downloads - Includes video and audio presentations for further learning - more info
  • Member Files & Documents - download high-quality tapping protocols, slide shows and diagrams in many languages - more info

Note: If you're already an active GoE Member, you'll receive the following membership extension on completion of the course: Standard - One Year. Professional: Six Months, Trainer: Three Months.

Available via Live Training or Distance Learning

Energy EFT Foundation is available via live or distance learning training in English, Portuguese, Turkish and Dutch.

No matter whether you opt for live or distance learning training, the qualification is the same and you'll receive the same full-colour printed manual, delivered directly to your door. This is a wonderful resource you'll enjoy reading time and time again.

Special Offer - Positive EFT & Energy EFT

For a limited time, the Energy EFT Foundation distance learning course will include both Positive EFT and Energy EFT (eBooks) by Silvia Hartmann. This is the perfect reading material for you whilst you await your printed manual to arrive in the post!

Option 1) Distance Learning - Study Anywhere in the World!

Energy EFT Foundation Course ManualAlongside the printed course manual which is shipped through the post, you'll also receive extra instructions, exercises and assignments by email (Adobe PDF format) which you complete in the comfort of your home and then email back to your tutor for feedback. They'll then reply with feedback and the next unit, if you have met the required core skills.

Whilst you wait for your course manual to be delivered, we have included both Positive EFT and Energy EFT (eBooks) for you to get started straight away. We'll also include GoE Standard Membership straight away too, which will be extended by an extra year upon completion. This will give you access to member resources which gives you that extra support we know will help you get the most out of your course.

Our tutors are all licensed GoE trainers who will guide you through the course and be on hand to answer your questions. This one-to-one relationship with your tutor is a fantastic resource and ensures you gain the most out of your time learning the material.

Please note - Sign up for the Energy EFT Foundation Course today and receive your printed course manual, GoE Standard Membership, and access to the Energy EFT/Positive EFT eBook downloads straight away. The tutoring part of the course begins during the next Sign Up Week (see here).
  • Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of your course manual, depending on where in the world you live.
  • Upon payment you'll receive your course instructions, information about your GoE Standard Membership and links to downloading Positive EFT & Energy EFT ebooks (full-versions)
  • We expect that you'll complete your course within one month, however if you need a little longer, then your tutor support is included for one year after signing up.

To find out more and to book on the next Energy EFT Foundation distance learning training click:

Option 2) Live Training

Further Information:

Energy EFT Foundation As someone who already had a background of using EFT professionally I was happy to experience a course that could expand my skill set. I particularly enjoyed learning to use EFT to send positive energy to past/future aspects of self.

My instructor Susan Hillawi was very knowledgeable and always provided useful feedback every unit. I was very happy with the support she provided.

Cynthia Maroon, UK


Energy EFT Foundation I have known and worked with EFT since 2010, I love the practice and am always astounded at how well some people react to the therapy. On a personal note it has also worked to help me deal with a fear of public speaking which was crucial as I work in an industry that requires me to teach and give lectures! Mad to always feel panicked before and exhausted after. This doesn't happen any more and I am grateful for this small mercy.

My training with Barbara Saph was amazing, and what was so amazing to me was the more simple approach to energy work. I liked not having to construct the narrative in whatever was being tapped on. I liked the positive and negative or minus and plus aspect to deciding what was being felt. I adore tapping for more energy etc. Altogether I like the system very much. I wish to do more training in this and will attend the EFT Master course at some time in the near future.

Barbara is a calm and gentle teacher, it always helps to enjoy the teaching style. The day was over very quickly and we covered a lot of aspects of the training. I think in terms of value for money you cannot be beaten, to also be given membership to the guild and access to further studies and conferences is priceless.

Thank you very much, I shall recommend you to everyone!

Sarina Wheatman, UK


Energy EFT Foundation Isaac Lim has been a great mentor and trainer as I have been trained under him for classical EFT years back. I've benefited from it countless times and when Isaac Lim introduced GoE training modules to the community, I immediately signed up.

The training has actually brought us to another level of complimentary healing and I am delighted to be one of the pioneer in Malaysia to have this certification in Energy EFT Foundation.

Each of the modules are very different and it's captivating when we practices it; the experience, the feeling, the positivity and of course the ENERGY...!!!

MK Leong, Malaysia


Energy EFT Foundation It's my pleasure to tell you that I am absolutely happy with the training in energy EFT Foundation.

The experience with my trainer Lorna Firth was great: she attended and answered all my questions, was always very positive while suggesting how to improve my experience, and her feedback on my exercises was clear, helpful and very encouraging. In my eyes, she is and deserves a +10 SUE!

The timing of the online course worked for me, and all the materials provided were very helpful. Having the additional videos and PDF books to consult and complement the Units in the Manual was a great plus!

As for the Manual, I loved ALL the Units in it, but my FAVOURITE MOMENTS were:

- Learning the Oceans of Energy, Nature and Colours Energy, they are just so beautiful!

- Tapping for a Past and for a Future Aspect: it was really helpful!

- Teaching the Protocol to my teenager son and tapping with him. He loved the experience and Energy EFT could become a very helpful tool for us as a family.

Would I recommend this course to other people? Absolutely!

Energy EFT is easy to understand and implement and its effects are clearly noticeable while doing the exercises. The manual is very well designed, the theory is succinct and very well planned out and explained, and the illustrations are clear and understandable. Having a Tutor when you do the course online like I did is really helpful. And the most important thing: Energy EFT works, and it can be used for self-help on a daily basis.

I feel that Energy EFT opens a land of opportunity in front of me to become truly responsible of my life, for it provides a myriad of tools to look for solutions to problems. And I can do it easily and by myself!

Isabel de Yzaguirre, Distance Learning Graduate


Yolanda Jane Kading I would like to say a huge thank you to Lorna Firth for all that she taught me last week on the Energy EFT Foundation course, which I completed. I have had enjoyed using it over the weekend. Interesting journey of self discovery, as it has taken me to moments of spluttering........ I tend to cough a lot when I release. For me, however, the biggest breakthrough, so far, came after I did some tapping with an extremely doubtful member of my family. She loved it :-) The following day, when I happened to mention that I was tired, her response was brilliant.... "so why don't you tap away your tiredness?????" The expression on her face was magic.... Thank you to Lorna and thank you to you all for welcoming me to the group. I am looking forward to the next levels to come.

Yolanda Jane Kading


Energy EFT Foundation The Energy EFT Foundation course has been absolutely life changing for me. I cannot say enough good things about the instructor Kirsten Ivatts, she was awesome! She explained the course material in a way that made sense to a complete beginner, and made it simple and interesting. When something wasn't clear to me, she would answer any question I had whether it was during the actual course, or later via email.

I learned a very valuable life changing tool that has within a matter of weeks reduced my stress levels, increased energy and happiness; and the best part is it's so simple children can do it!

I have suffered anxiety and panic disorder for as long as I can remember, and I truly believe that is is only a matter of time before I am cured of anxiety.

My favorite part of the course was learning how to be an energy billionaire, and tapping on aspects. Learning EFT using nature was pretty darn cool! It was simple, yet very effective in raising my energy. I was amazed in how a matter of minutes, I truly felt less stressed, and happier. You also have plenty of opportunities to lead the tapping session so you get a sense of how well you have retained the information, and get to practice live with a trainer.

This class taught me how important your taking care of your energy body is, and why it's important. I would absolutely 100% recommend this course to other people. If you want to solve problems, gain clarity, and feel amazing EFT is for you. I feel that I am on my way to living my life to the fullest and am one step closer to my dreams, this foundation course has absolutely been life changing to me.

Leah Welch


Glenn Turner I think it is the best EFT introduction course I have seen by far because it comes at the subject from the perspective from which the power of EFT comes from; Energy. I would recommend the foundations course to everyone whether they had heard of EFT or tapping or not, but especially so if they have been doing EFT of one kind or another that is removed from the energy model of working with tapping. I have been an energy flag waving EFTer for a long time, but have often experienced some difficulty convincing tappers of the power and effectiveness of the most basic aspects of Energy EFT (things like de-stressing and the SUE Vs SUD scale for example). Now there is a course available that will introduce them, in a structured way, to how “Energists” do things. I think “EEFTF” provides a simple and effective way of helping tappers get out of the almost exclusive intention many from a more “Classic” persuasion have of focusing on solving problems & eliminating pain with tapping, while forgetting (not knowing) where the solution & “pain free” lives.

As for others who have no tapping experience but have heard of it and would like to try it, I feel this course offers a safe and enjoyably effective way to self help with tapping. In my experience there is not much “fun” in working from a more classic EFT angle, as all the focus is on the negative stuff and how we need to release it in order to move on. While it’s possible to do this on our own it’s not for the feint hearted. For me the great thing about EEFTF is that everyone can use it all the time to feel better. If they do nothing more than that with it, their lives will be changed.

I really like the concept of self help, and have always considered the real power of EFT to be in using it as a moment to moment management tool of our state of being rather than something we use to attempt to wipe our slates clean before we can move forward with our lives. I think in the foundations course there are so many simple and easy to apply techniques, that won’t fail to raise our energy and improve our state of being right now. And for me there is no doubt that the power of EFT has always been about energy and much less so psychology and I believe the content and structure of the foundations course is a wonderful introduction to energy work and the essential and often totally forgotten, or ignored, role energy has in effective EFT.

I think using thinking with EFT to change how we think when we are on the negative side of the SUE scale, or when we don’t even have a SUE scale and are limited to working with a SUD scale, is definitely doing it the hard way. The paradigm shift that is Energy EFT and the way it is introduced in the foundations course I feel will put everyone who invests some time into it on the right track, offering them a profoundly simple yet powerful way to manage how they are feeling whilst offering understanding and practice of the energy model and some familiarity with energy work in general.

Glenn Turner


Ber Collins Just blown away by this testimonial I received this morning from a Psychotherapist who attended my Energy EFT Foundation course (EEFTF) on Sunday:
"Some people get more from a day like this than you could possibly even imagine. The EEFTF course was utterly life changing for me - struggling with health issues for many years and after visiting countless doctors and alternative practitioners. I finally discovered the root cause of my intense fatigue and poor health, my energy was chronically low due to a past trauma.
On the EEFTF one-day course, I was able to release this trauma and restore the energy to my body. Since the course I have used Energy EFT with my two daughters and they love it! Ber's passion for EFT shines through her presentation of EFT and her compassion for the people she helps. It was the best money I spent for many years for my health and happiness and for my family's wellbeing also."

Ber Collins


Nicola Hogg I did my Energy EFT Foundation course last Sunday and have been tapping ever since. I am feeling like I'm 17 again.

Nicola Hogg


Denise Jacques, EFT Trainer, County Durham, England I embarked on this course out of necessity because of the implications for my teaching. I have very much enjoyed the experience, however, as well as re-affirming my knowledge and learning a great deal. I really like and appreciate the manual: its energy; vibrancy; sense of fun and accessibility. It is a resource I can and will use in so many ways.

I particularly liked working with Animal Energy: the energy of the Hawk and the Unicorn were so different – one wild and free which made me feel like I was flying; the other magical and sparkly. I also loved working with colour and nature energy: I chose the Sunlit Sea and it was a beautiful experience and very real. It was very energising and good fun tapping with my friend in completing the exercise in this unit and tapping to the Heart of Gold: bringing a bit of sun and warmth into a dull, cold early March afternoon.

The most healing experience was setting my past aspect free; the aspect who spent the last night in her empty house before the sale was finalised the following day. It was emotional, powerful and very liberating.

Denise Jacques, EFT Trainer, County Durham, England


Maria LiPuma 
United States This was a lovely course. I feel inspired and truly energized. As an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, I really appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the exercises included in this course. I believe Energy EFT foundation is a perfect beginning for self application and sharing EFT and a wonderful enhancement for seasoned practitioners. Well done! Thank you Silvia Hartmann.

Maria LiPuma United States


Jane Stredder, UK The energy EFT foundation course with trainer Kelly Elizabeth Mayne was awesome last Saturday!!

The course content and layout are genius! Thank you Silvia Hartmann for your clear thinking and making this subject safe, approachable and immediately effective.

I am going to say you are a genius Silvia this is a life saver, thank you, I might just start to believe I can have fun and be playful minus the guilt !!!!

Jane Stredder, UK


Dave Stewart GoE Trainer I have recently competed the Energy EFT foundation training. I found the course created new meanings for me around EFT, even though I have been using it for 10 years. It helped me to develop and improve my own EFT skills and also how to support and train people to experience the power of working with energy within a day. The colour manual that accompanies the training provides clear and engaging graphic imagery to complement and explain all aspects of the training. I regularly use visual aids to engage with young people and know how valuable a visual connection is in creating rich meanings and energies. Throughout the manual the colour SUE scale images really help in relating energy states to emotions. The expectation of creating positive energy is highlighted in the manual and differentiates the GoE approach from classical EFT. This shapes a new range of possibilities that offers practitioners the energy outcomes that contrast with merely creating a solution by reducing the problem state. I work a lot with young people around anger and opening up positive energy states through tapping provides a powerful experience of positive thinking and feelings.

I have delivered GoE training in Positive EFT and Master Practitioner Training and found myself conscious of the need to follow the supporting handbooks and syllabus. The flexibility and range of experiences covered in the Foundation course makes it more useful and meaningful to a wide range of people. I am planning to deliver training to a group of young people and know the course design and manual will stimulate their energy and interest. This Foundation course opens up so many applications of EFT which in itself generates energy and excitement. Participants in training really valued the clear layout of the manual and the way in which “Set up phrases” were so easy to follow (often an area where new energists seek support)

The course and manual offer clear and easy to understand instructions that people learning EFT can follow easily. This enables them to follow the process with the confidence that they can catch up easily by reading the relevant page for guidance. I really like the headings on each page and the Four unit design. Each unit offers so much and I intend to deliver it in a modular format. The foundation course provides a fantastic introduction to EFT and provides a benchmark format for future publications. The foundation course was joy to experience and I am eagerly planning delivery of many more trainings of this fantastic introduction to EFT.

Dave Stewart GoE Trainer


Jorge Vence GoE Trainer Energy EFT Foundation is such a simplified and in depth course that can teach new tappers and experienced ones alike. The information is concise enough, and at the same time nothing is left out. The images help a great deal, especially for those who are more visual. One thing I love in particular is how self-explanatory the images are, so there is no “real” language barrier here, which is great for those trainers who train in other languages, so nothing is lost in translation.

This foundation course can definitely throw a real punch, because all you need to know about EFT/tapping is there, so clients & students can start reaping the benefits immediately, a new tool for the toolbox! Personal development has never been any easier. Whomever takes this fascinating training will most definitely become a real master at personal development.

Unit 1: Learning EFT - In this unit the student gets to learn the origins of EFT, the “science” behind it, tapping points and a very basic set up to get them started and using this powerful tool.

Unit 2: The Energy Billionaire - Here the student is introduced to a “new” concept, the Energy Body, to the emotions and something we tend to take for granted quite a lot, our 6th sense. The students get introduced to the amazing SUE Scale; though, it is so incredibly easy to explain and the images help a great deal. The students learn that we are abundant and wealthy, we just don’t know it. We are billionaires and we don’t know it, because all we need is Energy. More “advanced” techniques are introduced here, how to tap using Nature, Animal and Colour energies.

Unit 3: From Problems to Solutions - This unit introduces the students to the aspects model, and enables them to realise that the I exists only in the NOW. The graphics and language make it so easy to grasp that even those you never got it before, can most definitely totally get it now. Students learn that they have the solutions to all their problems, they just don’t know it, and here they learn how to explore their problems and find their solutions. In a nutshell this unit takes everyone on a journey from Stress to Success and Beyond!

Unit 4: Energy EFT for Two – and more! - This unit puts it altogether and adds an element of fun to it. It shows the real life application of it and how it can be integrated in their everyday lives. It also demonstrates that there isn't a real reason as to why you should dwell on things, they now have a cutting edge tool to be used by them and their family, anywhere at any time! This unit also enables the students to see themselves as Master Practitioner which would be their most logical next step.

All in all this beautiful foundation course is a game changer for trainers and students as it makes everything so simple and easier to understand, saving time and motivating people to continue in their growth and evolution as an Energist.

Jorge Vence GoE Trainer


Michelle Wildman It was such an amazing day! Thank you Kelly Mayne! Can't wait for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training next week!

I loved the tapping on a specific place we wanted to be (ie mental holiday!) and also working on real issues in pairs. Saw transformation before my eyes with my partners!!

Michelle Wildman


Kelly Mayne
GoE Trainer I am above and beyond a plus 10. Floating around in bliss after a fabulous day with 12 awe inspiring students teaching Energy EFT foundation. Thank you Silvia Hartmann for such a great course. Thank you Sandra Hillawi for starting me on this journey back in 2004 and for all your super trainings and help. The golden heart exercise was so so beautiful.

Kelly Mayne GoE Trainer


Kelly Mayne
GoE Trainer The brand new Energy EFT Foundation course is a fabulous information rich course whether you are new to Energy EFT or an experienced Tapper, one way or another there is plenty of value to be had from this training. The course itself is filled with compelling information and exercises and is written in a way that is easy to understand for someone starting from scratch yet it speaks on a deeper level to an experienced student. The manual is filled with beautiful colour images and in particular the new illustrations of "The Mens" on the SUE Scale along with the descriptions of when to self treat and when to seek help are a very helpful addition and I have used my manual with several clients to illustrate this point.

All in all I really want anyone who is thinking about this course and wondering what's in it for them because they have been doing EFT forever to know that this course will set you off anew and give you valuable time throughout the training to work on your own stuff as well as a whole load of new exciting possibilities for you and your clients, and if you are new to Energy EFT this course will set you on your own path of discovery of just how powerful a technique Energy EFT is.

Thank you Silvia Hartmann for all you and THE GoE/GoE are doing to support us all. Since taking my Energist Trainer's training I have found my self doing things I felt were impossible just a few weeks before ...energy magic.

Love light and blessings in all things.

Kelly Mayne GoE Trainer


Ilka Wandal, GoE Trainer Again another masterpiece of Silvia Hartmann, that gives the perfect base for EnergyEFT and assures an easy and professional understanding of the topic, so that beginners and pros can focus on their own experience, which makes this course really special and unique to everybody in their own way.

The foundation course is leads powerfully into a deeper and complete understanding of what Energy EFT is all about, so that people who want to have better experiences are going to be satisfied with this "Happy Course".
The correlation between energy exchange and health is spot on and gives a perfect introduction for everybody who wants to go on to the EnergyEnergy EFT Master Practitioner course, to make it more easy and to give space to a better personal process, with lightness.

In Unit 1 the dedication for the real loving contact while tapping was my favourite. The hypnotic key for a loving touch makes it a special and important tool. The right magic in the set up shows how to raise energy in a gentle and powerful way. In Unit 2 the idea of being Energy Billionaires can be really life changing for people who understand it right, especially when the energy is low, we find the right magic how to raise energy again.
With all logic the EnergyEFT foundation course leads in Unit 3 from problems to solutions. The idea of solving problems and growing stronger, by releasing stress is a paradigmshift, and helps aspects to control problems with elegance. Unit 4 is focused on the use of EnergyEFT and inspires us to use its power and strength naturally with people. EnergyEFt is made for people and wants to be used by people.

with the EnergyEFT Foundation course Silvia Hartmann makes defenitive love and logic to one and the same. Thank you Silvia, for this big gift of lightness and happiness.

Ilka Wandal, GoE Trainer


Kelly Burch, GoE Trainer & Author I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to Trainers. It is a wonderful introduction to the joys of being energy aware, inviting people to taste from a smorgasbord of energy delights that surrounds each of us. It's a great beginning step to learning EFT without necessarily having to commit to becoming a practitioner or a professional in the method. EEFT's beauty is that it is simple and accessible, as well as being a powerful practitioner-level tool, and this is a doorway in to learning the simplicity and potential, inspiring confidence to USE it - after all, the most powerful techniques of all are the ones that we use! :) Lastly, I'd like to mention the colour manual. In tutoring and training Energy EFT Master Practitioner course, I have seen how gems of the course can be forgotten if not used, even if thoroughly enjoyed at the time. This manual, not overwhelming with text or wordiness is again another reason to love the course, as the participants have a wonderful reference book where the images instantly remind them of what was covered, just by flicking through, keeping the information fresh and accessible.

My favourite moments of the Energy EFT Foundation course would be related to the insistence of the coursework to slow me down and focus me on raising energy and keeping it simple. It is too easy to get lost in theory and thoughts, when it's actually more about the FEELING and the energy and the sensations. I loved the return to energy awareness even from unit 1, which is not my forte at all; I love to think and ponder and philosophise. :) With this course I felt inspired to get to know my energy body even better than I already thought I did. With that, it's another layer of energy awareness that's come to light - and from simple assignments!

Kelly Burch, GoE Trainer & Author


Denise Jacques, GoE Trainer I signed up for the EFT Foundation Course because of the implications for my being able to continue to teach ( I am an experienced practitioner/ trainer). When the manual arrived, however, I really resonated with its vibrancy, colour, clear presentation and sense of fun; read it immediately and found I was looking forward to completing the units despite being very busy at that time. I really enjoyed working through the units and getting to know the manual. It was powerful and up-lifting and made me realise that returning to 'basics' is a good thing for knowledge, understanding and appreciation of a therapy you have been involved in for some time. The basics in the manual aren't that basic as it happens: as with all energy work, it evolves and the explanations of the different energy states and how to work with them I think is the most accessible explanation I have had to-date. I've already used the manual as a resource in my practice and teaching and will continue to do so because it’s actually a great resource, everyone seems to love it and with energy work I think we all need to be trying new things to keep it exciting and successful.

I have very much enjoyed the experience, however, as well as re-affirming my knowledge and learning a great deal. I really like and appreciate the manual: its energy; vibrancy; sense of fun and accessibility. It is a resource I can and will use in so many ways. I particularly liked working with Animal Energy: the energy of the Hawk and the Unicorn were so different – one wild and free which made me feel like I was flying; the other magical and sparkly. I also loved working with colour and nature energy: I chose the Sunlit Sea and it was a beautiful experience and very real. It was very energising and good fun tapping with my friend in completing the exercise in this unit and tapping to the Heart of Gold: bringing a bit of sun and warmth into a dull, cold early March afternoon. The most healing experience was setting my past aspect free; the aspect who spent the last night in her empty house before the sale was finalised the following day. It was emotional, powerful and very liberating.

Denise Jacques, GoE Trainer


Lorna Firth,
GoE Trainer,
Cyprus The Stars on the back cover of the manual are just………

Well what can I say? Sparkly, knowing, jack in the box. Love them!

First “gut reaction” Is that the Energy EFT Foundation course is a simple study of Energy Flow. Perfect for people who want to know and learn more about the Energy Body and Flow.

No-one really considered energy flow and emotions as being connected to making people feel better.

This Manual gives everyone- very young, old, normal people including Psychiatrists,Psychologists, Policemen etc etc ……… yes everyone who is interested to leave their comfort zone to understand this concept.

We know we learn best from enjoying the books we read. The Energy EFT Foundation manual certainly has the where withal to encourage this. Who wouldn’t be attracted to the colours, graphic design and love found in this manual. The power the manual sends out to the individual is phenomenal. People can’t help it. People are mesmerized with it. It’s magnetic. Even people whose first language isn’t English or perhaps even literary challenged people would connect with this manual.

The Aspect particularly likes the explanation and imagery of the Meridians. The “loving touch” addition to the tapping points will make the session more powerful, more focused. The inclusion of the Chinese/Governing Vessel is a good idea as it will resonate with people who already practice Energy work such as Reiki.

The Aspect feels the Manual will encourage the student to become highly energized and involved by choosing their own positive energy forms.

The explanation of the Energy Body is beautiful and simple. This will help potential Energy EFT Master Practitioner students to really “ get it” before adventuring further into Energy EFT.

The Aspect enjoyed the encouraging of mapping energy stress (simpler than Modern Stress Management but, again a good introduction for students who wish to go further along the path of Energy work). The images are self explanatory to enable this mapping and encourage development of the 6th sense.

People will definitely resonate with the Billionaire/Holiday part of the manual. It’s great to see people’s faces light up with glee when they realize they can have what they want as it’s only an energy.

The colours in the colour energy unit are beautiful and it is exciting to notice which colours people resonate with as well as Crystals,flowers herbs etc.

The Aspect part of the course is beneficial and will again lead to the understanding we are more .It will serve as a simplified unit of the MP. So we can see how Energy EFT Foundation will become a pre-requisite towards the complete pathway and flow smoothly towards a professional career.

Tapping and Energy Flow for two or more will fill people with delight. They will feel excited at how we can tap for/with children young and older. They will be amazed at how much more powerful it is to tap together. Couples will be happy to discover how to bring harmony back to the relationship.

The Manual itself is constructed with top quality paper. The Aspect feels that people may wish to add their personal drawings/words. She feels the Manual encourages this. It will be a book to treasure always and to hand down to children and grandchildren.

The course will act as a powerful and exciting springboard towards Energy EFT Master Practitioner and Modern Stress Management qualifications. We can understand why Energy EFT Foundation will become a pre-requisite for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner and on to Modern Stress Management. The whole learning pathway will become smooth and elegant.

All written at a +10 state!!!

Lorna Firth, GoE Trainer, Cyprus


Suzanne Zacharia, GoE Trainer, London The first thing that struck me about this course is the manual. This is a pretty indestructible full colour manual. It has thick paper, beautiful colour illustrations, and it feels nice to the touch. You may well wonder why I think this is important. You see, the book is about improving our energy flow, which is seriously ramped up by helping the
pupil feel their energy moving into a happier, calmer, and more balanced state. It is sensory, it is very clearly illustrated, which is very useful for looking up afterwards and remembering what you learned, and it has a message of loving touch. We tap with a loving touch.

The manual and the course are structured in such a way that whoever you study with will be teaching you at the same high standard. The standardisation also means that for practitioners who go on to study further, they can rest assured that the client is confident in their learning. This course and manual are a very solid foundation.

Participants can expect to learn how to do Energy EFT, how to evolve a problem towards solution, how to raise their energy levels on the SUE scale, the powerful Aspects model, tapping with children, tapping with a friend or partner, or family, and basically everything else that you need for self-help with EFT, or as a wonderful booster for any existing practitioner's toolkit.

This is an all-in-one magical day!

Suzanne Zacharia, GoE Trainer, London


Sandra Hillawi GoE Master Energist Trainer Really, this is a fantastic course in so many ways. Firstly, even as a seasoned trainer, I was energised powerfully by the day and am still feeling its effects that have lifted me to a consistent higher energy state in my day to day life.

There are so many things that are new and great about this introductory course that it's difficult to know where to start.

In module 1 taking time to explore the meridians and how to tap mindfully, with love, and to really notice the effects in the body of tapping each point brings energy awareness to everyone. This is great for the beginners and even for reminding veterans to slow down. Meeting the Heart&Soul protocol and SUE Scale are evolutions from old Classic EFT which feel really good to do and Unit 1 finishes in getting energised for the day.

Module 2 The Energy Billionaire is such great fun, especially as a group. It opens up the idea of all the different energies available for us to nourish energise and heal ourselves with. The group exercises are brilliant and lead to happy fun highlights for everyone and a chance to play.

Another important concept introduced in module 2 is about the energy body and emotions and how the energy state effects our human functioning. It explains how to tap at low energy states and what to tap on, which is different from how you approach higher energy states and why this is so. This is so important for people to know when they can help themselves and when they need therapy or someone else’s help and actually explains why they may be having limited success without feeling a failure, and simple things they can do to stabilise their energy with heart healing. This is really great practical help.

In module 3 we see how in self help we can solve life problems, by improving our energy flow, what questions to ask ourselves and what to tap on. This is also a new way to think to get us out of the problem state and into the solution focussed state. I personally had a significant shift within during this unit.

Finally in Module 4 we are encouraged to share Energy EFT with others and are shown lots of ways to do that and the exercises allowed us to grow in love even more while sharing and helping others.

Many of the concepts developed later in the Energy EFT Master Practitioner are planted as seeds here, so this gives a great way to become familiar with Energy EFT before taking the step to the practitioner training, which without this step is a very intense steep learning curve as its such a comprehensive rich course.

I personally love the colour manual too. It’s beautiful and shows the love that has gone into creating this course, which is set to help so many people to create energy awareness for life and to empower people with Energy EFT. I am so enjoying teaching this !!

Sandra Hillawi GoE Master Energist Trainer


Maria Chappell, GoE Trainer It really does take you on a journey from stress to success with such ease and simplicity that will enable participants to bring this home with them and share with their family and friends.

The manual is THE self help book that you need!

The course was interactive and such fun - I think we all raised our energy quickly and by the end of the day were easy +10 ..... and extremely "ENERGISED" !!! :-) to say the least!.
Delivered magnificently, as always and taking us to new levels irrespective of experience levels.

Im energy is still on a high!

Many thanks to Silvia for yet another superb creation and Sandra for delivering it so comprehensively.

Highly recommended!

Maria Chappell, GoE Trainer


Energy EFT Foundation The following feedback was received after a group training of Energy EFT Foundation Course, held by GoE Trainer Sandra Hillawi.

What is your favourite unit of the course?

. Mindful tapping and tapping with love and the manual is just beautiful

· I really enjoyed Unit 1, the extra information about the meridians and it was nice to have the extra information as we were tapping slowly

· Its really easy to understand how to tap at each levels of stress

· I liked the explanation of how Classic EFT fits in with Positive EFT and Energy EFT and we go on a journey through the course ending with a +10 Heart of Gold

· Its difficult to pick a favourite unit. Unit 1 slowing down the tapping mindfully and with love surprised me about how much I could feel in the body that normally I would miss by tapping faster. That's good for new people to experience too. I liked Unit 2, the Energy Billionaire, it was such fun and we all had a great time getting energized by all kinds of things. I also like the way Silvia has planted seeds of different concepts in the foundation level which are developed in the later practitioner trainings. This is helpful for those going on to be practitioners.

How are you going to use Energy EFT after the course?

· I want to run basic level workshops for everyone, to introduce these concepts. Its affordable and great value for money and will cascade out.

· I like this getting back to self help and stress management as we have been steering towards doing EFT for therapy.

· It explains the energy body well, understanding the emotions, what level you are and what to do at each level. It makes it easy to follow with great understanding of yourself, energy body and emotions.

· Its a great shift from the 'stressors' to the stress and to change the energy state in front of the problem.

· Its great to have an awareness of stress levels in daily life for me and people I know in daily life. This is already great, and how the level of stress impacts our thinking feeling and behaviour.

· This course really motivates me to go back out there and teach the basics again with fresh inspiration.

Would You Recommend the Course and Why?

· For sure, wonderful

· Its much easier to have a Foundation course for new people before the EFT Master, especially to explain Energy EFT. Its all set out like a primary school book. They cant fail to understand it !

· Its easy for us as Trainers also to understand and explain the basics to people.

· Absolutely. It’s perfectly wonderful in all ways.

Live Training Group, with GoE Trainer Sandra Hillawi


Sandra Smith, GoE Trainer, Ireland Love it, I got my copy and am so happy with it. Congratulations to Silva Hartmann and the team for creating a beautifully wonderful course manual.

I cannot wait to start teaching this course as have a feeling it will be extra special with a hint of magic.

Sandra Smith, GoE Trainer, Ireland


Lorna Firth
GoE Trainer, Cyprus You gotta do it everyone........................... it's amazing!!! The course encompasses everything you need to know about energy flow and the SUE.

The manual is a beautiful work of art which anyone would be proud to have. Thank you for my signed copy. I shall treasure it.

Lorna Firth GoE Trainer, Cyprus


Ray Manning, GoE Trainer, Ireland Just received my new Energy EFT Foundation Manual. Its bright and airy and very easy to navigate through. I love all the pages so asked my magic fingers to choose a page for me and landed on pages 50 and 51 The Energy Billionaire and The Energy Holiday. Looking forward to starting the course this coming weekend! Thanks again Silvia Hartmann for doing a marvellous training.

Ray Manning, GoE Trainer, Ireland


Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer, UK Delighted with my new colourful beautiful Energy EFT Foundation Manual. Another great job well done!!

Just been through the manual with Silvia's Trainer Videos. Really, its a very very nice course and a beautiful manual. I will very much enjoy teaching this Energy EFT Foundation Day.

Congratulations Silvia and the GoE Team. Its a great asset to the range of GoE training courses.

Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer, UK


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