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Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Training - Online with Jorge Vence

Southampton, Hampshire, UK | 5 June 2020

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Revolutionary & Transformational Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course – METF


Southampton, Hampshire

(Southampton, City Centre)


METF is the pre-requisite to take the Modern Energy Tapping Professional Training


25 Queen’s Terrace

SO14 3BQ

Date 5th June 2020

Created by Silvia Hartmann, METF is the perfect course for all energy enthusiasts at all levels who would like to learn the Modern Energy Tapping Proefessional system for both self-improvement and helping others.

By learning how to improve energy flow and move further up the SUE Scale/Modern Energy Chart, you'll discover how to go from problems to solutions in a broad range of applications. Modern Energy Tapping, like its predecessor Classic EFT, teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states, but this updated method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more.

With Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, Hartmann has created this highly comprehensive, knowledgeable and practical course, which is packed full of ideas, tips and techniques. This is very much a course for intelligent adults, and you'll have plenty of opportunity putting Modern Energy Tapping to work on improving all aspects of your life.

If you are looking to become a Modern Energy Tapping Professional, then Modern Energy Tapping Foundation is the perfect springboard for you. Modern Energy Tapping Foundation will be a pre-requirement to taking the Modern Energy Tapping Professional Training. 

MET Foundation is a course of four units which is available via distance learning too. By the end of your course, you will have learned:

1) Unit One: Introduction To Modern Energy Tapping

The History of Modern Energy Tapping 
The SUE Scale 
The Heart Position 
The Modern Energy Tapping Points 
How To Tap Modern Energy Tapping
The Modern Energy Tapping Round 
The Modern Energy Tapping Set Up 
How To Raise Energy 
Positive Modern Energy Tapping

2) Unit Two: The Energy Billionaire

The Different States of The Energy Body 
The Stress To Success Pyramid Model 
How To Give The Energy Body What It Needs To Be Stronger, Happier & Healthier 
How To Become An Energy Billionaire 
How To Draw On Powerful Nature Energies 
How To Draw On Pure Animal Energy 
How To Energize With Colour Energy 
UsingModern Energy Tapping To Unlock The “Oceans Of Energy” For You

3) Unit Three: From Problems To Solutions

How To Manage Real Life Stress 
How To Use The Aspects Model 
How To Release Negative Emotions 
Set Ups For Different Stress Levels 
How To Stay Energized In Real Life 
How To Convert Problems Into Solutions 
How To Find Powerful Positive Set Ups 
How Many Rounds To Tap 
How To Tap For Past Aspects 
How To Tap For Future Aspects 
How to Tap By Proxy For Other People

4) Unit Four: Energy EFT For Two - And More!

Tapping Modern Energy Tapping With A Friend 
Modern Energy Tapping With A Partner 
Modern Energy Tapping With A Group 
Tapping With Children 
Tapping With Older Children & Teenagers 
How To Teach and Share Modern Energy Tapping
The Heart of Gold Pattern

One Training - One Entire Year Of Benefits!

Upon completion you'll be awarded your Modern Energy Tapping Foundation certificate by your trainer. You'll also be awarded one year of the Go£ Standard Membership, gaining you many amazing benefits including:

Active GoE Members-Only Support Group - Talk to other members online, arrange swap sessions, ask questions and contribute to the members only group Quarterly Magazine "The Energist" - Keep up-to-date with the latest news and articles in this wonderful member-only full-colour magazine delivered to your door Weekly Energy Downloads - Includes video and audio presentations for further learning Member Files & Documents - download high-quality tapping protocols, slide shows and diagrams in many languages


Note: If you're already an active GoE Member, you'll receive the following membership extension on completion of the course: Standard - One Year. Professional: Six Months, Trainer: Three Months.

Course Details

Course starts at 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, with a 30 minutes lunch break. Investment, £150.00 which includes full colour workbook and GoE membership for one year. At the end of the course you will be an GoE attendance certificate.


Those non GoE Members will receive a Facilitator Certificate with standard GoE memberships, which can then be upgraded to the full Practitioner Membership at a later date after completing another GoE Professional Qualification. A basic EFT/Tapping knowledge or understanding prior to the course would be ideal but not necessary. Distance learning/Skype students must be able to read and write English to a reasonable standard. Live trainings available in English & Spanish. Students must have a sincere interest in becoming a professional MET Professional. A deposit is required to secure place for training. If you are unable to attend the above mentioned dates, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss options.

For more information contact me now on 07914016397, visit my website www.lifecoachsouthampton.co.ukwww.eft-training-uk.co.uk or let’s have a brief chat on skype (jorgepan83).


Jorge Vence
  •  Steps - EFT & Meridian Therapies Training UK
  •  Southampton, Hampshire, England
  •  Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
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