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Modern Energy Tapping/ Energy EFT Foundation with Isaac Lim

Online - Malaysia | 7-8 August 2021

This is my second online EEFT training. I am happy with the number of participants 6 in all as the first time I did online I only had 3. I am getting used to the different tools and how to get the best out of online classes using chat to get their responses and SUE's. There were hardly any hiccups. Wonderful responsive students and the energy was very good. All of them got to experience +10 at least twice.
Their feedback is:

'The trainer was good and I can feel the changes and it will surely help me in the future. Thank you'

'This is the empowerment course for me at the right time when I need it most.'

'Very enlightening course on handling energy efficiently and for self-healing also healing others. Master Isaac has vast knowledge in the subject and trained us well. Thank you'

'Amazing teacher, I love Master Isaac's energy. Can tell he cares about his student and very loving heart of Gold energy. This class has helped me to deal with my emotions better, came into my life at the right time, and helped tremendously. Thank you for these beautiful transformative techniques.'

This online course will be conducted in Malaysia timezone during two mornings 9am to 1pm on 7th & 8th August by Isaac Lim certified Goe Trainer. Please email me for more information. Website: www.goe.eftwonder.com

Isaac Lim
  •  Energy Psychology Centre
  •  Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
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