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Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Aisling Killoran

Talbot Hotel Stillorgan | 4-6 October 2019

We had 3 fab days, of learning and evolving. We had a fantastic group of like-minded and like-hearted peeps! A very big thank you to all :-)

Here are some great comments on our recent training, EnJoy

"I liked that Aisling & Ray created an atmosphere that made us feel safe, in sharing and asking questions. The numerous stories and examples really helped me understand the training easily. The training gave me the confidence to work on myself and others. I felt really empowered by the training.
I Felt Great reassurance that my instincts and intuition are fine, backed up by relevant knowledge, skills, protocols, and resources.
Great to connect with people and have a support system around me and knowing people who have a wide range of skills, resources, and experience.

Thoroughly recommend both Aisling & Ray, as they are great facilitators." Mary Marguerite Hannigan

"I love all the practices we did. Clear guidance on all the tapping protocols and how to lead a group. Great group with lots of awareness. Super Connection with clarity from the practical’s and new protocols and different angles to work with. Aisling & Ray’s training are amazing. They are a great team and are very effective trainers and therapists!" Ashling Dineen Gallenga

"Aisling & Ray are great in sharing their wisdom and experience. They instilled confidence in us to practice. They are full of Compassion, Acceptance, empowerment, and love! I feel my confidence has increased as a therapist." Suzanne Dunne

"The environment was really well managed. The code of care in managing people was excellent. Aisling & Ray really take intense care of the shared experience of the class. They are both amazing, authentic, relaxed and sincere. I removed a lot of my own energy blocks over the 3 days. I really got to embody the practice and let go of old emotions. The blend of teaching and practices were great. I had fun and Aisling & Ray were nurturing, caring, fun and empowering!" Louisa O’ Neill

"I enjoyed the teachings, the demo, practices, and shared experiences. I loved learning the new twist in Tapping. I cleared a lot of old blocked stuff! I witnessed lots of healing on others which helped me learn and now I have lots of great ideas. Ash & Ray are very professional, highly Ethical and just wonderful facilitators and great in helping people be happy!" Stephanie Parisot

"I have learned so much. Tapping really resonates with me and Aisling & Ray are amazing teaches and a great team. Empowering individuals to give them the tools to help with everyday trials and tribulations which we can teach to others!" Stephanie woods

"A beautiful group of people! I got to connect with myself and release lots of emotions. I got lots of ah-ha moments. Amazing facilitators who explained everything with great detail & examples which made the experience comfortable and were happy to answer all questions. I loved every minute of it! Olivia O’ Connor

"A great training with lots of experience within the group. Lots of sharing and learning. Great to be able to use on ourselves and others." Maria Fortune Kelly

"Fantastic layout with lots of practical’s. The information delivered was very clear along with practices and got great insight. I loved the new approaches in tapping, the discussions, and practicals. The training was an education of awareness, insight into working with energy and how we are all connected as one!" Nora Garvie

"Aisling & Ray have great knowledge on all subjects to do with tapping and beyond. They are both very friendly and approachable and very helpful and clear in the delivery of content. They have great Integrity, are very Energising and great in helping people to help themselves." Jenny Spain

Come Join us  for 3 Practical EFT Tapping Days of Energy

Transformational Healing!


Investment Includes:


FULL Certification & Comprehensive Manual


Certification awarded to those who:


Attend all 3 days in Modern Energy Tapping Professional Training, and can comfortably use TAPPING Techniques as we navigate through 12 modules and consistently demonstrate core skills through all modules over 3 days.


This fully certified course is suitable for those who would like to use TAPPING Techniques solely on themselves, or who have a holistic background, as a therapist and would like to corporate TAPPING  to your existing therapies.


"The courses I have been on so far with Aisling & Ray are well organised and structured with time for Questions, learning and practicing.

"Aisling & Ray are down to earth, really inspiring and easy to learn and work with. I love the husband and wife banter you guys have

makes the learning experience more personal, natural and homely. A great synergy. They are extremely helpful and professional.

They love what they do, are enthusiastic and great motivators in these new therapies and style of training."

Shane - Healer and Energy Therapist Drogheda

For more detail visit us here

Aisling Killoran
  •  Accomplish Change Clinic
  •  Ballinteer, Dublin, Ireland
E Please note that organisers may have only provided an approximate location (Talbot Hotel Stillorgan) so please contact them to confirm before making your booking or travelling to the venue.
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